New iPad Miami Mayhem

The Mobile Nations team just hit the new iPad launch in South Beach and we made quite a splash. With new Retina displays in hand (procured at WalMart) at midnight, we arrived with iMore T shirts  and had a blast.

Mobile Nations hits Miami

The party started for us at midnight at the local WalMart in Miami. Five of the Mobile Nations team including @crackberry kevin and @teamvisor arrived at WalMart at about 11 PM and found ourselves about 20 people back in line. Just as advertised, new iPads were brought out at 12:01 AM.  Kevin procured a 64 GB White, Marcus – a 32 GB 4G on AT&T, Tom got a 16 GB White and I got a 32 GB Black.

We grabbed about four hours of sleep and then thought it might be entertaining to unbox our retina displays for all to see….in front of the Apple store in South Beach.  The Queue was a couple hundred people deep of eager iPad enthusiasts.


Mobile Nations gets TV "FaceTime"

On our way in, Kevin and I were stopped by the local NBC affiliate and interviewed with our new iPads in hand. Kevin was then snagged by CNN (we will post links to all interviews as we receive them.)

Then we fired up the crowd and handed out the smashing and stylish iMore T’s. We asked who the iMore readers were and they got the first batch. Then, suddenly everyone in line “remembered” that they were iMore enthusiasts and clamored for the T-shirts.

iMore T-Shirts given out to the crowd

With the T-shirts gone, we watched the mayhem that is an Apple launch. The iOS faithful emerged with smiling faces, lighter wallets and shiny new hardware to show off.

Our NBC interviewer then realized that he was in the presence of greatness and fame in the person of CrackBerry Kevin. He gushed about the endless hours he spent on and wanted to hear all about Mobile Nations and iMore.

All in all, it was a great outing.  If you are in Miami, look for the iMore T-shirts on display and watch NBC and CNN and look for us. Now, we are busily restoring iCloud backups and setting up our new, beautiful iPads. Lots more to come!

Stay tuned to and keep watching the forums.

Have you gotten your iPad yet? Go to this forum thread and let us know what you got.

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Reader comments

New iPad Miami Mayhem


Which Walmart? I was at the one on Kendall drive in West Kendall, but I was third in line. Glad I didn't have to do the Apple store in the AM! I waited on South Beach for my 4S and it was quite warm outside, even in October.

Yeah, that's the Doral store.
Can't believe CNN was there! I was the first one out of the Miami Beach Apple Store with my iPhone 4S, but only got interview by WSVN 7 and the Miami Herald. And worst of all I didn't drop the name of my blog or wear a tshirt with my blog name and logo. Oh well, guess I'll try hard for the next iPhone. Maybe I'll see you guys at Miami Beach later this year.

In the poll next to this, what color iPads are the 70% of readers getting who didn't order White OR Black??
Or the 65% of people getting neither Wifi Only OR Wifi+Data?
Or the 66% of people getting nether 16, 32, or 64GB Varieties?
Are they selling 128GB, Blue, ESP iPads somewhere and I missed it???
I'd expect some people to check more than one size, color, or networking type (if they are buying more than one iPad), but this makes no sense!

This isn't the only Apple store in Miami, in fact it's not even technically in Miami, so "Miami Apple Store" is misleading.
It's not even one of the larger Apple Stores in the area.

When people think of Miami, they unfortunately call it "going to Florida" and picture Miami Beach in their mind, so not misleading at all.
This is the "iconic" Miami store, but there are several down here. I think 4 in Miami-Dade alone. Dadeland and the Falls (only like 10 mins apart), then Miami Beach and finally Aventura.

I saw "CrackBerry Kevin" (the one on the first picture) at Walmart last night! lol by the way, I got mine before he did!

NOW we know why Kevin was REALLY in Miami! ;) WTG on scoring that 64! I'm just going to stick with my iPad 1 for now! (and I have a PlayBook & Galaxy Tab Plus too ;) )