David Pogue Publishes iPhone FAQ


David Pogue is tired of answering your stupid questions, so he published a list of stupidly asked questions that he hopes will finally shut you up. Some interesting tidbits revealed in his FAQ include

  • You CAN'T USE a screen protector on the screen - it requires direct contact with fingertips to work. That means no stylus access either.
  • iPhone cannot be used as attached storage device, like an iPod. So you can forget about using iPhone as an expensive USB thumbdrive. Sorry.
  • Safari bookmarks on your Mac (and PC) can be synced with iPhone. That's good news.
  • iPhone's Bluetooth radio can only be paired with its headset, and nothing else. NOTHING else.


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David Pogue Publishes iPhone FAQ


The Apple iPhone is providing much buzz across the internet, television, and radio, but will it turn out to be all buzz or true benefit? Will the Apple iPhone benefit the “eye” or the “i” in your life? That has yet to be determined! The true test will begin tomorrow - June 28th, 2007.
What do you think?
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You can use a screen protector. They sell them right along side the iphone with all other accessories at the apple store.

iPhone Bluetooth will also pair with a car Hands Free set. Works in my car as a Bluetooth hands free phone!

where do you get your info? you can use a screen protector but there is no need to as it is made of high quality optical grade glass that is not easily scratched. you also can use any, I repaet any blue tooth headset w/ iphone!!

Yes, iPhone works with most Bluetooth headsets - if you're okay with only *mono* sound. But as the "next iPod", it's goofy that you can't get Bluetooth stereo, since most other new music phones offer "A2DP" support. It seems that Apple disabled this feature, since the software stack they licensed ("BlueMagic") has stereo support built in. Speculation is that Apple's waiting until they have their own BT stereo headset for sale - and/or is planning to use their own proprietary software... so much for "industry standards"?