BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 vs. iPad 2 feature comparison

BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 vs. iPad 2 feature comparison

Apple iPad vs. Blackberry PlayBook 2.0, which should you buy?

BlackBerry has just released their new PlayBook 2.0 OS upgrade and CrackBerry has done an unbelievable job covering every pixel of it. Most interesting to iMore readers is Gary Mazo's incredibly comprehensive, finely detailed iPad 2 vs. BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 comparison. Gary covers everything you need to know about user interface and experience, apps an organization, multi-tasking, personal information management, media handling, email/messaging, eReading, photography and videography, web browsing, and gaming.

Here's Jared DiPane's multi-tasking comparison video.

Overall, each does certain things better than the other, and that means each will better suit a different type of user. If you're heavily invested in the Apple or BlackBerry ecosystem, that will no doubt influence your choice as well.

The scores might change slightly in a month, when Apple's iPad 3 is out and on the shelves, but the core truth will remain the same -- the iPad is the dominant tablet on the market, but for it's price, the PlayBook packs an incredible punch. Arguably, if you want a 7-inch, lower cost tablet, the PlayBook now packs the most punch, and best value on the market.

Gary nails this:

At $199.00, the PlayBook is a steal. No, it doesn't do everything the iPad 2 does. However, it does much of what the iPad does and does it better. In other areas, the capabilities of the PlayBook will only grow. With iPad 3 around the corner, we still don't know how high the bar will be set in the future but we are eager to find out!

Check out his complete knock-down, drag-out, function-by-function iPad vs. PlayBook comparison, as well as Adam Zeis' full BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 walkthrough, and then come back and let us know what you think -- does PlayBook 2.0 make Blackberry a tablet contender?


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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 vs. iPad 2 feature comparison


I'm really not sure why anyone would even bother. The Playbook is DOA even with this way too late to matter OS update, even Netflix knows this.

You can use one hand to change between apps on the iPad.... just don't turn your hand to face the other way :s lol!

Sure you can, but isn't that a little awkward and uncomfortable? Unlike PlayBook's one-finger swipe, which is so much easier to do.

One small note: You don't need to use the border on the iPad 2 in order to invoke gestures. You can work with 4-finger gestures at any position on the screen without touching any of the borders surrounding the iPad screen. Example: If you want to call up the Fast App Switcher to see what other apps are running, you can 4-finger swipe up anywhere on the screen instead of swiping up from the iPad's bezel. This applies across all 4-finger gestures, where if you'd like to switch between applications using 4-finger swipe to the left or right, you can do so at any position on the screen without interfering with the app itself instead of conducting a 4-finger swipe from left to right from the bezel itself.
This negates the need to use both hands when switching between apps using 4-fingers. I always use my right hand to 4-finger swipe between apps on the fly instead of re-orienting my setup to allow a 4-finger swipe with my left hand.

That sounds much easier then the playbooks 1 swipe left or right hand 1 finger.. Both hands busy? Swipe with your nose even? Lol done it..

This is the the case with the playbook ,switching between applications you don't need the bezel. Anywhere on the screen works,I use my thumbs as I hold the tablet never needing to adjust my grip on the playbook,this also holds true for typing.

I think you summed it up Rene, each does things well that the other doesn't. Multitasking is done well on the PlayBook, it'd be nice if devs would give it a chance but the continued negative media coverage of all things BlackBerry surely makes it difficult.

As a blackberry user i love my playbook. I can sync it with my phone and its portabilty is great (inside pocket kind). However, i have to agree that ipad is great, thats all i'll say bout dat. Playbook is an infant compared in how long its been out, with that i'll say i know it will get and be Better! It has Great potential and i would love to see that potential out shine all the other tablets out there. Ever since i heard about the playbook i wanted it and i have it and im not disapointed, only about not having Netflix. So please RIM, Keep up the Great Work and Impress EVERYONE!!

Very biased comparison. For me, to keep it honest, the match should be between ipad3 and pbos2.0. Everything comes to the friendliness of the interface and smoothness of the OS. PB does not have either of them. Not to mention the complete lack of apps in the market. Plus, IPS screen kicks the butt of everything else. Real colors for the win.
I have a playbook. It's in the box. And probably will stay there for the next few thousand years. The only value it would have is if someone digs it out in the future and puts it in the museum.

Nice name, you do not have a playbook and I doubt you even touched one so why lie? Your a sheep just following the crowd the media's created.
Your Grandfather would be ashamed.

Why is it in every comparison video they get all mad cause the iPad pauses the video when u swap to a diff app? I don't understand why these blackberry users are so intent on having a video play with no one watch it, do they leave the tv on at home 24/7 as well? I much prefer if I have to jump into a diff app that my videos pause so I can return back and not miss anything am I crazy or do most people not actually want to pay attention to stuff they are trying to watch?

the ability to keep apps running its great, you can connect your Playbook to a projector and stream a Videos in the meanwhile im writing stuff on my playbook, or I can have a PowerPoint on the projector while I am preparing a video, or loading a video in the browser.
Thats why they call it real multitasking.

Never heard of music videos? :p start a song/playlist on YouTube swipe over to a game/app and still listen to a YouTube playlist?

It is really interesting that in the battle of the iPad 2 vs "the field", the iPad still wins (cost only slightly considered). And here we are: about 2 weeks from the unveiling of iPad 3, which is sure to blow the doors off of iPad 2.
Conclusion: Don't buy anything right now. Wait until iPad 3 is released. At best, the iPad 3 takes it to the next level. At worst, you can score an iPad 2 for like $300 on Craigslist. Either way, the BlackDroid PlayFire is a bad investment...

It's right cute how the playbook in its infant stage still comes close to neck and neck with the ipad2 and probably ip3 lol if it wasn't for the years of apps head start the ipad has the playbook would have no real competition imo :)

lol the video soo funny how you use the finger swipe on the ipad, let a regular user do it.. you make it look hard and its not, also ipad background make my ipad run for a week sorry my english

So... Your saying it takes practice to figure out the ipad gestures where anyone can pickup a playbook and instantly figure it out? I don't see an argument for any of these features heh maybe the ipad3 will get things right :p

Don't you love that logic? QNX is simpler. Period. Here's a shocker, so is Windows Mobile 7.5! Maybe once this sinks in people will also realize Android isn't as complicated as they make it out to be.

And how many of these PlayBooks have been sold compared to an iPad? Enough said... I cant wait for the iPad 3 coming soon... RIM is dead people, face it!

Playbook is outselling iPad in Canada right now. Now there's a number of reasons for this, and people who brag about sales usually have self-esteem issues, but obviously it is capable of competing.

I have both and iPad2 and a PlayBook and the iPad easily is my go to device. Even with PlayBook 2.0, the PB is slow and sluggish. I see the vision behind the PlayBook, but it just doesnt quite deliver. Now the iPad on the other hand, is smooth, responsive, fluid, no matter what you are doing.
I hope RIM weathers this storm, because I think the Bold 9900 is one of the best looking devices out there. I just think the software fails in so many ways that it just makes it a device that I cant have. I have Verizon and had always longed for the original Bold, but instead I had to live with the Torch(lame).
So sadly I must say, I have given my wife the PlayBook, because it has just become(even with 2.0) a device that just plain sucks........

Uhhh... i dont know what PlayBook you were using, but mine is quite snappy and silky smooth.
I feel you made that bit up, because as much as I love the iPad, this is clearly a step in the right direction at least

Ohh Chuck. You gave your wife your cast off? I'm not a therapist like Georgia but did you ever consider what kind of message you are sending your wife.
Fortunatly for you and your ill-concieved plan, you gave her the better device. Women appreciate multitasking much more than men. In the end, she will probably appreciate both the PlayBook and your noble gesture.

While I appreciate the fan base you are going after with this video you seem to have limited experience with an iPad or iOS. If there was an alert to an email I could swipe from the top to look at the email header and decide if I want to look at it or not. The multitouch gestures in iOS while different than the single finger work perfectly and incredibly well.
Other than one commenter mentioning projecting a video at the same time as typing on the PlayBook I have never had an instance where pausing a video while I am not looking at it was a concern. As a matter of fact I would suggest I prefer it doesn't take my resources for no reason and I have no interest in scrolling backwards to see what I am missed. You can also have the video play while you have the multitasking tray open in iOS. Again, before you do a comparison perhaps you either want to spend time with an iPad more than you did. Or, have an actual iPad user do his thing while you do yours. I can virtually guarantee there would be no difference in efficiency with multi tasking and gestures. But, I suppose that is the point. To try to disprove something about the iPad to make the also ran discount shelf piece seem in anyway competitive.

There is only one thing the Playbook does better than the iPad.....that red blinking light ! Yep, RIM has got that down pat.
Yeah, that wouldn't annoy me.

I'll take my playbook's full Internet and true multitasking over 2000 cart apps anyway :p FLASH ftw

So this guy that doesn't know how to use an iPad is comparing it to a device he uses on a daily basis?
Twisting his arm around to get 4 fingers to touch the screen? Is he disabled? Pulled a muscle? Just set them on the screen and flick, it's not rocket science! lol

It's. Certainly not rocket science but FOUR fingers????? Lol if I have a coffee in 1 hand and my playbook in the other.. I can use my chin/nose.. Any skin like material to do what would require me to put down my coffee and get 4 fingers out to do the same action on the ipad? Interesting.. ;p

most pple go for ipad bcos is expensive, just to feel they cant afford it. writing crap here about playbook or ipad. they all hv there advantage over each other

IMO no comparision....I have a Sprint Bold 9930 and love it, but tablets? Really? Ipad2 KILLS the Playbook! And now with apple coming out with an iPad 3 and a 7.5" it's gonna be a long year up in Waterloo

First of all why do people have to become so emotional about a tablet is it really that difficult to admit that one might might do one thing better then the other,and vise versa. Grow Up guys... These tablets are not a part of you..

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