Sprint confirms that unlimited data will stay unlimited, even if next iPhone has LTE

Sprint has confirmed that it will still offer an unlimited data plan for the next generation iPhone. There was some doubt that the unlimited data would remain, especially if the iPhone 5,1 has the expected LTE radio. Sprint CEO Dan Hesse has stated that Sprint will continue to offer a no-strings unlimited plan.

"I'm not anticipating the unlimited plan would change by that point," he said. "That's our distinctive differentiator." "Frankly, it's a marriage made in heaven," he said about the combination of unlimited and the iPhone. "We're clearly attracting customers from our competitors."

The decision by Sprint to offer unlimited data when all the other carriers are cutting back on their allowances has been very beneficial for Sprint. Hesse believes that many new customers have joined Sprint purely for the unlimited data. He was also keen to point out that he had no inside knowledge as to when the next iPhone would be released or if it definitely would be LTE capable.

Source: CNET

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Reader comments

Sprint confirms that unlimited data will stay unlimited, even if next iPhone has LTE


It makes sense. I mean they have enough trouble getting new customers their unlimited data is about the only thing keeping people on their network if they announced they were axing this it may cause many to look at other networks or their current customers to not renew with them.

I would necessarily say its just that. Personally I have 3 lines with Sprint all iPhones and my entire plan does not cost anywhere near what ATT and Verizon wanted. I have never had a problem with CS or signal where I live in Boston. Honestly though I would love to see them work on there data network more it seems that they came to a screeching halt with the development of the network. But I have no complaints and believe me if Sprint can get there LTE network up and running in time for the new IPhone I could see a lot of people jumping ship and coming to Sprint.

If I were stationed in a greater metro area, Sprint would be great. But seeing how I travel for work, Sprint is absolutely out of the question. Their network density across the nation is quite poor.

Well were I live Verizon 3G is five times faster than sprint. AT&T is about 3-4 mbps, V is about 1-3 mbps and sprint is about 100-500 kbps. So its more like being throttled without the joy if getting fast speeds for a few weeks.

I would pay a higher data price, if I had really fast data.. Having 5 bars and can't load imore mobile website suck. Sprint makes my iPhone 4s worthless. Tmobile's Edge was a vast amout faster then sprint 3G. Please imore make an story explaining how sprint not using true 3G..

I have great voice coverage with sprint and my bill is less. Unfortunately my iPhone 4S is basically a flip phone. Data speeds are horrendously slow. Most every website times out. Forget about trying to use the Facebook app. Will have to see what they are willing to do about it tomorrow. I think I am inside the 14 day window. I can understand why my ATT was more expensive, at least I could use the data I was paying for.

from my reading, on other websites, People stay with sprint cause if price, unlimited data, and/or it's acceptable in their area. Get rid of unlimited data and they'd lose more money then they'd gain after customers flee i'd bet.

my sprint data sucks but Sprint is cheap and i have an iphone so honestly, i can tolerate bad data. Cheaper is more important to me right now.

I have sprint.
Coverage is par.
Data speed is consistent, not too slow.
3 months, almost 100gb downloaded... Not counting upstream.
No issues here.

I have voice recordings of being told "we are switching you off unlimited data because you exceed 5gb, and that's the largest plan we have", and "the data endpoint was on another device" (which was emulated OS, on my iPhone, so their statement is untrue.
They breached contract, and waved all fees (to avoid pending lawsuit)...
I will never think of AT&T again.

Depending on speed I may switch. My AT&T throttled is bugging the heck out of me. But being able to get 8mbps when I'm not is sure a lot better then MAYBE getting 1mbps all the time with sprint.

Well...when you can only afford to launch 2 or 3 LTE markets a year - it's probably easy to supply unlimited data to those who would actually be living in those 2 or 3 markets. Of course, I'm just being slightly sarcastic, but when Sprint is hurting so bad, they clearly don't have the money to really invest in a large LTE footprint at a competitive pace. This unlimited "feast" will not last. It's that or the company - - pick one.

If sprint made a reliable and fast LTE network in all of central Florida I'd be willing to switch. But what's the chances of that happening?

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