Last chance to enter Jawbone JAMBOX and $200 iTunes giveaways!

This is it iMore nation, your last chance to enter our big Jawbone JAMBOX and a $200 iTunes gift card giveaways. If you haven't already, you really need to run -- not walk -- and enter now. It's super easy to do, just friend iMore on Facebook and subscribe to iMore on YouTube and you're in.

(While you're at it, you might as well follow us on Twitter and circle us on Google+ as well; we have a lot more giveaways coming up!)

What are you waiting for? This is not a drill! There are only 12 hours left! Deploy! Deploy! Deploy!

And when you're done, leave a comment telling us you're done so we know to look for you. Do it now, for the love of all that's good and holy -- before Rene sings again!!


Senior Editor at iMore and a practicing therapist specializing in stress and anxiety. She speaks everywhere from conferences to corporations, hosts the ZEN & TECH podcast, and should be followed on Twitter @Georgia_Prime.

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There are 117 comments. Add yours.

Bshums says:

I did it! I want to win!

rayz336 says:

I did it, hopefully I'll win!

Andy says:

Just started listening to the podcasts a few weeks and started the latest today. did all the requirements listed above. thanks for the chance to win

Jorge says:

Done good luck to everyone!

Big Mike says:

Im in the running
Never win anything LOL
Hoping and praying I win
Need something other than my iPhone and car to play my music through
Thanks iMore for all your great give-a-ways
Much respect for that

Natesac says:

All of the above done! I never win anything so fingers crossed. Working on Super Bowl Sunday. Could use some good news :/

MrAlakija says:

Done, Done, Done and Done... That's Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and G+. :)

techmom#IM says:

I think I entered. I sure am following.....

kindaskimpy says:

I've been following you guys since the dawn of time! A warm welcome to all the newbies though... welcome to the fam!

Amy says:

Done! I want that itunes card!! Facebook, Twitter, Youtube...

Marian says:

Done, give itunes now ^^

JeffPom#IM says:

Congratulations - you are my first G+ page and my first YouTube subscription! Here's hoping I win!!!

JeffPom#IM says:

Oh SHOOT = Forgot to give my name!!!

Brandon says:

My wife and I did that same Gondola ride in Vegas, except I let the dude steering the boat do the singing.
Oh, and I subscribed to both, so... gimme, gimme, gimme!

matthew.popplestone@gmail says:

Twitter mpopplestone
PICK ME :) i've been dying for a Jawbone Jambox!!!

Jesse Moore says:

I'm in for all four! I want a iambic so bad for travel adventures and conference calls at work!

Jesse says:

lol. Autocorrect fail. JAMBOX, so bad. :)

DavidMGomez says:

Hey Rene, I'm your iPhone tech friend. I will gladly accept the contest award

NerdWho says:

Just entered REALLY hope I win

Florian Taltavull says:

Done everything I could, now it's up to you ;)

Tine says:

Count me in, Amore ;) Oh, I'd love the iTunes gift card. By the way, I wouln't mind hearing you singing again.

kevinb says:

done! Been eyeing the Jambox for some time now.

JK says:

Just did it! Thanks for all the great iOS coverage!

chrisw329 says:

I did it i think before the giveaway began! SO wish me luck!

iDan182 says:

All sorted on the network side. Now to just sit back and wait for my prizes. Whoop. ;-)

David Ferrandino says:

I did all 4, weeks ago. that's imore lol rene ,you ham. See one pretty girl...Thanks

Freiteez says:

Submitted a loooong time ago. Go imore!!

parvezjj says:

ohh yaaa
following on twitter, google+ and subscribed!
holla at me with the winnings :)

IgalSc says:

Done a long time ago
Still want it

brijuhaha says:

done, 完成, HECHO, ทำ, kufanyika, किया, γίνεται, factum, 한, fait, fatto, 行われ, செய்த, gedaan, dilakukan, فعل, and DONE! :)

Enzo83 says:

I'm done and LQQK for meeeee :-)

Rob says:

Let's see how things go. Here's hoping.

MrCornfed says:

Done and done, and I even signed up for a cursed facebook account to do it!

CSpain says:

Alright. Got you guys on all four networks. I sure would like to win that prize. Thank you for your informative publications.

Superveloce says:

I entered! Thank you for all the giveaways you have done! Good luck to everyone :)

Allison says:

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube! Done!!!

Kenny says:

Done all, crossing my finger now

Colin says:

Pick me please! You guys rule.

Jimny says:

I have done done it. I want a jambox. So bad.

Derrick says:

Done. Now pick me please :D my iTunes could use a boost !

connormorrison says:

Hope I win (: just bought a used iPhone 4 and would love some apps, and the jambox looks fantastic!

Jacob says:

I did it! Where's my jambox? ;)

Alistair says:

I did it!! $200 iTunes card... Come to meee! Lol.

arjundutt says:

oooh, pick me! pick me! :-). Thanks so much for having this contest.

Justin says:

Followed and subscribed a couple of weeks ago. Hoping to win!

yourdrugrep says:

throwing my hat into the ring

Sufyan gigani says:

I did it.would really like to win.

sikmentality says:

I liked and subscribed. $200 for iTunes would be excellent.

slls says:

Done & Done. Thanks for offering another great giveaway.

Nemesis says:

Liked as Weihua Fan on FB
Subscribed as fanwhua on Youtube
Followed as @fanweihua
Circled as Weihua Fan

Yury says:

I'm subscribed, liked, and ready. Thanks for the contest!

decarlo4 says:

I did it. Please pick me.

praneethdamian says:

done! :D
thanks for this opportunity

Chris says:

Signed up! Thanks iMore!

johurimam says:

I would love the jambox! DONE

Henrylkr says:

Done and done.
Facebook in my website and YouTube in my email :)

Justin Hitchcock says:

Great website with great people, covering great devices, with awesome contests... What's not to love?

SkottM says:

Liked on FaceBook. Scott Magouirk
Subscribed on YouTube: TrippinSkott
Hook me up!

borrowedchief says:

Facebook and YouTubed. Good luck all!!!!

Seanski#AC says:

I've added you on every possible thing!! I need a Jambox!! Woo.

russ131 says:

Done and done! Sweet hardware and iTunes credit. Hope I get the hook up!

John Wehlitz says:

OK! I've done as requested, hope I win!

dloveprod says:

I can see everyone running in my head, lol funny.

Adrian Piller says:

Everything done.
The Jambox would be great!

MAGNUS says:

I've been following and liking for ages now. Do I win? Thanks!

cwelch says:

Hopefully I'm not too late, I like everything but didnt realize I needed to comment here as well!

jpodraza says:

did it yesterday but forgot to comment... I so want that JamBox!