unYOUsual 3D Concierge Backplate for iPhone preview

unYOUsual 3D Concierge Backplate for iPhone review

Back in December I reviewed, and fell in love with, a custom backplate mod for iPhone from unYOUsual.com. Turns out they were just getting started, though. They've now sent me something extra-dimensionally sweet to look at as a follow up -- a prototype 3D Concierge. Using 7 different layers of carefully crafted, hands-on printing, unYOUusal is able to create something really amazing looking with the 3D Concierge.

Like with the standard UnYOUusual backplate, you get to pick your own custom image for the 3D Concierge. It just gets rendered with a way cooler effect than the standard glass backplate. Because it's 3D, it probably suits higher contrast images so the different shades bring about more texture and elevation.

Now, if you're worried about swapping backplates, don't be. While you should never do anything with your iPhone that makes you feel nervous or uncomfortable, swapping backplates is just about the easiest modification (mod) you can do.

The 3D Concierge compared to the standard custom backplate.

The good

  • Incredible looking
  • Easy mod to perform
  • Customizable for unique look

The bad

  • Though an easy mod, it's still a mod
  • Not available for order yet (coming soon!)

The bottom line

Since Apple didn't change the design of the iPhone with the iPhone 4S, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd and show off your own individual style. Cases can provide some options but not everyone wants to cover up the stainless steel and glass of naked iPhone. Swapping the backplate lets you get the styling of a case while keeping the feel of staying naked. Having it customizable -- and in 3D! -- is just the most awesome icing on the cake.

The unYOUsual 3D Concierge Backplate for iPhone should be available soon. We'll keep you updated!

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Reader comments

unYOUsual 3D Concierge Backplate for iPhone preview


This looks awesome Georgia.
I'll def. pick one up. Time see if they tweet.
Im not sure if I'll change my clear backplate though, at least I'll have the option.

I don't get it at all. What is 3D about this?
Obviously, there are grooves or something but why is this useful or attractive?

It's a wood grain texture. Some people like that. I personally do not, but I'm sure there are those who do.

I'm unimpressed. It looks kinda cheap to me.
Obviously this is not a mod for me but it may appeal to others

I like it I also like the site thanks for sharing. This type of mod is awesome Im for it let me know when that logo gets put up there please!!!!