SGP Kuel H10 stylus pen review (or: How I win at Draw Something)

SGP Kuel H10 stylus pen review (or: How I win at Draw Something)

SGP Kuel H10 is a compact, convenient, capacitive stylus for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It's made from a special silicon with high polymer abrasion-resistant coating, which SGP says allows for smooth touch and incredible control. In my experience it's the multitouch sensors in iOS devices themselves that are the limiting factor when it comes to any stylus, but SGP has certainly made a pen to be proud of.

In order to put the Kuel H10 to the test, I did what any self-respecting technology blogger would do -- I used it to see if it could help me dominate at the game Draw Something. (What, like you wouldn't?) It came in really handy, getting my hand out the way so I could see what I was drawing and giving me far greater control than finger painting alone would allow. I could generally get precise lines and smooth curves. Because the tip that allows for the capacitive touch is spongy, you do have to press harder than you would with a finger but it's produced better results than other stylus' I've tried. In fact, it's currently my favorite stylus to use.

With a stylus, you hand doesn't block the screen and you have much better control for games like Draw Something

The Kuel H10 is smaller than many of the other styli on the market, but the outside has a good grip and it never caused any issues. It also has a cap to protect the silicon cap and its polymer abrasion-resistant coating, with a handy strap that attached to the 3.5mm headset jack. That keeps your stylus connected to your phone and makes it harder to loose. (Though I do worry that it might hit, grind against, or otherwise cause a problem with the screen.) Also, the cap on my review unit has loosened over time, so I worry it might slip out and get lost anyway if I'm not careful. There's also a small metal edge on the top of the 3.5mm plug that I wish wasn't there.

The SGP Kuel H10 stylus has a cap to protect the capacitive tip and string that plugs into the 3.5mm headset jack to also keep it close at hand

The good

  • Cap protects stylus tip and attaches to phone to keep it handy
  • Compact design makes it convenient to carry
  • Easy to grip and comfortable to use

The bad

  • Cap can loosen, leading to lost stylus
  • 3.5mm plug has an unnecessarily rough tip

The bottom line

I love the SGP Kuel H10 stylus and recommend it. This is my absolute favorite stylus to date. That may change as we test more of them here at iMore, and as next-generation Bluetooth 4.0 styli come out that allow for pressure sensitivity. For now, however, the small size, beautiful finish, and convenient way it connects to my iPhone makes the SGP Kuel H10 a winner. (And not just because it's helping me dominate at Draw Something, though that's certainly a bonus!)

12.99 - Buy now

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SGP Kuel H10 stylus pen review (or: How I win at Draw Something)


Have you used the "Jot Pro" and the "Hypershield 3-in-1 Smart Pen" and, if so, how do they compare to SGP Kuel H10? Thanks!

It looks like it may be too small...? I'd think a stylus that feels like a pen in the hand would also feel the most natural to use, though I could be wrong.

Georgia doesn't show you but the end pulls out and makes it longer. I have one of these and the extra 2-3 inches makes it perfect!

Do you know that you can pull the end of the stylus out to make it longer? Pull the metal, round part at the top end out and it fits perfectly in the hand. Makes a huge difference for someone with big hands, like me. I too love this stylus but I don't have any other stylus to measure it against.

SGP Kuel H10 stylus pen review (or: How I win at Draw Something)(or: another shot of my nails!):)

Love the nail polish how about a stylus review on something with a more thinner point? Is there such a thing yet?

Lol, yes... the best feature and she doesn't mention it is that it has a very small form factor but you are able to extend it in size by pulling out the top. Hope she reads the comments and now realizes this. ;)