Special edition: The new iPad Live! Tonight at 6pm PDT/9pm EDT/1am GMT

The best damn iOS podcast on the net returns tonight with a special edition all about the new iPad -- what it's like to use, and is it worth getting?

Joining Rene and Georgia will be special guests Jim Dalrymple of the Loop and Matthew Panzarino of the Next Web.

Forget the Walking Dead. We're going to review the Living Daylights out of the new iPad.

Be there.

Want to go full screen? Head to iMore.com/live. Want to watch via iPhone or iPad? Grab the Ustream app and search for "mobilenations"!

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Special edition: The new iPad Live! Tonight at 6pm PDT/9pm EDT/1am GMT


This is not working for my GM veirosn of Lion. I installed the GM the day before the OS was released on the App Store and would like to thank Apple for creating the OS by purchasing it at thirty dollars option click is not working on my macbook unibody.

Arrrgh. Missed it. I was at my neighbor's house trying to fix her ancient MacBook Pro. (Scrambled hard drive, irreparable even in FireWire target mode...)

Dann scheint es ledier nicht zu funktionieren. Dann muss wohl eine angepasste iphone.php her Werde ich mir auf die (ledier fcberffcllte) ToDo-Liste setzen.