AT&T Will Pro-Rate Termination Fee

figure 1: AT&T has made some changes to benefit customers out of enlightened self-interest.

In news that should please anyone on AT&T, and if you have an iPhone, odds are good that this is you, AT&T is making consumer-friendly changes to how they do things. First, AT&T announced that they will begin pro-rating termination fees. The longer you stay on in your contract, the less of a fee you'll have to pay. They also announced that they will not require a new contract for a simple change of service. Both are welcome changes.

Odds are good that this change of heart is due to the Senate commerce committee holding those hearings, and T-Mobile's lawsuit problems -- AT&T probably doesn't want to get into the same legal hot water that T-Mobile is currently in.


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AT&T Will Pro-Rate Termination Fee


Is the contract change for AT&T effective as of "today"?
My understanding of that is "no," they've essentially just announced that they'll be making the change soon.
Great pic! I almost choked on a sip of coffee from laughing! ;-)

They are doing the same as nextel did when an existing customer wants to upgrade CHARGE $200 It is stupid not to take care of existing customers and charge them more than a new customer. BEWARE if you buy and a new model comes out it will cost you more