TeleNav Makes Turn-by-Turn Navigation for Android G1 -- Where's the iPhone App?!

Our sibling site, Android Central, has posted up a story about TeleNav making a turn-by-turn GPS navigation app for Google's Android G1:

The TeleNav software will include full color 3D graphics, speech recognition, one-click rerouting, traffic alerts, weather updates, gas prices, and restaurant reviews.

Sure, it's not all roses. After a 30-day free trial, you need to fork over $9.99 a month, $99 a year, or $249 for four years to keep the service, but at least they have the option.

So what's happening with the iPhone app? We asked, and this was what we got in response:

We have to stay mum at this point on an iPhone app other than to say that we're working on it. Please stay tuned!

If it's hard to stay mum, imagine how hard it is to "stay tuned" after months and month (and months) of waiting.

Dieter mentions that Apple, flush with success battering around the music industry and Google, may not know how to zip their lip and make nice with the map licensors. Could that be the hold up?

We won't ask if you want turn-by-turn GPS navigation -- we know you do -- so we'll just tell Apple and TeleNav to suck it up and get this done (before more people jailbreak just for xGPS), and we'll leave the comments open for you to do likewise...

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

TeleNav Makes Turn-by-Turn Navigation for Android G1 -- Where's the iPhone App?!


I just dont understand why Apple is making it so hard for more than just GPS. If it can be done let it be done already.. WTF Apple

Well the response from TeleNav suggest one thing to me. They are bound by an NDA, could they already be working with Apple for a built in app for iPhone 3.0?
In any case, if any GPS software has a monthly fee you can count me out.

I have a theory regarding Apple's dislike of jailbreaking and regarding the lack of more advanced GPS-based functionality on the iPhone: The hardware isn't good enough to support what people want to do with it. Jailbreaking is frustrating, then, because people expose hardware deficiencies.
I jailbreaked my iPhone the day I bought it so I've had MMS (Swirly), video recording (Cycorder), call filtering (mcleaner), skins/themes, and now turn-by-turn with xGPS. The stuff that has nothing to do with the hardware works fine. Because I'm not 14 I don't really have much call for MMS's but it seemed to work fine the few times I tried it. The call filtering stuff works splendidly. But Cycorder's videos, while watchable, aren't great. Mostly because the camera isn't great.
And... xGPS does work. It just doesn't work very well, because the GPS doesn't work very well. I've rarely, if ever, seen accuracy better than +/- 50 meters with the no matter which app I was using and, with xGPS, that means that it often sees me on a side street or the opposite side of the street and freaks out.
I assume that Apple was well aware of these limitations and instead of permitting poor video recording and flaky turn-by-turn navigation they just didn't make it an option. Unfortunately, since they also removed that option from 3rd party developers, they went a bit too far. I'd rather have crappy video and crappy turn-by-turn navigation than none at all... because while I do have a perfectly good GPS (Garmin GPSMap 60Cx) and a perfectly good little camera that also records videos, I'd rather not have to drag them out, turn them on, etc.
There is a limitation to how much tech anyone can jam into a given space and right now there's just not enough space and resources available in a sub-$500 device. Maybe in a few years they'll have gotten it to the point where they think it is good enough for it to be "official". Until then, I and other jailbreakers will make do with what we've got.

Your iphone must be messed up. The gps chipset and antenna are the ones used in TOMTOM units. My google maps and g-map app work perfectly. Mostly within 1-5 meters of where I am.

Strangely, it varies a lot for me in Canada, anywhere from a few meters to a block.
Even more strangely, when I was using the Android G1 on Rogers, the GPS routinely placed me 3 blocks or more from where I was.
I wonder if the aGPS isn't always benefitting from the cell towers?

I'd be satisfied if Google maps would rotate so your direction of travel would always be up on the phone.

F**k apple! Get your heads out and make this thing work. It is sooo arrogant of them. Its like showing a kid the ice cream, and saying to hold off for a year, and maybe then you can eat it. Speaking of eating it? Apple, please do so!

Hilarious!!! I wish that I would pay $9.99 a month, $99 a year, or $249 for four years to keep the service. I'll just go to BestBuy and purchase the real deal.

I have telenav with my Blackberry, and I believe is not a bad deal for 9.99 a month...Traffic alerts included and all maps updates included..non differences big with the "real deal" in terms of performances..Just my 2c

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