Waiting on the new iPad! [T-shirt giveaway]

iMore Nation ASSEMBLE! This is it, folks. The Super Bowl and Oscars all rolled into one. The big spring gadget release of the year. The new iPad launch. At 8am local time (which is round about now if you're in Australia) Apple Retail Stores will be opening their doors, and UPS and Fedex trucks will start pulling into driveways, and the new iPad will finally be in the hands of our readers in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Switzerland, UK and the US Virgin Islands.

While those of you who pre-ordered can wait at home, snug in your beds, those of us who simply have to have the full Apple experience will be braving the darkness, rain, snow, (and likely roving bands of Samsung-ed-ers) to line up and buy them in person.

Crowds are already forming around the world, especially at the big Apple flagship stores in New York, London, and elsewhere. Yeah, slumber party meets pizza party. Fun times!

If you're waiting by the window watching for the delivery truck, let us know where you are and when it arrives. If you're lining up at an Apple Store or reseller, let us know where you are and what's happening in line!

And the minute you get your new iPad, jump into our iPad 3 forums and share your unboxing pictures, your 3G/4G/LTE speed tests, your (http://forums.imore.com/ipad-3-forum/231580-new-ipad-camera-tests-post-your-pics.html) and your review of the new iPad

If you catch us in line in Montreal, Miami, or Monterey, CA, we'll be giving away special edition iMore iPad launch t-shirts. If you can't make it to one of those locations, fret not! We'll also be giving a bunch of those very same t-shirts away in the new iPad forum. Just share your thoughts and your pictures and you'll automagically be entered for your chance to win!

This is it. The go orders have been given. Bring the iPads!


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melb_guy says:

I'm in Australia so I will be among the first in the world to own a new iPad. About 2 hours 10 min until opening and there is about 50 people in queue outside the official Apple Store in Doncaster, Victoria. This will be my first iPad so very exciting. Only my second time queuing for an Apple product, the last was out front of Optus (Aussie mobile provider) for the iPhone 4!

9thwonder says:

Crap all i can think of now is pizza. But mine won't have all that veggie junk on it. I lived in Chicago. Even if it ain't deep dish my pizza got a whole lot a sausage and pepperoni on it!

Joe McG says:

Are you serious? Green Peppers make the pizza (with sausage, onions).
-Joe from Chicago

9thwonder says:

Hell's to the no! I don't put nothing that wasn't made from something that walks on my pizza. A good Lou Malnatis with sausage and pep and more sausage for me!

djayme7 says:

well i've at least got my apple tv 3 in hand!

Tito71 says:

Just curious, Rene is from Montreal, anyone else from the staff also?

teepeeayy says:

Frustratingly watching the UPS web site, which since Mar 11th has shown MY new iPad at their facility....O please, can't you deliver it early????
Obviously, they can't...

LaToya AKA Digital Nightmare says:

Ugh. I can't stand hipster douchebags. Anyway, who in the hell camps out for an iPad? I can see the iPhone, but you can easily find an iPad if you look hard enough.

Unforgiven says:

Doesn't like Hipsters or douching. Got it. Thanks for your input.

Sir Nerdalot says:

I like both hipsters and douching.
Just saying'.

9thwonder says:

I think it depends where you are. I didn't even want one but I for ipad 2, here in my part of LA county they were hard to find. I ran into some tourists at a Best Buy looking to grab one, two weeks after launch, They had been all over the place and nobody had them.
Interestingly i had little problem getting my iphone. i just walked into a sprint store and they had them. Granted i wanted a 64gb one and they sell slower then 32gb versions. But i'd tried to reserve online at the apple store several times, usually i couldn't get through. sadly the times i did get through i was just testing to see how it worked as i wasn't read to buy those times. But eventually i stopped being able to get through. but amazingly Sprint had them in their stores. i walked in on a whim. i wasn't even planning to buy. I balked. Came back the next day. still had them.
but i'm with you. i'm not sleeping outside for nothing. I don't camp. Oh and as a former San Francisco resident, i feel you on the douchey hipsters. They ain't all bad but sometimes i don't want to hear about granola, your bike with no brakes, Pub night with buy one get one free PBRs, or your trip to the food co-op buddy. And i'm fricken a massive liberal.

stolenipad says:

im sticking up whoever walks alone with an apple bag tomorrow....-warning

Unforgiven says:

Be careful. You just might find its a Marine. Then you'll be looking down the barrel of a .45.

Chris says:

I normally use my Apple bag from my previous iPad purchase to carry stuff back and forth to work.
I have a feeling I'll be using something else for the next week or two!

CJ says:

Wow what great big loosers. Get a life. Linning up like that is just ridicilous. Especially for something that is just an upgrades iPad 2. Nothing really new.

Dixie Normis says:

Atleast us "loosers" know how to spell.

CJ says:

Sure you can spell. But do you actually use that for anything productive. Except for sitting on some coffee shop talking about apple products. It's unbelievable, you are part of apples marketing campaign. Go line up for days. Do you think such a big corporation cannot handle the demand of maybe 20mill iPads. Really they are low on stock lol You will always stay on rent or at your mammas basement. If you had a job you would not be lining up for more than an hour. Get a life. I understand the staff at this blog will line up there, but regular people should be working and whenever they feel like buying something it should be available to them when needed.

Big Dookie says:

Losers. Lining. Ridiculous.
Three strikes and you're out.

jessedholm says:

I pre ordered so Im at the mercy of my fedex man's route tomorrow. Im super pissed to find out that walmart is selling them at midnight tonight! GRRRRR!!!!!

Ulises Martinez says:

Haha me to. It's says before 3 hope it's more like at 9 am or something. Ill be camping outside my house tomorrow lol

Dontaze says:

Hahaa; me too; Im in my tent on my front porch as we speak; I even have food for the UPS guy;

Dave says:

Just picked mine up at Walmart around 12:30. New iPad probably only thing that would get me in their after midnight.

Branz1 says:

Do you know if Walmart is only selling the 16GB models or will they be selling the 64GB models also?

Dave says:

They had five of each model.

Descala says:

Yep, they had a few of each, 4G+Wifi and just Wifi. I just walked in at about 12:45am, and there were about 2 people in front of me. As soon as I got home, I cancelled my online order, which I wouldn't have received until next Wednesday!

Shawnanadd says:

The walmarts in Hampton roads va only had 16 gig and the company even placed info about it in the news

KeylessPaul says:

Mine was in two different states (KY & TN) yesterday. It stayed in Kentucky for 3 days first. It will be in Georgia today. It is a well traveled iPad. It will also be my first iPad. Infinity Blade II in 10" retina I hear you calling my name! I took the day off of work too. There is no way I'm pre-signing for this. I live in a pretty nice neighborhood too. It is a well expected shipping date, and UPS trucks will probably be watched.

anthonyrt says:

SPIFFY new iPad TEE SHIRT... would be fun to have one the next time I go to our locan Mac user group meeting!

Shaf says:

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Brye#IM says:

I guess this is one of the downfalls of living in Hawaii - last to get anything. Looking forward for the FedEx guy to deliver my iPad tomorrow! Hopefully it comes (really) early in the morning!

Branz1 says:

Really? I live in Hawaii and just walked out of Kunia walmart with a 64GB wifi white iPad. They had about 40 and only 20 people showed up. I guess if you can head their now you might be able to get one. Good luck. Ps: The new iPad's screen is AWESOME! -Posted from new iPad ;)

cardfan says:

I'm so glad I preordered and don't have to endure the full "apple experience" or what passes for it.

Chris says:

Under normal circumstances, I'd highly agree with you.
But I have a feeling that I'll stand in line just once for the latest Apple product (iPad/iPhone) - just to say I've done it.

rafu says:

Greetings for everyone waiting. Got mine already :)

Josh Smiley says:

Leanna Lofte (@llofte) Wake up the kid and come to Flatirons, Apple Store with T shirts :P Its only 6:38 am....

XenIneX says:

Drive up to Verizon store @ 8:02am
Walk right up to counter:
"X size; Y color, please?" "Thank you; have a nice day!"
Line standing: none
Pride: intact

XenIneX says:

White space removal: "Why must you make me look illiterate?"

rich says:

a massive liberal 9thwonder? yikes! But you are from San Fran and wouldnt expect anything else lol. Anyway I reserved one through apple but missed the cutoff to receive it today, so it will be coming the 19th. I did check the AAFES website which is a military website, and guess what, they had them in! I ordered my girl one and she might be getting her's before me! I hope everybody enjoys their new iPads once they get them in!!

rich says:

military guys and gals... check Aafes! I know the larger bases are getting them in, also Aafes online still has them...but not too much longer!

Shawnanadd says:

I have the best husband in the world was the first person in line and came home with a Brand new 64 gig. I love it but love him more

Macboy74 says:

I was at the store in Cheektowaga NY walden galleria mall and there were maybe 100 or so in line. Big difference from last year were there was about 4-5 hundred. I'm guessing people didn't know they open at 8:00

Shawnanadd says:

What are the best apps for the new iPad?

Chris says:

Hey, iMore staff - how about 3x t-shirt sizes for those of us built like football players?

0pusX says:

+1 I want a 3X too but that's because I'm fat, not a football player.

Georgia says:

Was a total blast to be at the apple store for launch !
Hello everyone who waited with us

bk71879 says:

Waiting on mines to get here. UPS has it out for delivery.

slalomskie says:

Were these pictures taken with the iPhone 3g or the iPad 2 front camera? Surely not the iPhone 4s.

Porkins420 says:

Just got my iPad at my local target. Just walked in at 8 am and walked out there were only two people waiting to get the iPad. Got lucky, don't think many people in my town thought target was a good option. Typing this from my New iPad.

Sir Nerdalot says:

Waited all night, set up a tent in the rain, first person into the store, raced over to the back, then realized -- crap, Eddie Bauer doesn't even carry the iPad! Thought it was weird I was the only person in line.

Dark_Blu says:

Bunch of iPad fanbois and fangurls. :-D

Ma Wemple says:

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Trisha Upchurch says:

Its a dock connector. Apple sells a universal dock and all iPods come with it, its so your iPod fits the dock perfectly.

zombie island hack says:

I shall keep them secretly in a far deep part of my brain never to be spoken of

Vickie Olson says:

The same thing is happening with me! I've tried rebooting, updating them individually, deleting and reinstalling them individually... It seems like the last thing to do is connect to the computer and manually update them, but that's pain in the butt. If anybody has an easier way to fix this, please let me know!