Foxconn short 20,000 factory workers to make iPhone 5

Foxconn employees

Now that the new iPad is out the door, Foxconn has started hiring to build the next iPhone. According to fresh reports, Foxconn is short 20,000 pairs of hands to handle Apple's production demands for the iPhone 5 (or whatever it's going to be called). This year alone, Foxconn has held more than 20 job fairs in order to churn out the  supposed 57 million iPhone 5 units demanded by Apple.

We've heard lots of rumours about the iPhone 5, including that it will have LTE, keep the small-ish screen size, and have a new micro-dock connector, but everything is up for conjecture for now, including crazy pseudo-textured touchscreens. At the rate Apple's going, it's expected that the next iPhone will do well, but one can hope that the next generation will at least have a slightly different form factor; we've been looking at the same iPhone casing for nearly two years now, so at least a little bit of cosmetic changes are due, if only for variety, right?

As far as the Foxconn employment surge goes, word has it that those signing on will enjoy the recent pay increase. Though I doubt those long hours documented by Nightline are going to change, I don't think the conditions for these new employees are going to be as bad as some people make them out to be.

Source: China News via 3G

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Reader comments

Foxconn short 20,000 factory workers to make iPhone 5


I didn't get the 4s simply because of screen size I don't think 4" is the huge of a deal when they can retinze an iPad

Maybe the millions of unemployed US citizens could help. Apple should build a few US factories instead of hoarding billions of dollars. Just a thought.

Wow. Their is always someone on here ready to explain what the next iPhone will be called. Shut up already shesh just wait for the dang thing to come out. I think it'll just be called iPhone 7 to fool out of all of you guys. ;D

Hmm, let's see....if they make the new iPhone with a rounded back it will be fun to watch all those who place it on a desk to use as a calculator. Then to allow its use on a flat surface the case makers will make a case so the back of the case will flatten and everyone will think you have a iPhone 4S. Am I missing something?

Don't get me wrong. I am a dedicated Apple user. I own 2 iPhones, 2 iPads, an iPod, and a Mac laptop. Just wish we could do something in America to help the jobless.

I would love to have more companies produce products in the states. But it is sooooo much more expensive. Doesn't mean I dont agree with you, but there is a reason why all the factory work is leaving this country.

Totally agree with design change. I think it would be a huge mistake if Apple release a same design as 4 and 4S. 4" is imho a perfect screen size. Doesn't have to be larger, it's a phone.
A bit OT: As for 4G LTE: Hey world, WAKE UP!
Most parts of the world don't have fibre optics or cable to get fast internet, so let us enjoy it as well.
I was spoiled (in Western Europe) with 120MB/sec (approx usd80/month , including phone and digital TV; download a 4,7 Gb DVD movie in 4 minutes max) and now, here in Indonesia....maybe 1 MB/sec (approx usd35, excl TV and phone).
Ok, there is a total lack of infrastructure here (cable/optics, etc), but we don't need much "underground" infrastructure with 4G/LTE. Antennas all over the place so coverage wouldn't be that difficult.
Can't wait for the "next iPhone". Only can hope that I won't be disappointed and 4G LTE will be available asap.

Those antennas have to have some kind of back haul in order to provide those speeds. Cellular infrastructure is not just the towers, it's also (more importantly) the pipes on the back end.

Are people really that superficial?
If a design works well and you cannot change it for the better, you simply don't change it.
The same goes for software too. It's absurd to expect a major revision of iOS every single year.

I'm concerned about the smaller dock ....all new accessories? that will keep me from updating for a while.

if you own a business that makes products such as shoes or what apple makes knowing you can save thousands even millions of dollars making it in another country why would you wanna make it in the US? only an idiot would do that. thats why they wouldn't have a factory in the US so for everyone saying why not open a factory here think before you speak. the design of the iPhone 4 is way better then the old one and the size is perfect theres no need to make it any bigger or round the edges just keep it the way it is. as for making it fast we all saw how ivo was so thirsty to be the first phone to have 4g and towers weren't even up every only in major cities so ppl think before you speak