Mujjo fisheye lens review: Fun photography accessory for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch [Giveaway]

Mujjo fisheye lens review: Fun photography accessory for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

"The Mujjo fisheye is a great little novelty lens that's cute, small, easy to carry, and a lot of fun to play around with, especially for kids."

The Mujjo fisheye lens is an incredibly inexpensive way to try out fisheye photography on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad -- or almost any smartphone or tablet. A fisheye lens is designed to take extremely wide-angle pictures, so wide that it becomes almost spherical for still photographs. That means, however, you can get a lot more content -- people, scenery, etc. -- into a shot than is possible with a standard lens. It also means that pictures are often warped to almost comical levels. But that's really the point.

With this Mujjo, it's not about the quality of the glass or the "I can't believe it's a camera phone" pictures -- it's about having fun. If the best camera is the one you have with you, and your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad is what you have with you, that's great, but it can also get a little boring at times. That's where the Mujjor fisheye comes in. It's not for high-end photographers (they've already got lenses that cost more than the iPhone!), but for people who want to experiment, add a little spice, and switch things up from the regular old Camera app shots.

It's also adorable. Available in green, blue, white, red and black, the Mujjo fisheye comes with a stretchy, bungee style cord that lets you easily attach to a keychain or anywhere convenient so you have it with you and don't need to worry about it getting lost. It attaches to your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad with a gummy type adhesive that keeps it reasonably well attached without leaving unsightly residue on your precious mobile device.

To take a fishey picture, just stick the Mujjo onto your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and use the built in Camera app or any App Store app you like -- Instagram would be a really fun choice!

You can fit way more into the picture with a Mujjo fisheye lens... even if it does warp around you.

You'll notice right away that you can fit a lot more into the picture, even if it's massively distorted. Video is a little different, however. Because the iPhone 4S crops the capture size down to 1080p, and the iPhone 4, iPad 2, and iPod touch 4 crop it down to 720p, you only get the middle of the fisheye effect. That makes video look much less warped than photos but still fits much more in the frame.

Again, it's not a high end lens, it's just a lot of fun to play around with, a great way to get started to see if you like specialty lenses, and something especially fabulous and inexpensive to let kids play around with.

The good

  • Inexpensively priced
  • Cute design
  • Highly portable
  • Works with any smartphone or tablet

The bad

  • Sticky backing needs to be kept clean from lint and dust
  • Not a high quality lens

The bottom line

The Mujjo fisheye is a great little novelty lets that's cute, small, easy to carry, and a lot of fun to play around with, especially for kids. It works with the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, or any smartphone or tablet, and is a cheap way take your mobile photography in a new direction.

It's not for pros, but it is for anyone just starting out, and would make a great novelty gift, stocking stuffer, loot bag treat, or just rainy day surprise.

€9.95 - Buy now

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We've got some Mujjo's to give away! Leave a comment below telling us what you'd like to photograph with a fisheye and you're entered for a chance to win!


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psiclne says:

I'd like to photograph my BlackBerry 9900 collecting dust.....

babyblues197669 says:

Hmmmm, i would take pics of everything! My son, my new car, me and my husband, the coast, oh-and the trip we are taking this spring break!!! Just lots of artsy photos! <3

techmom#IM says:

I've been taking lots of sunrises on my way to work. A fisheye would be so cool! Otherwise I have to stitch to get the effect I want sometimes.

djayme7 says:

my kitty would look good in a fisheye lens!

Praghna Peterson says:

I love taking pictures of kids and they don't always fit in the shot. Group pictures etc.
It would be fun to experiment and play!

Ginbill says:

The sunrise before work in the morning or anything really. I'm an instagram addict!

yourdrugrep says:

my daughter loves to "play" with photos and we would love this

Bibojim says:

I've always wanted a fisheye lens since my 1st SLR in the '70s

BillsGirlGina says:

My 16 year old Saughter is a musician/singer & is the studio recording her first EP with her producer! I think this would take cool shots of the recording sessions!

BillsGirlGina says:

That should have been daughter! Thanks autocorrect! Never corrects the right things!! Haha

MobbyD says:

I would take pics of everything and everyone. I'm getting an iPad for the first time and this would be amazing to have with it :)

mrtax2005 says:

I would take pics of paintings in my gallery! :-)

Gizmocivic says:

I love to take great pictures

Karl says:

I'd use it to take pictures of my Olloclip (which I've greatly enjoyed, and which DOES produce great-looking photos). :-)

Dhenz says:

Rooms, things. Anytime, anywhere :) says:

Thanks for the interesting article. Gotta love the iPhone for all the little things one can get to customize it!

Marc says:

I would take pictures of fish at a pet store when they are feeding, makes for excellent looking backgrounds, Wallpaper, Bands could use the image to reflect their fans reaction to their music. I would also try videoing all kinds of smaller to larger pictures as well to get their whole habitat and make movies with sound and gags in it to relax the masses, but of course talking pictures of my family, then we would get original and use some of my precious Apps doing their thing. I will have to buy additional battery life as I would be using it more than the average bear as I have a ProSumer DSLR Nikon D80 that I use all the time, do I'll be seeing a reduction of shots taken with my Nikon. Thank you for the opportunity to win one if chosen as funds are tight for everyone these days. Thanks again! Marc G.

jdunn says:

Taking a picture of a fishes eye with a fisheye lense has always seemed a good idea to me....but then again so does cliff diving and bungee jumping. Maybe asking me isnt a very good idea after all.

AT says:

The fish eye would be excellent for shooting city scapes. It would be interesting to she the effect on the way still photography captures or depicts motion of groups of people and vehicles. Additionally the ability to get more arcitecture into a picture from constrained viewpoints.

c_man says:

I'd love to take captures of the landscape/horizon with this whilst I'm paragliding!!
Thank you

Tim says:

odd people on the street

jwsnj3rd says:

Sweet idea I've never seen this before. I'd love one to take lots of pictures of the kids. At the park or birthday party ,my little guys first birthday Is coming up

chaloney says:

That would be fun to play around with using the istopmotion app

kiwiruss says:

My Wife is an avid photographer with a new iphone 4s. Im sure she would love one of these lenses.

Brad says:

I imagine the fun I could have taking close-up fisheyed pictures of pig snouts.

Peter R says:

I have 6 cats, what could be more fun?

mrbrianwc says:

Looks like fun. The daughter would love it.

mrbrianwc says:

Looks like fun. The daughter would love taking pics of the dogs with it.

TheRealRothstein says:

I live up on lake erie and we get some crazy awesome sunsets(especially in the summer). I'd love to snap some shots of that through a fisheye lens.

bnpdp says:

I would let my daughter photo the dog. She loves taking pics and the dog. Perfect match.

SteveC says:

Our fish tank, of course!

pcesteves says:

I'd like to photograph my glass eye!!!!!

chrisb3 says:

I'd take pictures of everything with it. Great giveaway!

lisa says:

what wouldn't I photograph? How fun!

deeptali says:

Hi with 8mp camera and this fishey lens one can take wonderful landscape pictures. Also if taken with proper exposure and distance it would help in indoor pictures too. I think it would be best for the outdoor photography. I really hope to get as it will help our non profit organization too. Thanks

xxDruMMer BoYxx says:

Wow I'd really like one. Great example video Georgia.

baloghjz says:

I'd like to take lots of photos of our new baby!

Brad Morris says:

I'd like to do some time lapse photography with one of these lenses!

Bill Johnson says:

What a cool gift for my daughter! She LOVES to take pics, especially funny poses. What A riot she would have with this! Thanks for the chance to win one!

Aaron Britt says:

I love to photograph the morning sunrises and evening sunsets from the downtown area. Also my pets for when they come up really close to the camera.

crwoo says:

I use my iphone to take any picture, that lens would be nice

Manny says:

Sounds very cool. Nice budget alternative to some of the more expensive fish eye type lenses. May have to pick on up, if I dont win it here. :) says:

This would be great for city skyline pics

jimmers says:

Seeing that I already have 4,355 pics on my iPhone 4 (32GB), I love to take lots of pics. Having a mujjo fish eye add to the excitement of adding another 4,355 pics although I'd have to upgrade to 64GB. :)

Jodi H says:

This would be fun for some landscape pictures or close ups! I'd love to use it to photograph my flowers soon!!!!

ojum pmantwenty3 says:

Id photograph my car. Not original but whatever

spike22 says:

Taking pictures of normal, everyday items with something like this would be so much fun and give tons of different perspectives. I would love to have that chance!
Great review and thanks for the chance!!

MAGNUS says:

I do want one of these. I can't stop taking pics on my phone.

DexAloha says:

I'd take a picture of my old android phone using my new iPhone 4S

Jbbarrette says:

Take some pics of the pup of course!

bigassfireman says:

I would use it to take pictures at fires and car crashes.

mrdmc says:

My great nephew loves taking pictures with my iPhone - I'd bet he love this even more.

5stryng says:

I would take a fisheye picture of me taking a picture of myself through the fisheye lens. Whew!

Kristy_Lyn says:

I like the fact that it's a key chain!! Good luck everyone!

pstmd says:

my dogs nose in closeup like all those tacky greeting cards

parvezjj says:

use it to take pictures of my cat haha

bgwebbjr says:

Would probably use it mostly for landscapes. Hope you'll pick me!

OMMBoy says:

Mmmmmm! I love fish eyes! They're delicious!

Jimny says:

I would like to take a picture from space of the whole world. So people could see all that the iPhone has changed.

jdubbs says:

Video's from my car, similar to my GoPro HD!

Jimny says:

I like to go offroad in AZ. this fisheye would help me to capture the scenery and my Suzuki samurai.

Curtis says:

Some shots in the stacks of my university library, I think the distortion in the leading lines will be pleasant

lakerpride08 says:

I just switched to an iphone 4 from having a blackberry for the last 4 years and would love to take pics of my old blackberry laying around!

Youso says:

I would shoot the life in an open office with 6 student companies. Student entrepreneuer lifestyle!
Fisheye lens would be good to capture the narrow spaces.

Dan Murray says:

Definitely a time-lapsed photo of the stars, centered on Orion!

Jason says:

I would love to photograph my great dane romping around with this!!

Tristan says:

Take a pic of me taking a pic

cinco312 says:

Mostly flowers and insects. But of course I'll play around with it and probably use it for everything.

Jimny says:

I would take a picture of a window coverd in water drops.

Navid25 says:

I'd like to photograph my baby cousin with this

twinmomma416 says:

Ooooh!!! Close up of my cat's face. So much fun.

jrephoto_op says:

This will be known as a treat foe cats

weid says:

I would take pics of apple logo.

Eric says:

I'd love to take photos of some of my friends' bands with this while they're on stage. :)

timberga says:

I'd like to take pictures at my Georgia State Panthers basketball games with the fisheye lens.....could get some really cool shots of the players and court!

mk3s says:

I'd like to photograph everything!

Dave Hurley says:

I would use it with my budding young toddler photographer to take pics of his current favorite subject: Redwood trees. We'd stand in the middle of a nearby "fairy ring" of Redwoods and shoot upwards toward the canopy. The lanyard means it could hang easily from a backpack during hikes. Looks like a fun product for parents of kids who are encouraging photography.

gregg c says:

I like to photograph bugs on leaves!!

zuniboy says:

i'd love that lens, it would allow me to use my iPhone for many more types of pictures.

cedareden says:

I take lots of pictures around the city and would love to be able to use fisheye for some different looks

menomonee says:

I would take pictures of the inside of my camper to make it look bigger like it did in the brochure I bought it from.

Richard says:

I'd take the fisheye lens and take pictures of "fisheyes" and post them on the web :-)

Heath says:

I go hunting a lot and I'd like to photograph a huge open field with some animals in it, while sitting in my tree stand 30 feet up in the air!

michael says:

I'm a fish and blind in one eye and am having a hard time navigating around the bowl.
Please have mercy on me !

DonS50 says:

What would I like to take a photo of? An iFish at the local aquarium!

mady53 says:

i would take photos of everything to share with my grandkids..

Jorge says:

I'd like to have this accessory because I like photography a lot and this would no doubt be a fun toy to play with.

David D Dick says:

Be great for a NASCAR trip i'm going to take!

OkieJoles says:

It would be great for funny family pictures, if it warps a little.

Ashleigh brindle says:

this would be pretty sweet to photograph all my design work to help build up my portfolio! :)

Lauren says:

I'd like to photograph bugs on flowers!

irvin says:

i want to take fisheye photos with my ipod touch

jaIOS4s says:

I wanna take pix of my family and friends at our weekend BBQ's..It would be a riot

cedareden says:

I take a lot of landscape and nature photos with my iPhone 4. I would use the fisheye lens to expand my ability to creatively photograph the beautiful Adirondacks

unique says:

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Dan Chang says:

I would take pictures for my Dachshund Dexter!!

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Mary Mass says:

I will love to take a photo of my kids at the pool

Kailum Connor says:

I'm studying Photography at the moment and would love nothing more than to have a fish eye lens to take some awesome shots with