iPad 3 will have 4G LTE networking

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The same source that originally told iMore Apple would be holding their iPad 3 event on March 7 has now let us know that the announcement will include 4G LTE networking. We'd heard previously that 4G LTE would be coming to iOS in 2012, but not whether it would make the cut for iPad 3, or whether Apple would save it for iPhone 5 in October.

Sounds like LTE is good to go, though it remains to be seen how Apple will handle the many different 4G bands being used internationally. The Wall Street Journal previously reported that AT&T and Verizon would be getting LTE-equipped iPads, but had no word on carriers outside the U.S.

Verizon has the most to gain from an LTE iPad. Right now, Verizon is stuck carrying an iPad 2 that gets up to 3mbps on EVDO Rev. A, well below the theoretical 14.4mbps offered on AT&T's HSPA network. Given how far ahead Verizon is with LTE, that has to sting, as has to be something they want Apple to address.

Despite recent uncertainty about the process, iMore is also still hearing that the iPad 3 will ship with a quad-core processor. We'll find out one way or another on Wednesday.

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iPad 3 will have 4G LTE networking


This probably has been talked about a thousand times, but I use AT&T so I never pay attention, but does Verizon throttle 4G LTE?

I don't think anyone throttles anymore as long as the plan is not "unlimited". T-Mobile throttles their unlimited plans and if you're grandfathered into the unlimited AT&T plan, we learned recently that you will drop down to the EDGE network (or at least to speeds comparable to that network) after hitting a 3 GB/mo ceiling. To my knowledge, any plan in which you are buying a specific amount of data (such as the 2 GB/mo AT&T plan) does not throttle you, but will charge you for going over the amount you have purchased.

Verizon does not throttle LTE at all. They very specifically explain this on their network optimization details webpage. Even if you have unlimited data, Verizon does not throttle LTE.

Noooooo! Say it ain't so, Apple!
I would rather they throw in more everyday performance hardware like RAM, or, for sure, a quad core CPU, instead of a radio for a network that doesn't exactly expand most of the country.

I guess so... Don't mind me. I'm sure ill agree once I move out of my current neglected city into a place that actually has LTE support. Lol.

Hopefully with a unified device we can choose between Verizon and AT&T service and even be able to switch month to month.

Or put your iPad LTE on a VZW or AT&T network when shared data plans hit. There won't be any carrier lock in because iPads don't come with subsidies.

Linkbait 101 folks, now let the links roll in... here's how it works:
Slow news day? Better hit up our "source" and confirm an already widely confirmed rumor! Every other website will now link to iLinkbaitMore because there is quite literally nothing going on in tech news from now until Wednesday while the world waits for iPad 3.

Sorry JS, I've been coming to iMore (tipb) for years, and they don't participate in link baiting. They have a real source. I would bet on it.

I'm getting one for AT&T. I already use them and there's early signs of shared data coming.
I'd pay $10/month just like they do with voice to share a data plan. neither my wife no myself use enough data each month to make the second plan really be worth it and especially not for a third plan

Aren't you Canadian Rene? Anyway, Verizon's (and Sprint's) EVDO Rev. A networks suck and get far less than 3 Mbps. AT&T's HSPA+ sucks too to be honest. They need to make an international version of the iPad 3 with 42 Mbps HSPA+. That's what people should really want.

could it be that all iPads will now offer 3g connectivity in addition to wifi and the LTE model will cost extra? This would make sense given the issues noted earlier about siri needing a persistent data connection.

Well I REALLY want LTE on the iPad 3 and also the ability to pass my unlimited plan from the original iPad tothe new iPad 3. 2 days left to see. Also I expect the LTE version to be ship later than the wifi version...

If true this is really bad news for AT&T, as their LTE is only available in a hand full of markets compared to Verizon LTE network footprint.

Mar13LaToya M. Davidson I hope that it lives up to the hype. There are a few things that are mssiing that I'm disappointed about but considering I presently have the original iPad (16GB, Wi-Fi & 3G) it'll be a big step forward (although I'm only getting the 16GB Wi-Fi version). Sadly I won't get mine for 2-3 weeks as I'm in the second ordering group. It's all good. I still love my 1st gen.

Apple is thinking about the future. LTE iPads will work for years on a network that is just now being built out. With iPads reselling with ease, the iPad 3 will be around for a long time.

I'm kinda glad, they cant afford to wait another product cycle to get on the lte bandwagon. I wasnt expecting LTE to be included--plan was to get the wifi only version. If this rumor is right I will be shelling out 130 bucks or so more than expected in the next week to ten days!

Well, the first sign that Steve Jobs is gone. :( He wouldn't have supported having LTE on the iPad for another few years.

It didn't take a few years for them to jump onto the "3G" bandwagon after the first iPhone was released. If I recall correctly, 3G back then was about as common as LTE is now on Verizon --- and LTE may even be further ahead.

Now all my area needs is 4g. I don't live in a metro area. Verizon has 4g in Tallahassee,but that's about 100 miles from where I live. maybe soon.

The problem with. LTE and ANY plan is the speed at which you will blow through your data allocation. Once that happens you will be forced to pay pay pay. This really works in favor of the wireless carriers. Unless you have a "unlimited plan" you will pay pay pay. Being throttled beats paying more especially if you will use LTE. Will you even notice? Maybe not.

For some reason I don't think the iPad 3 will have LTE. They were were never working on it in the first place after the iPhone 4S release. It's a definate yes for the iPhone 5 caring gorilla glass 2 and a qualcomm gobi 5 series chip... But later this year only... as a buisness strategy... LTE doesn't sound so true to me right now. Most countries don't need it yet.

Ok so I am thinking about removing my site from Tumbler and get it to a WordPress site. I believe this is a wordpress website right? If it is, may I ask where you got the theme? Thanks a bunch!

I wish you had published this about a month ago, I had tons of problems with stability after updating to 5. Personally I found downgrading to iOS 4.3.5 to be the only reliable solution, it's stable and also a lot faster. I think iOS 5 is to iPad a lot like iOS 4 was to iPhone 3G; slow, crash prone, memory hog. It doesn't feel like a finished product. Not sure if anyone can still downgrade to 4.3.5, but if so I would add that to the list of things to do.