Alien Blue - Reddit Client updated to version 2.5

The popular Reddit client, Alien Blue, has been updated with new features and improvements including Secure SSL authentication, revised posts and comments screens, and updated launch image.

Alien Blue is a feature packed client for browsing Reddit. It has been developed from the ground-up for an intuitive touch-screen experience.


  • Retina Thumbnails (currently Pro + Retina Device required)
  • Comment Link previews (currently Pro + Retina Device required)
  • Secure SSL authentication to Reddit
  • Revised Posts screen design
  • Revised Comments screen design
  • Revised Pull to Refresh


  • Updated launch image
  • Ability to jump to subreddit directly from a post
  • Ability to jump to submitter's details directly from a post
  • Tapping anywhere on an inbox message now marks it as read
  • Graceful degradation of graphics for older devices
  • Auto-link shortening when sharing with Twitter
  • Voting status now reflects in the colour of the score
  • Minor visual improvements to Inbox screen
  • Threaded message support for Moderator inbox
  • Prioritised Oranged indicator over Mod-mail indicator

Alien Blue - Reddit Client is available on the iPhone for free.

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Alien Blue - Reddit Client updated to version 2.5

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