Review: Mujjo capacitive touchscreen gloves for iPhone and iPad

"Mujjo capacitive touchscreen gloves are amust-have for any serious iPhone or iPad user caught in a cold, wintery climate."

Why have I instantly fallen in love with Mujjo's capacitive touchscreen gloves for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad? It's simple, really. I live in Canada where it's routinely been -20 celsius for the last couple of weeks -- so cold that when you go outside your face freezes and the last thing you want to do is pull off your nice warm gloves just to use your iPhone while out and about. You'd rather miss a call, wait to answer a text, or forget about looking something up on the web than risk the frostbite inducing winds and bone chilling snow. But with Mujjo, I don't have to give up my multitouch just to stay warm -- thanks to the capacitive carry-through, I can slide to unlock and tap away all from within the comfort of my gloves.

Unlike some iPhone-friendly gloves, Mujjo doesn't just weave capacitive thread into the thumb and forefinger, but they're made of high-quality silver-coated nylon fibers knitted into the fabric of the glove. The entire gloves! You can tap away with any finger you like. You can tap away with your knuckles, palm, ridge of your hand -- literally any part of the glove. That makes it so much easier to use in the cold weather and is a huge advantage over other gloves. The only downside is that they made two-sizes fits all, and I have fairly small hands so even the smaller size is a little loose on me, and I need to push a little harder to make the capacitive connection than I expect someone with larger hands might.

Wearing the Mujjo, I could do everything I needed to do with my iPhone, including making and answering phone calls, texting, and surfing the web at about 80% of my normal speed.

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Mujjo capacitive touchscreen gloves for iPhone and iPad


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The Good

  • Capacitive material throughout the glove.
  • Warm and comfortable.

The Bad

  • Two sizes fits all might be a little loose or tight on those with really small or large hands.

The Conclusion

Mujjo capacitive touchscreen gloves are a must-have for any serious iPhone or iPad user caught in a cold, wintery climate.

The giveaway

Leave a comment below to enter to win one of 10 free pairs of Mujjo capacitive touchscreen gloves for iPhone and iPad!


Senior Editor at iMore and a practicing therapist specializing in stress and anxiety. She speaks everywhere from conferences to corporations, hosts the ZEN & TECH podcast, and should be followed on Twitter @Georgia_Prime.

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There are 154 comments. Add yours.

Jordan says:

Just lost my pair and would love a replacement!

MJAlaimo says:

I'm a HUGE fan of this blog and would
LOVE a pair of these fantastic gloves. I live in the Northeast United States and it's COLD here right now!! THANK YOU!!

uncgismmjr says:

Those would make winters much more bearable here in Ohio.

Troy says:

Great idea. Northeast is cold.

Jesse says:

Currently -29.4 Celcius in Edmonton. Would love to have a pair of these so I don't have to take my hand out of my gloves in the freezing cold.

OMFGitsJustin says:

I just got a fancy wool jacket for Christmas. These gloves would be the perfect match not only with my coat, but my beautiful iPhone :)

halirin says:

How do these compare to agloves? I've been seriously contemplating getting capacitive gloves, but am super on the fence about which ones to get.

iDonev says:

Those could be very handy! (pun intended)

Trav Harte says:

These are awesome love gloves that work on touch screen.
Perfect for the cold days.

Lulz says:

I'd love a pair! Living in Canada has its downside of harsh winters do these would come in very handy!

chrisw329 says:

I wanna win one day something from you guys!

Gizmocivic says:

I love to have a pair. Great for being outdoors on cold days

Kristy_Lyn says:

A must have in the colder climates!! :)

JP S says:

I never had prior interest in these, but I admit to being intrigued now

Psyko825 says:

I would love a pair of these

Raiden38 says:

That would be awesome when I use my ipad in the train!!!!

Icebox says:

I live in a cold wintery climate, and capacitive gloves would be a great help. Thanks!

jmoyal says:

I just bought a pair on a groupon and they're the cheapest things ever!! Need some quality!

Ken says:

I just walked home in the snow and kept having to take off my gloves to respond to texts. I need these. My fingers are freezing.

ame says:

Oh yay! I would love a pair of these!
I was waiting for a review on these. I have been eyeing them for a while. My isotoners have finally started to die a painful death.

pink2 says:

I would love to have a pair of these gloves - hate having to pull my gloves off to use phone.

BeyondtheTech says:

I just got myself a nice wool coat and scarf over the weekend, but I'm more particular when it comes to gloves just because of my iDevices that I use when I'm out and about. I've tried North Face's and a few other brands that have the capacitative touch feature, but they're either only on the thumb and pointer finger, look or feel ugly to match, and/or they're obnoxiously expensive.
These Mujjo gloves look like a perfect compliment, so I'd love to win one. Otherwise, I'll probably buy it if I can find them locally.

Mike says:

Thanks to the 4S and my headphones with an inline mic I can reach in my pocket, hold down the home button until Siri pops up, and then make a call or do other voice activated things all without taking my gloves off or even taking the phone out of my pocket. I think that's pretty neat and it's helpful in a Massachusetts winter. All the same, a pair of these gloves would be pretty sweet.

Rallant80 says:

Wow! These look amazing. I've had capacitive gloves in the past, but wasn't really impressed. These look leaps and bounds above the competition though. Would love to win a pair!

petsnspace says:

Would like the gloves. Like the idea of having the entire glove active!

David Strom says:

Exactly what I need here in Minnesota!

Sergio9955 says:

Gloves to keep my hands warm, gloves to make my iphone happy, gloves to make me happy. I love gloves! Gloves! Gloves! Gloves!

ajm91484 says:

I would love a pair of these gloves, we have very cold temperatures in the winter and this would be very beneficial to have.

ronmcse says:

I bought the "AGloves" last Christmas and they work perfect. Only $17 on Amazon then, and they look thinner than these gloves. But these types of Gloves are very handy!

ravee3rd says:

Hello,iMore-thanks for this chance to win a pair of these gloves! My wife got me a pair for Christmas, but they don't work well at all. I'd love to get these.

Jerry Clark says:

I like the idea of using something like this. Benefit keeping the smudging on the screen to a minimum. Yeah!

beri says:

Awesome, I'd love one of these!! I live in Montana and it gets real cold here, it's about -9 right now lol and I hate when I'm out in the cold and I have to take my gloves off to use my phone!! Hope I get one!! :)

KLieu says:

Would love to win a pair for those long waiting times at the bus stop!

Jeff Appler says:

These sure would come in handy lol -38C with the windchill in Winnipeg the past few days :(

Sketso says:

My son's been trying to "create" his own pair of capacitive gloves for quite some time, as he's been disappointed with the sparse offerings we have around here. These sound like they'd be PERFECT for him! Small hands for now, but he'll grow into 'em... ;)

coolkendude says:

I definitely need one right now.

dloveprod says:

I have big hands, I wonder if they'll fit me.

Paolo says:

These gloves are brils. Not only useful but also good looking and not too bulky.

Alison Lurie says:

These look very cool- would love a pair! Small if anyone was asking...

JonB74 says:

Nice. Count me in for a pair.

Louis Cameron says:

These would be great here in Boston!!

ricnmar says:

I have looked and looked at gloves that have the silver tips on the thumb and index finger but never wanted to get them because of that... these are like stealthy touchscreen gloves so no one will know how hooked I am on using my devices in the cold!

Christina says:

I've been looking for something like these! I also live in the northeast and would rather miss a call than to have to take my gloves off!

Machine gunport says:

Living in upstate NY I need theses gloves to play with my phone outside. My hand gets cold having to take my regular gloves off. :)

Alice says:

It takes a long time for my truck to heat up and I would be able to more safely answer the phone if I didn't have to take my gloves off to answer it. This would also be great when I am out for a walk.

Zak says:

It was pretty cold here this morning, like 44 degrees when I woke up. Those gloves would be pretty sweet.

rkbrown81 says:

Minnesota has cold winters! I've been looking for some capacitive touchscreen gloves for a while. I could really use these!

xxDruMMer BoYxx says:

Would love a pair for these. I take my girlfriend to work everyday and have to be out at 5am...I have to keep in touch with her do she knows if I'm coming or running late. The steering wheel is always cold...and always killing my hands...heater is just not enough. Help!!! ;D

TosaDeac says:

Can never have enough gloves when you live in Wisconsin and these look great for my iPhone.

I_was_here says:

Me me me me me! My office has no heater!

Emily says:

Would LOVE a pair of these!! It's about time someone took care of this clear need in the market

Grant says:

So, is there a better option for people with small hands? I've been wanting to get my wife a pair of capacitive gloves for a while now, but she's very small and I don't want to buy these if there's a better option.

JDiggs says:

I'm drooling, I really need those gloves. Pick me, pick me!!!

mhemmes says:

I'm a field tech in a lot of cold rooms all day and use the iPhone for work orders. Would live the gloves to make things easier!

sataml says:

Would love a pair of these have seent he modification of other gloves but in california most days you can get away with fingerless gloves. But I know in other palaces full gloves would be great for really cold weather

babyblues197669 says:

Living in Oregon where i wear gloves 90% of the time. I would be SO greatful for a pair of these!!! :)

Jimny says:

Hello world. I would love some gloves.

David E says:

A must have so I can survive this cold Swedish winter ;)

Max says:

I want I want!
I would love some gloves.

Hammer says:

I want a pair....please!!!!

djayme7 says:

cause this is thrilla, thrilla night...

vicsiphone says:

I would love to be able to answer my phone when my hands are cold... :)

BlaqkAudio says:

It would sure beat using fingerless gloves

Adam says:

These look/sound amazing and would be perfect for me!

Layal G says:

My hands would look awesome in the gloves when using my iPhone.

bnpdp says:

Now I can stop using my nose.

Omontague says:

I think this is an extraordinary product!

mgmiller68 says:

Thanks for the great review (both written and video), Georgia! These look like fantastic gloves for using my iPhone 4 while outside in the cold. Hope I win one of the ten pairs! (I'd need the larger of the 2 one-size-fits-all sizes available). :)

Benjamin Mayo says:

Much better than fingerless gloves.

bdegrande says:

New Jersey in the winter? I could really use these.

techmom#IM says:

I need these badly as I map directions to job interviews on cold mornings.

Tod says:

They look nice, enter me please.

BobbyMcWho says:

Greetings from the coldbox that is Ohio this time of year!

Maritza says:

Wow didn't know this existed.. Just what I need my hands r constantly cold n I hate that when I'm wearing gloves I have to take them off everytime I need to use my phone.. Hopefully I'll win :)

Mannie Fabian says:

Hell yea I want one of those!!!

ChaosShadow says:

I would love to have a pair of these!

jeroenb42 says:

YES! Finally I can play games while waiting without getting one cold hand... I hope I win!

Himoe says:

Wow, nice!!!! I want a pair please.

Ali says:

Sounds really awesome.

Brian says:

These may b the gloves I've been looking for. I've tried several types but all had the tiny spot that may or may not have been on the finger tip so they never worked out. Great review Georgia.

Laure Morrison says:

Help me keep my fingers warm during this bi-polar weather the mid-west is having!

dmarjhund3 says:

Id like to have one. It would be good using my iphone out in the antarctic.

Simon says:

I live in Canada too and we've has -25 degrees celcius temperatures this week. I definately need a pair of these, please :)

Laelipoo says:

I would love a pair of these. I have a cheapy pair that is dying slowly; these look so much nicer than what I have. Winter hasn't really set in here yet, but I want to be prepared.

Adam Powell says:

Ooooo. Love to put my fingers in these.

cl1ck4207 says:

I would love to have a pair of these

Tom says:

I've been scouring the web for a good pair of touchscreen gloves, hook me up!!

Ducimus says:

Yep, I'd go for that, as I live in the 'Great White North, near Montreal.

NovaTornado says:

Sounds great and how well do these hold up to snow?

jjh2397 says:

Wife. Would. Love. This.

Joe Buck says:

Good luck to everyone! Hope I win!

Bshums says:

It was 10 degrees F today, I need gloves!

Jason says:

I want one. I hate when I have to rip off my gloves to answer a call.

Nathan Stone says:

Supposed to be 4 degrees tomorrow with more snow. A pair of these would be awesome!

Donna says:

These would be great to have.

Freiteez says:

I was thinking of getting gloves like this. Would be awesome to win a pair!

jmleib says:

Been wanting a pair of these!

Alan G says:

I live in Michigan, close to Canada, close enough to freezing my buns off. Every morning I sit in a frozen vehicle while it warms up with one glove on and one glove off so I can turn on the nav app (Waze) and prepare for the drive to work. Sure would be nice to have two warm hands and still be able to turn use the iPhone.

SamuraiGarrin says:

These look pretty neat! Wouldn't mind having a pair.

thebrownswin says:

These would help make winters a little more bearable.

bmkatz says:

Was planning on ordering a pair so an extra set for the wife would be cool

Curtis says:

It's -36 right now. I'd sure use these.

hotrod#AC says:

I would love a pair for me and/or my wife who is getting her first iPhone this week. I'm as excited as she is. Thanks imore.

smmiami says:

very nice, could use these.

Wow says:

Thats awesome. I'll need these- when it eventually gets cold...

Terry says:

Nice gloves. Next time let's demo them with an outdoor shot!

Amy M says:

What a great idea so you don't have to freeze your fingers to use your favourite device!

Sean says:

Oh I really want these!

rwbarnes67 says:

These sound awesome! I'd love to sport a pair of these gloves!

Gian Carlo Fernando says:

Just in time for winter (sort of). :) iMore is giving away stuff and that makes them the generous(est) of all! Thanks iMore!

Talker says:

I wanna try this, I glove them!

Greg says:

I need these for those long cold winters in OHIO! Please pick me!

David Ferrandino says:

Nice and simple just like iOS . Thanks

thegotoguyy says:

I just bought an iphone and it's snowing where I live, I know northface made similar gloves but they were too expensive for me. Hope I win!

Talker says:

I want a pair of these, good luck!

Ermina says:

I believe my hands can fit in them.

jsox78 says:

Those look better than most of the ones I have seen around me. Would love to get a pair as the temperature has finally dropped here.

jessedholm says:

very cool! I've seen the ones with just the fingertips but these are awesome!

ReyT says:

We just had a -49 (wind chill) here in Calgary and rould really, really love to have a pair of Mujjo gloves. Thanks!

baloghjz says:

Talking in the cold never looked easier! I'd like a pair please!

anthonyrt says:

I would be the hit of our Mac (iPad/iPhone) user group!

jessica gao says:

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DiogoCunha says:

OMG, that it's what i need...
that is freaking AWESOME...
Thanks for everything guys... :D

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