Next iPad rumored to be called iPad HD

Next iPad rumored to be called iPad HD

The next generation iPad may not be called iPad 3 but iPad HD instead. Gizmodo ran the rumor a few days ago, basing their report on product names from accessory makers. Now both VentureBeat and CNET claim their sources have told them iPad HD will be the official name.

We're already expecting a higher resolution screen and the HD suffix would no doubt be more marketable to the general public than either the number 3 or the term Retina. The question remains as to whether Apple will once again switch up their naming scheme to center around a single feature, as they did with the iPhone 3S.

Considering Apple is rumored to be doubling the resolution of the current iPad 2, to 2042x1536 it may make sense for them to market the heck out of an arguably retina display capable iPad. The general public understands what HD is and what it means, and it would highlight that the iPad will likely be the first tablet available to natively support 1080p at its full resolution. (Other 1080p+ tablets have been announced, but haven't yet shipped and likely won't ship before the next iPad hits store shelves.)

iMore hasn't heard anything about the name of the next iPad, be it iPad 3 or iPad HD. If Apple does go with iPad HD, however, what would the 4th generation iPad be called? iPad HD 2? iPad HDS? iPad 3?

The iPhone, as mentioned, went from iPhone to iPhone 3G to iPhone 3GS to iPhone 4 to the current iPhone 4S, and is following a pattern of "tick tock" releases -- major design changes followed by mostly internal updates. iPad went from iPad to iPad 2, so it's a bit early to look for patterns.

We'll find out Wednesday.

Source: Gizmodo, VentureBeat, CNET

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Next iPad rumored to be called iPad HD


Using HD makes sense if Apple plans to sell a low def concurrently. The price of the HD will force too many customers into the arms of Android tablets. Apple needs a law price low iPad so schools and students can make it ubiquitous in the education market.

Honestly, what difference does it make what they call. It looks like the feature set & capability of this next iPad will be awesome. I cannot wait.

Of course they would name a product after a feature. They've already done it. iPhone 3G ring a bell?

Actually the resolution isn't doubled it is quadrupled... Double pixel density on both axis > 4 times as many pixels.

The term pixel doubling means 1:4. Sounds strange, I know, but it's shorthand for doubling in both directions (horizontal and vertical)

I agree... but in the article its written "doubling the resolution" not pixel doubling. anyways, details i guess.

The ipad is already HD (which is usually 720p, 1080i, or 1080p). To call the new one that basically implies the ipad 2 isn't. Besides, the ipad 3 will be beyond what the usual HD resolutions are. To simply call it HD sells it short.

Yes and the new iPhone will be called iPhone LTE. Not iPhone 5th as sequentially it would be the 6th iPhone. Apple is very secretive though they are predictive when you look at their previous rollouts.

Well, the next iPhone (by generation) will be the 6th version buy by all means though, Apple could call it iPhone 5 because 5 comes after 4 :)
Although, with the two last "improvement" models (3GS, 4S) it has caused the generation number to not line up with the model number. With iPhone 4, they got lucky.

I saw it, but that was a long time ago when it came out. I'm not planning to watch it again. But yea, Chad was all talk and little bite. He was great in 2006, but his ego got the best of him. I'll take A.J. Green over Ocho any day!

I need to buy the new iPad for hubbys b-day at the end of March. What are my chances of getting it by that time?

Nobody has mentioned the thousands of developers who have apps in the iTunes store with "HD" in the Title.
This differentiates them from the versions of the app which only run on the iPhone. Talk about confusion!

Nonsense, it will be iPad 3.
Apple has people throwing this stuff around just to keep the pre-announcement hoopla going. Without Steve Jobs those antics start to appear old and are starting to debase their image.

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