United Continental CFO prepares to land as Apple VP of Sales

Zane Rowe

Apple has a new VP of Sales by the name of Zane Rowe. He's been the CFO at United Continental since 2010, during which time he no doubt has his hands full with the merger of United and Continental Airlines. Apple commented on Rowe's move, saying "We are thrilled that Zane Rowe will be joining us as one of our vice presidents of sales. He built a great team at United and we think he is going to do a fantastic job at Apple."

Continental and United just tied up the loose ends of their merger early last month. With Rowe gone, United Continental has assigned John Rainey, a senior VP of financial planning and analysis since 2005, to the position. United Continental's CEO Jeff Smisek said "While we are sorry Zane has decided to leave, we are excited to have such a talented executive as John Rainey become our chief financial officer."

While it's not a huge deal to see financial types move between industries, changing from financial to sales roles at the same time might be a bit of a challenge - especially for such a high-profile company as Apple.

Source: ATD

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United Continental CFO prepares to land as Apple VP of Sales


I wish him well but I just hope he is not influential as to turn Apple into a lousy non customer oriented company as the current United. That will be the end of Apple.