Apple reportedly asked for $5 - $15 per device to settle Android patent dispute

Apple reportedly asked for $5 - $15 per device to settle Android patent dispute

Rumor has it that Apple had offered a settlement with an unnamed smartphone manufacturer to license patents for $5 - $15 per device (which worked out to 1% - 2.5% of the total device price). Apple is making ground in its ongoing patent battle with Motorola, but apparently head-to-head litigation isn't the only route they're willing to take.

This goes pretty distinctly against Steve Jobs' desire to crush competitors that are trying to copy Apple's work.  With new leadership in the house, however, maybe that draconian approach has subsided. Some sources had clarified that Apple still isn't going to be licensing out to all of the competitors, nor are they trying to get into the royalty business - Apple's making plenty of money as is, after all. They did settle with Nokia, however, and have discussed deals with others.

Should Apple play nice and license their patents? Maybe it would cut down on other manufacturers suing them if there was an amount of mutual goodwill, but unless they're cornered and out of options, Apple tends to go at things on their own - competition be damned. Any guesses as to who Apple might be willing to offer licensing deals to? Would any of the big Android manufacturers like Samsung, Motorola or HTC be off the table?

Source: Dow Jones

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Apple reportedly asked for $5 - $15 per device to settle Android patent dispute


Steve wanted to use all of Apple's money to crush android....I think Tim Cook is gonna try to use the take-their-money approach instead...better business, and much more destructive...without money, companies fold...if Apple can get, say, 10 bucks per the 5 MS gets....that's a good percentage of the earnings of most android phones...I'm not sure the manufacturers are gonna want to keep playing with it if it's gonna be that expensive.

No. Absolutely not. Just as Steve Jobs though.... it's not about the money, it's about the fact that you took Apple's idea and called it your own, then claimed it's unfair for Apple to monopolize THEIR idea.

The ignorance of some people. You do realize that Android was in development 2 years before iOS development started? Get real, nothing was stolen. Unlike Apple's Xerox deal, Nokia, stealing notification slide down from android, pushing...... Apple are the thieves. Steve Jobs admitted it himself. Apple and their followers=Hypocrites.

Before spewing Android propaganda, check your facts. The Android "development" before iOS was in a form to mimic Blackberry. Android "development" then turned around to mimic iOS. Their "development" was nothing more than an attempt to copy the leading platform. Android has never been anything more than a second rate copy. Their only success has been to flood the market with cheap phones built on Apple's R&D.

Oh look... More revisionist history. Steve must be soooo proud the sheeple are devoted to his grave.
That second rate copy by the way. Is the market leader. Apple will never be that. It's only a matter of time before history repeats itself just like with the inferior Mac.
Here's hoping Cupertino keeps that cash handy. Oh & as will eventually happen the liberals in gov't will get around to lap dogging Apple for obscene profit taking like the investment banks. Oh & shipping jobs overseas. It's going to be fun to watch.

"Should Apple play nice and license their patents?" So it's playing nice when Apple does it, but when Motorola asked for the SAME EXACT THING it's essentially blasphemy? Talk about bias...

I love how all the iSheep are debating the look of android rather than debating the only post with actual truth in it. ^^^^^^this one.

I care because i'm a customer of both? good god, do you just spend your money without thinking about it? Fact is, Apple is a bunch of thieves that deceive their customers on a daily basis. Closed down, and full of cronies. I'd rather have a mostly honest company with an open platform and transparency.