App Giveaway: SOULCALIBUR for iPhone and iPad

App Giveaway: SOULCALIBUR for iPhone and iPad

The popular arcade fighting game, SOULCALIBUR, has just hit the App Store! It is a universal app for iPhone and iPad and includes all 19 characters with all the original moves recreated as well as six games modes: arcade battle, time attack, survival, extra survival, museum, and practice.

"SOULCALIBUR" series is available on theiOS. Enjoythe memorable characters and non-stop action SOULCALIBUR is famed for with complete arcade fidelity in the comfort of your own home!

Relive the eternal tale of swords and souls transcending time and space.

  • 19 characters in total!
  • All character moves faithfully recreated!

Game Modes

  • ARCADE BATTLE - The original battle mode from the arcade version of "Soul Calibur." Defeat all enemies to make it to the end of the game.
  • TIME ATTACK - How fast can you beat the game?
  • SURVIVAL - With only a limited amount of life, how many opponents can you defeat?
  • EXTRA SURVIVAL - How many opponents can you can defeat with single-hit kills?
  • MUSEUM - Enjoy viewing a variety of artwork.
  • PRACTICE - Learn the game's basic system and techniques.


The folks here at iMore are just as excited about SOULCALIBUR as you, so in celebration of its release, we're gifting the game to 5 lucky readers! For a chance to win, just leave a comment below! (Must have US iTunes account to win. Apple's rule, not ours!)

SOULCALIBUR is available on the iPhone and iPad and is launching on sale for $11.99.

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There are 243 comments. Add yours.

Greg says:

This looks great! Looking forward to checking it out.

Eduardo says:

omg omg omg omg D: mee me me me me xD

BeyondtheTech says:

Hella expensive, considering it's an introductory "sale" price. Count me in for the giveaway, thanks!

djstarion says:

Oh sweet christ hell yes. I used to pump so many quarters playing this game.

Anthony says:

I've been waiting for this for a food while! So excited!

Bibojim says:

I haven't played Soul Calibur in almost 10 years!

just1083 says:

Played this game first for Dreamcast then Xbox, be sweet to have for ios also! Sweet contest!

Anthony says:

Soul Calibur, one of my favorite fighting game series!

k_kjong says:

hopefully i can get soul calibur!!

Joey Seglla says:

I am so excited to see this game become a reality! I hope I get to play it soon! On the iPad it should be amazin!

MikeCTZA says:

Been waiting for this to come out - looks fantastic !!!

mitchell209#WN says:

I can't remember the last time I played Soul Calibur.

Navid25 says:

This game used to be my favorite hope I win

J says:

Thank God this game is available for the iPhone and IPad.

CPAmember says:

It might be difficult playing this game on a touch screen though.

Jbbarrette says:

Awesome game, sign me up please!!!!!

G says:

Wow. It's been more than 10 years since I last played it on Dreamcast or something.

BlaqkAudio says:

Count me in. I love fighting games like Street Fighter, Tekken, Dead or Alive, etc. I'd love a copy of Soulcalibur for my iPhone

Michael says:

WOW. I used to waste SOOOOO many hours playing this game with my friend back in the day on Dreamcast. We got so crazy good at SC we used to do some 8 vs. 8 team battles with blindfolds on playing just by using sound and knowing each other's tendencies! Sign me up, I would love to win this and rekindle some old memories on my 4S!

Aatif says:

Fingers crossed, hope I win!

Polekat says:

Curious how the controls will be

Jeremi says:

WOW. Can't wait to play this awesome game again on my iPad.

Greg says:

I used to play this all the time at the laser tag place. I would love to have this on my 4S :)

George says:

Man this looks good! I really want this but I have to wait till payday :/ Unless I win it!

Sam says:

What, what, what!?!?!?!? This game was off the chain back in the day! hook me up imore!!!

Manny says:

Transcending history and the world; a tale of swords and souls eternally retold! Now on iPad, yayuh!!!

LyndellKell says:

Give me that soul cal, NOW!!

Adam D says:

I would love this game!

Shigglek says:

Looks awesome! Too bad it costs so much.

Sketso says:

Would LOVE to get my son playing this game and share some of my nostalgia...

Taichou says:

COMMENT!!!! Gotta have this! (~_~;)

Gabe Glick says:

Okay, you got me. I rarely comment here but I'd like to have this game again and don't want to pay $11.99 or more if I can help it.

Dane Deasy says:

I want to win!!!!!! :) i loved this game back in the day on Dreamcast and would love a chance to relive it!

Nick says:

This was the game I played at my first job instead of working! Would love to do the same with my current job!

tondagossa says:

I've got to get to the ancient sword... to carry on.

tyler_zyco says:

What an awesome game! It's a shame about the price... but I'm hoping to luck out for once! Thanks AppAdvice peeps :)

tyler_zyco says:

*iMore... sorry Leanna, I may have to admit that I sometimes check out those other websites (they are never as great though) :P

Josh says:

Wasted too many quarters on this game back in the day.

Marty says:

Sweeeet! I can't wait to play the game I loved so many years ago & look forward to improving my poor attempts of poor lip syncing to my even poorer impression of an Asian accent "Let's fight" :-)

Ivan hernandeZ says:

Game was sick for platforms, can't wait to play it on ios!!!

a1by says:

Wowsers, I'd love soul caliber on the iPad!

Aaron Wee says:

Excited about this game! Looks good ^_^

descobe says:

Ahh, brings back memories on the Playstation. Gotta have it!

Nick A says:

Aw man this looks amazing! Good work.

Natesac says:

I have never played a SOULCALIBUR game. This would be an awesome way to try it out. Looks awesome

Patben says:

This looks great. Want!

Bshums says:

This would be a great game to add to my collection!

Eric says:

Excited about this since the recent console versions of the franchise have been really disappointing.

Mike Rohlinger says:

Oh, I miss the days of Dreamcast! I got mine on 9/9/99. I miss Soul Calibur and Sonic Adventure. Good times!

George K. says:

Please, please....Give it to me! :)

Jamie says:

I can't wait for a decent Bluetooth controller so I can really enjoy this game again.

Iain M says:

Awesome game! Nuff said I think.

Jay Hecko says:

The only way I know to win a code is to incite the key phrase, "Hot Monkey Love"

Jim. G. says:

Great Arcade. Fighter..... Turns my Ipad into an old school arcade. ;-)

Neil Warner says:

Really hope this has iCloud document storage for cloud based game saves like infinity blade 2.

Ender Malkoc says:

Best game every. Used to play this for hours

Tan Li Zhi says:

One of the best classics!

OxMuzzle says:

Welcome! To the stage of history!

iANiMeX says:

I've first played this game on my friend's dreamcast and would love to play this game on my iPad2 soon. Thanks for the opportunity.

tnahumck says:

Great game from the past!

Cyrod John Domingo says:

SOUL CALIBUR! I have no words for this. I'm just absolutely excited to try this! Thank you iMore for the info!

Yitz Brown says:

Speed of the Sword. Light from the Blade. Bring You My Word. By Me, You Are Slayed! This game looks awesome! I want to win! :)

Berto Salgado says:

LOVED IT ON MY XBOX! now i get to take it around with me wherever i go!?!?! AMAZING!!!! I WANT SO BAD!!!

Sechaba Mokoena says:

1st GTA, now Soul Caliber! This just keeps getting better and better!

nathan76 says:

love this game and hope to win it :)

Daniel says:

My favorite fighting game. Hope I win it.

IcedNyior says:

Wow the game looks awesome!
p/s: hope i win!

James Chat says:

Loved playing SoulCalibur on playstation. Playing on my iPhone would be even better.

rednocturne307 says:

I remember loving this on Dreamcast!

Egar Astawiguna says:

Oh, Wow! Great giveaway! Would like to get the game for free, consider it's kinda pricey. :p

kilo720 says:

All i need is marvel vs capcom n street fighter X tekken up here im complete fighting game wise

ShiftPursuit says:

Count me in for a chance at winning!

djayme7 says:

the iphone version would be awesome!

Freiteez says:

Would love to win. I remember playing the first one in the arcade and on the dreamcast

byan23 says:

Played the original back on my Dreamcast. Was my favorite game!

Bondman says:

A premium giveaway for a premium game from a premium tech site.
Thanks for the giveaway, iMore! :)

Parker Bennett says:

Yes, please. Thanks to Rene Ritchie on Twitter for pointing out this phenomenal site!

steve says:

This awesome game (Soul Caliber) finally lands on App Store,I like it.

Peter Nguyen says:

Awesome! Would love to win a code!

Angelo says:

I can't wait to play this game.

Marzmaxima says:

Wow! I would love to win a code!

Theatre Booth Guy says:

Five to give is not enough :-) Maybe you can get Namco to give more for free or even better, lower the price for those who are not winners?

alexander__ekin says:

Im very excited with this game. I play at playstation too. Hope i win this. Thank u before

Ninja X says:

I never win. This would be nice

Fafafoooey says:

Thanks! So glad Soulcalibur is on iOS!

Talker says:

Wow, I was surprise with the price I didn't expect more than $6 for this game. It reminds me good old times with my R. I. P. dreamcast. :-)

Andy Hanson says:

Cool game for a giveaway code! :)

HaggardHessian says:

I remember playing this until the early morning hours on Dreamcast. I think $11 is steep considering the lack of Mission Battle Mode.

Littlefishchan says:

I played this game to death on the dreamcast!

Jon says:

Great game. Can't wait!

David Calvert says:

One of my favorite Dreamcast games... Heck yeah!

Thom says:

Looks really fun. So many memories with that game!

Tom says:

I've never played this game and I want it

49ers Fan! says:

I would live to win this classic game :)

Mauricio says:

Mmhhh Soul Caliber for the iPad?? Sweeet

Henrique Merces says:

Great game only cons is not iphone3gs playable

robiii#CB says:

I remember playing this game for hours…no, days…no, weeks at a time.

Bruno R says:

wow, great news to see this title on iOS :D

Matthew says:

Oooooh! I'd love to get this...

MooPenguin32 says:

I'm a big Soul Calibur fan. I would like to win.

ravee3rd says:

Good morning, iMore! Mega thanks for the chance to own this brand new iOS game.

Jeremy Billow says:

Very awesome. Now we just need Killer Instinct :)

Max says:

I've been a Soul Calibur fan since I got it on the Dreamcast !
I want it !!!!!

Robert Pawlikowski says:

I was a HUGE fan of this game back in the arcade "hay days". Glad to see it's been made available on modern gaming platforms. Agree with other posters in that it seems an expensive price compaired to most other games on iOS.

Deon says:

Yes! SC on iOS. Can't wait to see how it plays.

foglock says:

I would love to have this game and it would be alot better free.

hggs says:

Looks awesome. Thanks again for the opportunity iMore!

slippieslik says:

The last time I played Soul Caliper was when I had the SEGA Dreamcast....and o how I miss the game

cuilo says:!!! ;o) please hook me up!!!!

cardfan says:

Seems a bit over priced but cool game from the past.

rgar3388 says:

I forget which one it was, but the one with Link from Zelda was the best. I hope I win.

jeroenb42 says:

Very cool guys. You managed to get another nice giveaway. Would not mind winning this one.

Gaston says:

I would love to win. One more way to enjoy my iDevices!

Dave says:

Looks great, but the price (at a discount!) is too high. Will watch for a sale )

bankai123 says:

This would be awesome to have. Haven't played it in years on the dreamcast.

Monkt01 says:

Man I hope there is a price drop in case I don't win the giveaway!!

Jerrell Herod says:

I could really use this while I'm pretending to read my new digital textbooks.

Jude3435 says:

I loved this game on the original Xbox and on my PS3 a few years ago when you could choose Darth Vader as a character! I would love to have this on my iPad!!!!

Chris says:

I loved playing this game on college and on my original XBox. It would be awesome on my iPad.

ReyT says:

Great! I haven't really played it before, but would really love to play it now! Thanks!

vicsiphone says:

Now thats a game....Need I say more... :)

ynoti says:

I got a Dreamcast and a copy of SoulCalibur on the Dreamcast launch day, 9/9/99. It was a gift from my boss (a very cool boss!) SoulCalibur was an awesome game back then, and it looks to be awesome once again!

Scott P says:

really want this app looks great love the original

Luis says:

It would really amaze me if touch controls work for this game. Either way a blast of the past is always good.

Scott P says:

looks like a great app wish I could get it but strapped for cash

mbern1008 says:

This was my favorite game ever on the Dreamcast back in the day!!!

TheRealKenshin says:

Enjoyed playing it on console, will enjoy it on iOS too.

wildfirex says:

Well, I hope I win, but I bet I won't. Would love to play Soul Caliber again, especially since I no longer have my Playstation.

Gerard says:

Oh man this totally brings back memories from the middle school years! Pick me!!! :)

Sean says:

Hope I win. Otherwise I gotta save up to get this game. Looks awesome. Thanks iMore!

raheimr says:

I remember buying the Dreamcast on LAUNCH day on September 9th. I brought the system strictly because of this game. Mitsurugi is my favorite character!

Phil DeLong says:

Hope I win, been playing these games for years!

Skip says:

Wow this brings back fond memories.

MAGNUS says:

Gimme please. And thank you! Game looks awesome!

tacogy3 says:

I'm excited to win this game :)

John says:

Did they finally put sofitia nude in her bath in the lake ending? ... Lol

Tll says:

One of my favorite games ever on the Sega Dreamcast. I would love to win this!

Ziltoid says:

Omg omg omg! I love soulcalibur! Please let this fan win this! Would be great to win something for once and especially it being this. Thanks!

RichieHD#AC says:

Would love to play that on my new iPhone! Yes, please!

vitruvian201 says:

This is what I've been waiting for...a high end arcade fighting game woot woot

rkbrown81 says:

Looks amazing! I can't wait to win it!

KingofHeart4711 says:

I would love to get my hands on this one!

HmizuUu says:

Just got my ipad 2 yesterday. And when i found this website, i was even more excited about it! Thank you imore!!!!

jkeitz says:

Sweet! I haven't played this game in years! I had it for one of the Sega consoles (Saturn, I think).

Enzo83 says:

I need a reason to stay on my iPad. great looking game.

Ryuz4ki says:

Love me some Soul Calibur.

Andrew M says:

I can't believe this is playable on the iPhone. I can't wait to check it out!! thanks imore!

hhenriquez says:

I'd love to win this, I'm waiting on my 4S which I should receive on Saturday by mail. It's my first Apple product, this would be an awesome way of starting off! :)

Soun says:

I used to play this extensively on the Dreamcast way back in the day. I would love to have it for iOS!

cinco312 says:

Wow, now that takes me back. Awesome times.

markied85 says:

ah soul caliber. brings back memories of dreamcast.

coolkendude says:

I remember spending a lot of hours mastering Mitsurugi's counter-attack with his sword on his sheath... oh, memories...

pnut78 says:

As a SC fan, I would LOVE this game for my brand new iPad2!!!

RevJar says:

What a giveaway! Thanks to iMore and the good folks who did SoulCalibur for what looks to be a great game!

mk3s says:

I want to win this so bad! Soulcalibur is tiiiight

jezlyn says:

Would love to win this! :)

Braun00 says:

leaving a comment to win this

Jen says:

Love this game. Thank you iMore for letting us know it's now available for the iPad and iPhone.

Paul says:

I miss this game, and I Santa just delivered an iPAD 2 for Christmas, this game will make it shine.

Sascha says:

This game looks so incredible!! but i think it's too expensive :( but maybe i will win :)

sjm614 says:

Let me get a copy of that game! please...

Jay says:

Would love the chance to play this!!

J Castro says:

Oh my GLOB! I want this bad!!!

Jonathan says: never fails to give their readers what they want! Keep up the good job. Would love to test this out on my new 4S!

haileysmom26 says:

This is an all-time favorite game of mine!!! Please pick me!!!!!

budwizer says:

Count me in as there is no way I am going to pay $11 for this game.

Colin W. says:

I've never played the original, but I have played (and love) Soulcalibur II for GameCube (with Link)! I'd love to try the original! Thanks!

Ama says:

Best game ever. I'd love to win a free copy

Leon says:

Played it on Dreamcast and then PS2. It is still my favorite fighting game. Can't wait to try it on my iPad.

Jason says:

Wow I have street fighter on ios but Soul caliber was the ish to me haha

Sascha Ralf says:

same here, it looks so perfect, hope i will win :D

Ken says:

I would love to win a copy of this game!! It would take me waaaay back to the days I owned a Dreamcast... when I was 10 years old!

gonzotwins says:

New to the ipad and would love to try this one out!

aamir says:

I hope i get it.Fingers crossed

Nelson says:

I would love a copy. I googled app giveaway and end up finding you. Wish I heard about you all sooner.

Dean says:

My iPad 2 needs this.

Shawn says:

The suspense is killing me.

Mei Ling says:

I want it so bad but the price is to much for me. Please help.

Melvin says:

This game is on my hit list.

baloghjz says:

This looks sweet! Just like I remember! Please award me with the opportunity to play this!

Tony the Tiger says:

I played Soulcalibur IV on a console and it's loads of fun. It might take a while getting used to touchscreen controls but it's worth a try.

Ibrahim Kamara says:

I love this game. Used to play it on PS. Hope i'm lucky to win this time

Ariana says:

I wish it was available for the Blackberry Playboo D: