iOS might not be behind Android in U.S. smartphone market share after all

iOS might not be behind Android in U.S. smartphone market share after all

NPD and comScore released quarterly research figures over the last few days which suggested that Android was beating out iPhone in the U.S. marketshare. However, some digging into the numbers show that might not be the case. According to the financial results directly from the major carriers, AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint (who account for 80% of all U.S. smartphone sales according to Yankee Group), iPhone should have around 50% of the pie, not 29% as NPD suggested, or 30.7% by comScore's calculations. In light of the questioning, comScore commented that among the top three carriers, iPhone growth beat Android's (13% versus 11%) but sales from regional carriers and T-Mobile closed the gap. NPD meanwhile explained that they track sales, which is separate from activations reported from carriers, and can include prepaid and refurbished phones. Plus, NPD figures Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint account for 60% together, not 80%, and "significantly below 90%".

All of that said, there's significant debate as to who's in the lead in the U.S. Internationally, IDC reported that Samsung claimed 29.1% of all smartphones last quarter compared to 24.2% from Apple. Unless IDC's numbers are skewed too, it's hard to imagine the U.S. iPhone market share being twice that of the global rate, but really, it's hard to know who to believe at this point. One thing is for sure though -- Apple is still the most profitable of all of the smartphone manufacturers, and that's a significant measure of success. The latest numbers from Asymco suggest Apple snagged 73% of the smartphone market's total profits, followed by Samsung with 26%. HTC was the only other company to show a profit, at 1%. Everyone else lost money, some by staggering amounts.

Do you see more iPhone or Android devices out in the wild? Is it a overwhelmingly one way or the other? Do you see Android taking up a significant bite of the U.S. market share as NPD and comScore are suggesting, or is it more of an even split with iPhone?

Source: TechCrunch, BusinessInsider, Asymco

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iOS might not be behind Android in U.S. smartphone market share after all


A fine contribution to the discussion. May I suggest that if you really don't care, you just not leave comments. The smartphone race is interesting to lots of people. That you don't value it is of little interest to anybody else.

Umm Ditto to yours as well.. And its a public forum. If he doesn't care, he has every right to say as much. And your a troll for trying to deny him that right.

No one is denying him the right, he's just suggesting that if he doesn't car, don't participate. Participation shows a level of interest. Besides Epic can make this suggestion just as much si can say he doesn't car.
PS Troll term is becoming overly & improperly used...perhaps you're a troll

May not be denying him the right but his is trying to stiffle his right to free speech, which is worse. If he doesn't care about him not caring then he should take his own advice and not comment on his comment.

lol find it funny that when charts and numbers are in apples favour you dont question the legitimacy of it but when its not in apples favour you do.

Yes, very funny how MG, Gruber and even one of TipBs own I think we're quick to highlight theses same surveys earlier this year or late last year when they showed the iPhone picking up steam, but once the trend went back to normal, well now they have to attempt to discredit the same surveys they were touting.

Where I work there are two of us with the iPhone 4S and seven Androids of various types. Interestingly, the both of us with the iPhone had Android before. At home, My wife has a Blackberry and my son has an Android.
So my total unscientific survey goes like: 9% BB, 18% iPhone, 72% Droid. The percentage of iPhone users in this survey has gone up from 0 to 18% in the last 7 months. I expect that my son will go with iPhone when his contract is up, so that percentage will increase.

In the office I work in there are about 9 Android and 3 iphone 1 blackberry and about 4 flip phones and 1 Nokia. There were 4 iphones but one person ditched and switched to Android. So it would appear that Android has a 3 to 1 advantage with flip phones still out numbering iphones. Even outside my office I see at least 2 or 3 to 1 Android to iphone.....For what it's worth.

Stop grasping for straws, just be happy with whatever device you have.. Don't live your life trying to seek the justification of what you buy according to what others buy.

More and more business are switching to iPhones! I see more and more
Clients that had blackberries or android now have an iPhone and or iPad with them.
Heck my company will be incorporating the iPad into our business in the next 3 months!
I switched from android. Couldn't be happier. Everyone I meet that switched from
Android is happy with their iPhone.
The one phone I have yet to see in the wild..... Is a windows phone!

I live in NYC and when im in the subways going to work or just going to hang out with friends there is always a moment when I look up and %90 of the train passengers have an iPhone 4 ,4s or even may have a 3GS so if in NYC I believe iPhone outnumbers android 10 to 1

Apple is obviously going all out in the U.S. launching on what the big 3 and like 5 regional carriers? It takes time I am sure as more people wait for contracts to expire and the new iPhone comes out that we will see iPhone's #s shoot up a bit.