Harry Potter series now available in digital eBook format

Harry Potter fans everywhere can now enjoy their favorite series straight from their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. The books are available exclusively through the Pottermore shop.

All seven of the Harry Potter books are now available for download. The first three books in the series are available for $7.99 each while the last four books are available for $9.99. If you'd prefer to purchase all of them, you can save yourself a little bit of money by buying all of them together for $57.54.

While it's great to be able to read the Harry Potter books in eBook format on many platforms, I'd have to say I'm a bit irritated with the process users will have to go through in order to get them on their devices.

Since they're only available via the Pottermore shop, you'll have to download them to your computer and either transfer them to iBooks via iTunes or open them natively from your device and choose to open them in iBooks. It's not the most convenient way to download a book and definitely a bit more aggravating than just opening the iBooks store and making a purchase with your iTunes account.

The Harry Potter series is also available for many other eBook readers as well. If you prefer using the Kindle app for iOS, you can choose to download them into your Kindle account and access them normally from there. I'd almost prefer using this method as I'd always be able to sign into my Amazon account on a new or freshly reformatted device and be able to access them without going through the iBooks process all over again.

I have a feeling a lot of hardcore Harry Potter fans will probably overlook the minor annoyance of getting the content onto their devices and will just be glad to finally have Harry Potter available in digital format. I'll personally be using the Kindle app as it seems to be the most convenient as of now. Any of you plan on picking up HP in digital format?

Source: Pottermore

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Harry Potter series now available in digital eBook format


I was able to download the sample on to my iPad using mobile Safari. When you click on the download link it will ask where you want to open it- just pick iBooks and there it is. Looks great too! As long as it works for the full book then hopefully that'll ease the process for everyone

I was able to download the free sample as well on my iPhone 4 and had it open it up in iBooks. Hopefully soon Apple and J.K. Rowling can reach a deal and will be able to sell them normally on iBooks.

Doing the Dropbox method might be the best. If you read the FAQ, I understood it to be you can only download then a total of 8 times.
Can I put my eBook on multiple devices?
Yes, you can download each Harry Potter eBook for personal use up to eight times, so you can save a copy to your computer, eReader, tablet, mobile phone and any other compatible device. See Can I read eBooks on my device? for more information.

You can buy them from Germany (although only in GB english, which I prefer). After the purchase the books can be downloaded eight times in different formats. I first linked them to my Kindle account, then downloaded them as epub on my notebook. 46,19 € well spend... :)

Do you know if you can import them into iTunes , the Kindle app and Google Play Books. Do you have to choose a format and stck with it?

I believe they come in ePub format. They can be downloaded, per the website, in all major ereader format, including all Kindle devices and apps, B&N readers, Sony readers, iBooks, etc.

You have eight downloads. You can choose for each download in which format you want to download.
I downloaded first as Kindle then as ePub.

It is very simple to download this app.. Just few steps and you will get your collection of this adventurous series ! A great iPad app to download

Note that a "DL" to Kindle is one DL to your Amazon account. Once there, it is available in your Amazon library to move to your Kindle devices and apps as you see fit without affecting the Pottermore DL count #.
For example, I purchased and pushed all 7 books to my Amazon account. I DLed to my computer since I like to transfer to my Kindle via USB. It also automatically pushed the books to my iPhone and my wife's iPad.
On both the iPad and iPhone I deleted them off the local device/Kindle App and subsequently redownloaded Sorcerer's stone to both. I then went and checked Pottermore and noted that ALL books were still at 7 available downloads.
So to summarize again, Amazon library is 1...again....1 DL on Pottermore and you are free to move them about your authorized Kindle devices/apps as you see fit.
This is great!!!

Does anyone know if it can be downloaded to 2 separate Kindle accounts? Both of my nephews are getting Kindles for Christmas, but they'll each have their own account. Can I buy them once and have it downloaded to each of their accounts ( and possibly my own)? Or is it limited to once per format?

Just saw the same thing, and I share the concerns. His advice at the end seems spot-on. But Barack is his own man, charting a course, so only time will tell.

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When I try to download the books to my iPad, I get a message saying safari cannot download this file. Any suggestions???