How is your new iPad pre-ordering going?

Pre-orders for the new iPad not going smoothly for most

In the tradition and spirit of any new product launch, pre-orders are failing spectacularly for most. The pre-order page went up shortly after Apple's iPad event and many users haven't been able to get past the first few pages before a time out occurred or the Apple Store app crashed.

After 90 painstaking minutes of hitting refresh and several time outs, I was able to finally get a new iPad into my cart. About 10 tries to get to the checkout later, I finally had a processed order. Some users still don't appear to be having any luck.

Did you get your pre-order through, are you still trying, or have you given up? Hit the link below and let us know your pre-order status. And while you wait, check out the rest of our iPad event coverage while you relentlessly hit refresh and wait for your order to finally go through.

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Reader comments

How is your new iPad pre-ordering going?


i'm afraid of getting screwed with the pre order. So many people have preordered in the past and not had one on the day of the launch!

Keep in mind, so many people also received theirs early. I thought it would be fun to buy my iPhone 4 on the day of launch at an Apple Store. What was I thinking, right?! Yeah, well... Days before the iPhone 4 release date, people who opted to have theirs shipped were already receiving them.
So... the moral of the story is, one never knows.

I don't see the huge fuss over a refreshed iPad 2. You Apple fanboys/girls are wasting your time and money over nothing. Alteast be smart and wait till after this pointless rush is over then preorder. You iSheeps never think when it comes to a new Apple product do you. How sad...

You obviously have never seen a 3G or 3GS next to a 4 or 4S. The retina screen alone is worth the upgrade.
Or, you are just a troll...

Piss off fandroids boy, and go wait on ur cheap iPad clown aka galaxy note 10.1 with ur stylus. So 1996 hahaha. Why u in here? This is an I site, ur not welcome.

Trying to order and im in the UK, the iPhone app crashed twice on ordering and now all i get is the "we'll be back soon" note.
tempeted to do my pre-order through the US site.....

I tried buying online, but the page kept crashing. So, I tried calling Apple to place my order. They're so busy, I didn't even get put on hold. I was simply told they were unable to take my call and thanked for calling. So, I went back to the website. It took ages, but I THINK my order went through. I even got an order number. The final page said I'd receive a confirmation email, but none has arrived.
3rd gen iPad orders must be through the roof.

Awe yeah! Apple email confirmation received.
To anyone going through the ordering process... Go slow. Be patient. Best of luck,

Traffic usually cools off on the Apple Store app first so I always use that for announcement-day pre-orders. I almost always get mine in through the app while everyone else is still struggling with the website.

Mine went through after and hour and 30 minutes of hitting F5. I had no luck from my PC, I then used my iPad2 and it went through smooth (thank goodness)!! Now the LOOOOOONG wait till the 16th!!

I was able to get my order in after a similarly painful process. Got my confirm email after another 15-20 mins.

Got one about 12:30 PST after about a half hour of hitting refresh. Said delivery on March 16th ... can't wait!!!

I got one, but it took a lot of work. I was hitting it on my computer and iPhone. A couple times I got really close to finalizing the order on my phone while the site on my computer still said the store was down.
I eventually pulled it off on my computer, but I went through the checkout screens a few times before it finally worked.
I ended up with the model I wanted (black 64GB 4G AT&T) and I have my confirmation email.

After a couple fails and about an hour or so I finally got my order in. Now the question is, will I get it on the 16th like it says on my order acknowledgement e-mail! Hmmmmm....

It took me almost two hours to order mine. When the conference was over at 230pm I immediately went to pre order the iPad. After refreshing a 1,000,000 times n checking out a 1,000 times I finally got my iPad ordered at 404pm good luck to everyone trying to get one!!

I got mine, only took about an hour. This was much smoother for me than when I order then 4s. This will be my first iPad, and I just can't wait for its arrival.

Just ordered my black wifi 32gb
Took about 25 min. Not too bad, considering it would have taken me a whole day on line at the apple store!

I've been trying to order since 6am this morning (I'm in Oz). Just managed to get through everything and place my order - it's 9:55am. Woo hoo!

Finally i did it After 3 hours trying now it worths the time! :D
Believe it or not, by the time i got to my cart, the quantity recorded was "19" iPads! (on my google chrome) and 6 iPads on my safari! O.o i was like WTF?!?!
I guess when there is an error occurred, the website does record the choices made bt the customers!
FIUUUUH so glad i made it! :D
ordered - iPad white 32gb + AppleCare :) cant wait for this!! :D

wow I had no problems, I saw a headline saying the store was taking pre-orders so I went and quickly ordered mine no problems at all
I got the confirmation email but now I'm wondering if it really went through

It seems that no matter how well Apple is prepared for the onslaught, they will never have enough processing power and bandwidth to handle all of us who try to order the instant that a new iPad or iPhone becomes available for pre-order.
I started trying to order when the Apple site went live at 12:45PM mtn time, and it took an hour and 10 minutes to get the order completed. Most often it would fail after I entered my Apple ID and password, and would make me start over.
I had to complete my order on my iPad 2 via Safari, since I couldn't sit around home all day hitting refresh on my Macbook Pro. The Apple Store App on my iPhone was crashing too much as well, so I had to go to Apple's website in the iPad browser.

Took a little while to get to the ordering page, but once I was there it went quickly and I received the confirmation email immediately. Very excited since I have an iPad 1 - which will be shipped off on the 16th.

I called, it took two tries but I got through. Jenny hooked me up, and they system was as slow for them as it likely was for everyone else.
Delivery date 16 Mar 12. I'm going to get a lawn chair and camp the FedEx truck in my front yard.

Got mine a few hours ago. Being at school, I had an exceptionally hard time trying to even get a strong internet connection. I tried with the Apple Store app on my iPhone for about an hour over AT&T, then again on a friends Verizon 4G hotspot. No go. I finally switched to a school computer and managed to bag a 16GB WiFi iPad in white. Looking forward to next week Wednesday!

Ordered around 3:30 EST with no problems. Received my confirmation about 20 mins later. 32 GB WiFi. I couldn't decide between the 32 and 64 GB model. I made a quick decision in order to get my order though. Figured I could think about until March 16. I may be returning for a 64 GB model. :)

Ordered at about 6:45pm EST. No problems and everything was smooth. Attempted to order earlier today around 4pm and things were incredibly bogged down so I waited a bit. Says it will be delivered on March 16th! Looking forward to it.

This is the first time I went nuts on the day of announcement. I have been waiting for this one to arrive..... Waited till a little later in the day (5pm) I ordere the 32gb Black Wifi........I also found someone on Craigslist with the Navy Blue Leather cover for $40 new.....My first Ipad ever...very psyched! Also, ordering online I feel is the way to go....No lines..

I got mine after 2 HOURS of getting to the engraving page, before crashing, But after that ordeal I GOT MINE!
4g of course.

Placed my order about 45 mins (5:30pm Central) ago but haven't received my confirmation email yet. Anyone else wait this long?

Gave up on ordering through the website, used the Apple Store App on my phone, and it went right through. However, in one of my earlier attempts on the website, apparently the order went through but I never received a confirmation page - because right now I have two on order! Doh. Can't cancel the duplicate yet either because they haven't started processing the orders.

After an hour n a Half at about 330 I was able to order my new iPad! My boyfriend refreshed the page every 5 seconds! I was shocked that we got through I kept telling him to hurry before the site crashed lol I received a confirmation email about 20 min later! I am excited to receive my iPad march 16!! :)

Took me about 2 hrs to get. Got the confirmation email about an hr later. I sure hope they sell out so I can make a profit on the extra one I bought.

Just managed it after about an hour of timeouts etc using my imac, ordered a white 32gb wi-fi model and a smart cover. I had a white ipad 2 and well prefer it to the black one. I sold my ipad 2 and its smart cover expecting a new cover for the new ipad but no so now I have to buy another one grrr!!!
Not got confirmation email yet. Of course the real test will be when the 16th finally arrives and its in my hands!!! Seems a bit too good to be true that I actually managed to get a preorder in so as the saying goes I'll believe it when I see it!!! Good luck everybody

Aaaaarrrgh! After trying repeatedly to get my ipad preordered on the UK store, without any success at all, error message galore, I checked my bank and they have taken the money, but no order!!!! and now there is not enough in my bank to place the order again!!!!!

Exactly the same with me and now I'm massively worried! They've taken 600 quid out and haven't got any email at all!

I didn't... but I probably should have.
Getting it engraved hadn't even occurred to me until I got to that page on in the purchase process. I didn't get it engraved because I will sell it in a year or two when I upgrade. But, what I should have done was have it engraved with something simple but unique as an extra security measure.

It said that it went through but several hours later no confirmation email... :/ I hope that doesn't mean i'm no longer getting one.

Check you bank account if you are worried about your order going through. It took me about twenty minutes to order the new ipad - and it took apple about 30 seconds to take money from my bank account.

I never got an E-mail but you are right, I see a $763 transaction on my account authorized to Apple (Got a 32 4G AT&T, white), and i got an order number on the confirmation page. so I guess there is a huge possibility my order went through.

After trying for probably 3 hours total - and one (I thought) failed attempt to process my order froze and crashed...I have now rec'd confirmation emails for 2 separate orders. I am half afraid to cancel one - in case it jinxes the other one. I may ask if anyone wants to buy the extra from me at work tomorrow. Happy to have gotten one. I was on a mission, for sure.

placed my order around 7 and still no email :(
dont know if i should be worried... i mean i did get an order number so lets hope for the best.
first ipad ever!!! beyond excited!!!

I went straight to the Apple Store app on my iPhone and ordered it right up. No worries. Delivery on the 16th.

I watched the live blog and tried to order it immediately after the press conference, but the store wasn't up. So I waited and finally the store was up (kept checking every 5 minutes). Then that's were it got annoying. The site kept crashing. After an hour of trying, it finally went through all the way with a confirmation.
Now here's the funny thing. I check the site now and its zipping along with no problems. I can easily add one to my cart and checkout if I wish and it still has the delivery date of March 16. It looks like Apple stocked up very well for the launch. I could have avoided the hassle if I knew the ordering process would be this easy at this time of day. You live and you learn.

Just ordered an iPad 3, black, basic model with the engraving:
Joseph's very first iPad ever.
March 7, 2012

Tried ordering mine around 2 with no luck. The site kept crashing! I got close a couple of times and then i got to the engraving.... I decide hey wth sounds like a good idea plus its free buuut then as i was checking out i decided not a good idea just in case i plan on selling. Got rid of the engraving (btw the engraving takes quite some time) and placed my order. All in all probably took me like an hr.. Email confirmation came a couple hrs later. Im so excited!!! Im hoping this is faster than having to wait in line. Just curious how many of you added the applecare +

Ordered around 11P with engraving through the Apple store app. No problem. Received the confirmation email at 1A

Did anyone preorder and select "pick up at Apple store" instead of shipping? I've had problems getting packages at work and would rather just go to the store, but don't want to wait on line or miss out.

The process gave me grief for about 45 minutes before it successfully went through. Can't wait till the 16th!!

I must have got lucky. I ordered mine within 5 minutes of the store coming back up after the keynote and had zero issues. No reloads, no fighting, just a nice hassle-free per-order. Sadly I can't take the time of work this time to camp the line-up in person, so here's hoping that I see my iPad arrive on release day (before would be cool too. I'd take that).

Piece of cake. Logged on, queued my purchase and was done in 5 minutes. Order confirmed by email an hour later. Delays? Did you really expect there wouldn't be? Guess I was lucky enough to slip through the mire and get in and out in no time.

It took me 3 hours and 67% battery life to get the order. I tried the Apple store app and when I finally got to the cart, I had 6 in the cart and it wouldn't allow the order (thankfully). My son will get the iPad 2 and we will give the first gen iPad to my grandson. Three generations of iPad to three generations. How ironic.

I had no problems ordering a black, 32GB, Wi-Fi at 9PM EST on Wednesday. eMail confirmation said March 16 delivery.

When I clicked to place my order, I got an error message. I checked my bank and the money had gone out. I called Apple and they told me to wait til tomorrow to see if I get a confirmation email, but there is no mention of an order as of yet on my account.

Just got email from Apple telling me that they have shipped my new ipad!!! Can't wait for it to arrive.

I was able to place my order with no problems on March 9, 2012 at 8:19am central, but the order page still says processing 25 hours later and no confirmation email. It looks like my credit card was pinged with a $1 temporary charge. I ordered a White 32GB wifi only, no engraving or accessories.

Update, I finally called Apple after a day and a half and they apologized for not sending the confirmation email. The agent said everything looked fine and my order is supposed to arrive on the 16th, but we shall see...
Fingers crossed!

I got my pre order in about two hours after the site re-opened after the event on Wednesday. But it's now FIVE DAYS SINCE and my order status says "Preparing to Ship". My friends (one of whom ordered his hours after I did in front of me) have been tracking their iPads en route from China for days. Oh, yeah, and I received my useless iPad cover on Saturday. Thanks for that. On the bright side, the status still reads "Delivering on March 16." Though, I am beginning less and less to believe it... Anyone out there having similar luck?

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