Apple iPad event set for March 7, 10am PT

Apple iPad event set for March 7, 10am PT

Apple has sent out press invitations for their iPad 3 unveiling, set of March 7 at 10am PT. The invitation reads:

We have something you really have to see. And touch.

The image shows a finger lingering over the iPad dock, and as with the iPhone 4S invitation, the icons are cleverly used to provide information: San Francisco on Maps, March 7 on Calendar, and Keynote. (They couldn't include the Clock icon showing the time since iPad doesn't have a built-in Clock app like iPhone does.)

There's no Home button visible, but the simplest explanation for that is the iPad is being held in landscape orientation. Also, the icons are all rendered very crisply, almost Retina-esque...

The iPad 3 event (if that's the device name Apple is going with) will take place at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. Along with the widely expected Retina display, the iPad 3 is also rumored to be getting a better, perhaps quad-core processor, and 4G LTE networking.

iMore reported the March 7 event date back on February 13.

Source: The Loop

Rene Ritchie

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iMatt says:

I get the see (retina) reference but i find the "And touch" reference rather odd. What am I missing ?

Mom says:

Hopefully iMore will have some hard-hitting rumors this week about the "touch" part of it!!!!!

iMatt says:

hmm...the fact that it's a new sentence, means it's something else, other than retina...can't be the new music roumers because that would be "hear", so what is it ? any ideas Rene ?

iMatt says:

Got it...I think, it means that the date it will be in the users hands will be crazier than ever...the next day or 2-3 days ? The 12th (which is the next Monday) ? They can then use that to highlight how other companies still use vapourware or have massive lead times. Maybe they want to make a big deal out of this ?

Mom says:

Hmmm... or maybe they mean you will TOUCH yourself when you SEE the new iPad 3?
It would probably be true for most people.

ronmcse says:

Maybe no home button to press, just touch!

speedracer99 says:

Sources say it is a touch screen television....

m_jameson1 says:

Is it me, or does there appear to be no home button in this image?

CamrioKid says:

It's in landscape orientation.

InfinityX says:

Those dock icons seem a little close together to be in landscape....
Er, as I type this post I remember that iPads have 6 icons in their home screen dock, correct? I don't use an iPad that often, I'm too used to my iPhone >.<

siddo_d says:

I think 'see' mean's either a new design or retina like you said and sometime you have to 'touch' could mean great new features

alexhasfun says:

the touch part must mean, "touch the retina display" to actually see and feel what it looks like on hand. And for the image being crisp, all other iPad display images are crisp.

Eskemo30 says:

What if touch meant that they were going to start selling them the same day? I know it might sound outrageous at first but its apple...expect the unexpected.

jessedholm says:

that would be beyond awesome! I sold my ipad 1 and I am desperate!

Zweimeter says:

OK, think about it, they show the retina display and lack of home button in the invitation, which makes me curious if there isn't something of more importance to be revealed. And I guess they hint at it in the invitation too: "We have something you really have to see [retina display] AND TOUCH".
Anybody remembering the Senseg "TACTILE PIXEL" technology?
Or much more interesting, TeslaTouch, a technology similar to Senseg's, but developed by DISNEY (yes the Disney where Steve Jobs was a member of the board of directors!!!)
Well, if you ask me, we get to feel what we are touching on the iPad.
And in combination with the new AppleTV, which is for sure going to be revealed there too, you have the perfect gaming controller (and mic for Siri control) because you could feel the buttons displayed on the iPad.
Going to be awesome!

Eduardo Malheiros says:

Wow! Like many I thought that the "touch" part intended only to complete the sentence with more impact. After seeing these videos, however, I really think it is quite possible. Apple is not usually crazy about some new and untested technologies, but in this case I see something that they really might be interested in being the first to have, especially after Steve's death and the need to present something great again. It also goes really well with the better (to not say "retina") display, which is great but not necessarily a killer feature for some.

Lucky0002000 says:

I bet theres no more home button and the Home button turns into an icon,meaning theres no more buttons to press.

cardfan says:

Sounds like focus on the retina display.

sting7k says:

Another victory for iMore! How many correct predictions is that now on the date?

Mom says:

LOL... you mean, how many stolen correct predictions?

iMatt says:

you'll have to wait for the iPhone 5 for that !

Justin says:

My guess is that they just have it in landscape orientation. Trust me, there'll be a button.

john says:,cf.osb&biw=1280&bih=921&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wl
chick this out man you are wrong.

dantzig says:

Based on the bubbles in the background image and the swoopy shading on the dock, it is almost certainly in portrait mode with five icons in the dock, showing the three right-most icons. The home button (or camera if upside down) should be on the bezel below the Maps icon, but it is not. It is either a misleading photoshop, or there is no longer the traditional home button.

jessedholm says:

i am with you...i doubt they'd lose the home button. they just screwing with our minds with that invite.

grape8pe#AC says:

Maybe they're releasing a new iPod touch?

iMatt says:

yeah i wondered that at first, but is it a big enough deal ? I suppose considering they have moved the iPhone to the October release the iPod touch could move slot ?

tqmcguire says:

That looks odd. Like the picture is perfectly taken to not include the Home button or there IS no Home button. I've never bought into the "no Home button" rumors but with the "And touch." who knows?

Daniel Pinho says:

I'm betting on a touch-enabled bevel on the next-gen iPad.

Carioca32 says:

Good call on the date Rene.
Is 240 dpi still retina? Or are we using "Retina" as a brand now?

Rene Ritchie says:

Retina is a function of distance, so the further you hold something away, the lower the pixel density has to be to qualify as "retina". Apple does seem to be using it as a marketing term, rather than technical term.
9.7-inch screens probably get held further away than 3.5-inch screens, so 240 might be okay.

cardfan says:

Should be 264ppi. Not 240

Crunch says:

Well, Steve Jobs did define it at the iPhone 4 introduction in 2010 as "anything above 300dpi, because at that rate, the human eye cannot tell the difference between 300ppi and even higher pixel densities."
Retina is merely a marketing term, however. You can't go into a non-Apple store (those are still around if you look closely) and ask "...well, that's an insanely beautiful display, but is it Retina?" You'll either be laughed out of the store or taken in the back for a good beating."

Ryan says:

Except you took his comment out of context. He said at a certain distance, about 12" or so (average distance holding a phone from your face), 300ppi applies. Move further away, the ppi can decrease and can still be considered retina.

Dev says:

As Rene points out, Retina Display is just a marketing term. Apple has adopted it as a shorthand for pixels-so-dense-most-eyes-can't-tell-the-difference, but it has no real technical meaning. Opthamologists dispute what that point would be, or if the iPhone even qualifies. I am sure people will argue over the "Retina" quality of the iPad 3, too. But that all misses the point, two of them, really:
1) "Retina Display" is a catchy -- and trademarkable -- way to say reallyreallydensepixels
2) Whether or not you can distinguish the pixels at your average holding distance, it is a damn nice screen.

Jerry says:

Finally, Porn in high resolution on the iPad3!! (the touch part)...

Adem says:

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JAG_P3 says:

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Janine says:

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losingtherecipes says:

don't tease me bro.... on a side note I just got the iphone 4s, and it's a lovely little device

pivale says:

I bet the "touch" is referring to the ipad3 and the "see" is about the atv3

Justin says:

I was thinking the exact same thing.

Redshirt says:

So much for the New York rumor then?

Crunch says:

If there IS a "price boost" of $80 and it's only $70 more to get a 4G LTE iPad 3, I'm going to get one.

49ers Fan! says:

Ando Touch... I'm guessing cuz the ipad3 might have a capacitive touch home button!

Cody Hahn says:

Touch could be a big update to the ipod moving to the Ipad update timeframe and not the Iphone timeframe?

Sancho90 says:

Holy Christ...
Okay, now I'm excited!

Jonesy27 says:

Oh well i'm off to eBay to sell my iPad 2:-)

Sean says:

You are about 3 weeks too late.. lol

Yasmin says:

I have been using the mini version of this for a week now, it's ptenamrnely attached to my iPhone and is ideal for cold weather and thick gloves. Have also ordered the standard size above for regular use.It's the best stylus so far I have used. Doesn't need a heavy touch like the Griffin stylus, so therefore it feels more natural.

Sir_Daws says:

"Really have to See" = Apple TV, "And Touch." = iPad 3. Said there'd be two product launches. #MyPrediction

dloveprod says:

I hope they start selling it on the 9th.

mech1164 says:

You know, nuthin like taking the wind out of MWC. With Apple it's all about the the timing.

Anony Mouse says:

I think the see part means they will be showing off the retina display of the iPad 3, and the 'touch' part means that they will have them available for sale immediately in stores so you can touch one.

jlb21 says:

Or they may be laughing out loud at RIM and saying to the event attendees....see you can touch and hold the device. You don't have to gawk at it in a clear display case without being able to hold it in your hands..... :)

Doug says:

Touch = fingerprint reader for security? Or haptic feedback like on the Samsung Galaxy Tabs?

iJooh says:

Estamos aqui do brasil aguardando o lançamento desse novo produto que novamente deve revolucionar a Maça.

Ichorus says:

That's not an iPad, that's the new 50 inch Apple TV ;-)

Ryan says:

Holy cow, that's person's hand is humongous!!! An iPad prObably looks like an iPhone in his hand then! ;)

whsbuss says:

Wait - isn't March 7th on a Tuesday??? The image shows Wednesday 7th

Ryan says:

Noe, it's a leap year, so the 29th will be Wednesday, the 7th a week after that.

Jonathan says:

Not only that, but there seems to be NO home button, which explains the mention of the "And touch." in their invitation. How can we know? First, the photo they are showing is on portrait mode. You can't achieve that icon spacing in the landscape mode (which is the only explanation for the lack of home button).
Moreover, the icon falls right onto the same water drop that the current iPad 2 falls while in portrait mode. The same happens with the reflection on the dock. And, on top of that, it's impossible to get the same icon spacing in landscape mode. Clearly, Apple's invitation is showing a photo of the iPad in portrait mode. And there's no button to be seen.

Tre says:

5 inch iTouch, yeah i said it!

MJ says:

pressure sensitivity?

Sooks says:

Retina Display for sure, and touch bezel, the new gestures will be used to control the device.

Tre says:

The hand looks shopped based on the bright light reflection underneath, but if it isn't, the size of the finger with relation to the calendar icon implies the iPad has doubled in size...

Dark_Blu says:

Maybe they'll also release the iTV or the iTele, just so no Chinese company can claim they stole the name and sue? :-D

Clairre says:

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Joe says:

Obviously the iPad 3 will include a higher-res display, but the reference to touch either indicates a haptic display or more likely, an improved oleophobic display. Also, the image has no home button, which could be a clue, or simply a picture of the iPad 3 in landscape orientation. The presence of Keynote could be a subtle clue to abandon rumors of Microsoft Office app being launched at the event.

Blue says:

The touch means all capacitive buttons on the front panel!

Dark_Blu says:

If Microsoft did release Office on the iPad 3, that would just about crush every Android Tablet out there, only leaving Windows 8 on Arm to run Office. Even without Office for iPad, the Crushing blow comes in a week. :-D

Maran says:

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Juan carlos says:

Is any way we can see this show online on Wednesday ?

Mr. R says:

Retina Display, no home button...and has anybody noticed the nice rounded edges on the iPad....if that really IS the iPad.

ryoung says:

The device isn't "upside down" unless they moved the front facing camera...
Also, the bezel is bigger looking... unless that person is a midget. And the edge is black, not silver... Could this device be all black/white and no more brushed metal? YAY!

EBR says:

Look at the height of the bezel. It looks to be in portrate mode, so no home button, me thinks.

Mr C says:

The other thing I notice (from the comparison between this pic and the one from the ipad last year), is that above the bezel, underneath the dock icons, there is a thin white line that runs along. I wonder what that is about. Doesn't look like much, it's just definitely not on the current iPad.

Mr C says:

*comparison pic on Gizmodo i meant to say

Camilo says:

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Lotus says:

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Enzo83 says:

Why would they include the word 'really'? This just HAS to be some kind of big deal if they use that word. Everyone is pointing out see and touch. Obviously those words stand out. But why do we really have to see? Is it really that major? We will have to wait and see, but really is the word that stands out the most to me. There's got to be something bigger than a no home screen button--it's cool not to have, but we knew about that already. They know we already REALLY want to see their future products, so to add really in the mix, really makes it that much more interesting. ;-) Really.

Luis says:

Finally! As if we haven't been waiting for it. We've got to see the new Apple TV, and touch the new iPad 3!!!

Juan carlos says:

Apple tv units sold out everywhere .

Juan carlos says:

Apple tv slogan "now there's always Something good on tv " maybe now will be " We have something you really have to see " apple tv.

Juan carlos says:

Can somebody tell pls where can I see the keynote online that day pls answer me pls

Nenad Nenad says:

I am an iOS developer and I use to work with iOS 5.1 beta. There was no HOME button in iOS 5.1 iPad simulator.

theseblues says:

I can't believe all the craziness this little photo and two short sentences has wrought on the citizens of Appleworld. I'm excited too, but geez, calm down a little will ya? ;) Anyway, I think most of you are reading way too deep into the meaning of the sentence 'And touch.' You know what I think? I think the iPad 3 will go sale the same day as this event. Think about it. No massive pre-ordering madness that leads to the usual stock depletions. It'll be a first come, first serve, very last-minute announcement by Apple. I bet my life that the iPad 3 goes on sale March 7th. Have your cash ready.

Gera says:

I think the see part is because the retina display and the touch part is because it doesn't have a home button

Auth says:

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Mohammud says:

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genzero says:

I think the iPad 3 will be released with 4G+WiFi flavors while an iPad 2S will be released in WiFi only. Siri will only be on the iPad 3 models since it requires a network connection.

mark says:

see=new apple tv(actual not little box) and touch=new ipad that integrates as a huge remote/airplay device DUH! not rocket science! lol