Apple still claiming biggest share of profits among smartphone manufacturers

Asymco has compiled the profits, revenues, and unit shipments among all of the major manufacturers, and as you can see in this graph, Apple is still kicking everyone's behind when it comes to smartphone profit share. Though the revenue share gap with Samsung is a bit smaller than the one for profits, Apple is still decidedly in the lead. After all is said and done, Apple is claiming 75% of the profit share, 40% of the revenue share, and 9% of the unit share of the mobile market (though that last number might be closer to 8%).

After Apple's monstrously successful first quarter it's no surprise that Apple is profitable. Heck, it's no surprise they're the undisputed God-King of the mobile industry, and they probably have a giant pool of money where employees can get all Scrooge McDuck on lunch breaks. However the fact that Apple is pulling in so much money out of the entire industry really illustrates just how successful the iPhone has become. Of course, if you ask any Android fan, financial success doesn't necessarily equate to product quality (and I'm inclined to agree with them), but you can't argue with the results. There's another great graph here that shows just how much the iPhone's market share has increased on multiple fronts since launch in 2007.

With this much of a lead, how much does Apple really have to worry about? Will it suffer death by a thousand cuts from a bajillionty Android devices? Or will Windows Phone eventually come into its own and give iPhone a run for its money? Looking at this graphs, it's hard to imagine either of these things happening. The best the competition can reasonably hope for now is to get comfortable in second place. Let's put it this way -- what would the competition have to do to win you over?

Source: Asymco

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Reader comments

Apple still claiming biggest share of profits among smartphone manufacturers


Dual core processor, best camera on a phone and the smoothest OS. I guess old tech is amazing.

What I mean is they are using old tech for top prices. Dual Core chip been used in iPad 2. Retina screen used in iPhone 4. 64 GB memory used in iPad 2. Cost to produce these have gone down, yet the price for iPhone 4S price didnt change. Siri and better camara, in my opinon, not worth an upgrade for the same price as iPhonr 4

Or is the "Galaxy Nexus" being confused with the "Galaxy Nexus S"? Two very different devices, and a year apart.

and you are getting how much from this?0 so stop harping on about this crap,the only people that should care is shareholders. lol whats happened to proper non biased writers,seems like the majority are just fanboys pretending not to be.

As an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Mac owner, it means that my favorite tech company can continue to innovate and bring me great products. From a consumer perspective, that's what's important! I don't have to be a shareholder to benefit from their great financial performance. As I see it, the entire industry is being driven by Apple's innovation and that benefits everyone. So don't be so dismissive of the rest of us. As for the competition, it means less profit and only the best will survive.

This is not good from a consumer perspective! If Apple makes loads of money selling iphone 4s and iPad 2, what reason does Apple have to innovate?
Look what happened last year. Apple put out iphone 4s without changing much and people bought it in droves. Unless the competition starts to make more money, you will not see Apple reduce its' prices or inovate in a big way.