Apple files to ban Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in U.S.

Apple files to ban Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in U.S.

Late last week Apple filed a preliminary injunction against Samsung's flagship tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. The move comes shortly after an appeal which partially confirmed that Apple's design patent infringement complaint was valid. This might put just a slight damper on the settlement talks Apple and Samsung had scheduled for today. Apple proposed to give Samsung until May 25 (this Friday) to respond.

Such a ban might sting Samsung a bit, but they've dealt with a similar ban in Germany by offering a slight a redesign of the Galaxy Tab 10.1; even if such a ban comes quickly to the U.S., Samsung already has a contingency in place to put their Android tablet back on store shelves. We've seen a lot of this kind of activity on the smartphone side of things lately;  HTC was recently hit with a similar ban from Apple, and Apple might not even have to do anything to get Motorola phones off the U.S. market, since some of them are facing a ban after an ITC ruling in a patent case against Microsoft.

Although the iPad still dominates the tablet market, it's been gradually losing market share as a multitude of Android tablets have begun coming out of the woodwork. By attacking on legal fronts, Apple is at least delaying the competition's progress, if not securing its lead for the long-term. I'm not worried that Android's going to beat out Apple overnight, especially given the sky-high customer satisfaction of iOS devices, but it's hard to imagine how the current iPad will manage to stick out to consumers when surrounded by so many lower end, cheaper alternatives. (

What do you think - does Apple need to resort to these kinds of tactics to keep the iPad in the lead, or is this just one of the many steps needed to take to kill and bury Android?

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Apple files to ban Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in U.S.


Was hoping that we had the adults back in charge. Looks like the kids on both sides still want to squabble. So sad.

Apple should focus on making their products better rather than squabbling over patents. If you've ever spent time on a Galaxy Tab 10.1, you know that it's nothing like an iPad. Did Apple patent the rectangular tablet?

I'd rather them spend their billions on researching awesome new additions to their products, rather than on court cases.

That's what Samsung is always doing. R&D. Now there Graphene Barristors are developed, we can expect to see Graphene based Chips in about 8 years. Woot! I love my ipad 2/3 btw

I think Apple is trying to destroy clones and copy-cats for Jobs - it's very clear based on all stats and surveys we have that consumers still want and enjoy their iDevices more than Android users do so that isn't the primary concern. I think it's almost a moral matter than anything else at this point.

Still makes me wonder what idiot thinks they look alike. Similar I'd go for, but not even close to identical. iPad has a 4:3 screen resolution next to the 16:10 screen resolution of the Tab 10.1, that alone is a glaring difference.
Packaging may be pretty much the same, but there are only so many ways to can package something efficiently.
Just my 2 cents...

Yes, Apple needs to defend its intellectual property rights. For themselves, and for any other individual or organization that has intellectual property to defend. If Apple can't protect their hardware and software designs against copying, then who can?
Re: "Although the iPad still dominates the tablet market, it's been gradually losing market share as a multitude of Android tablets have begun coming out of the woodwork. "
Just the Kindle Fire really. And sales of the Fire have dropped significantly.

Re: "If Apple can't protect their hardware and software designs against copying, then who can?"
But is it really copying though? Does Apple own the rectangular tablet? How else should a tablet be designed? Software-wise, Android 4 (ICS) is very different from iOS. Sure, they are similar, and Android has borrowed things from iOS that work, but iOS has borrowed elements of Android (think notifications).
I just think that Apple should focus on innovation, rather than being a patent troll. They have the means to really push the industry forward - Android isn't going anywhere and these patent wars are a waste of valuable time and money.

What's going to stop Google from suing Apple over the obviously stolen notification system? Turnabout is fair play, after all, you want Apple to defend its intellectual property? Is it not fair for Google to do this as well now that they closed on Motorola?

tablets essentially look like shrunken down tv' you dont see tv manufacturers suing because another tv is rectangle because thats and obvious shape for a tv now just like the obvious shape for a tablet is a rectangle...what apple have been doing is patenting anything that is obvious or anything that has prior art but wasnt patented because somethings just should not be i said until i hear of a day when someone buys a tab and thought it was an ipad then for me apple have no case.

Sometimes no matter how right you are, you have to stop and see is it really worth it. Spending all your efforts, and money to put Android out of business is not logical. You may win, but how much damage have you done to your company. Courts as a rule prefer you to litigate. If a Judge has to rule, no matter how honest, and unbisas, their is still a personal feeling toward both parties involved. You are taking a chance sometimes. Look at pass rullings. Sometimes for, sometimes against. If you really want to beat the competition, make something better. The old saying "build it, and they will come" is true, but build it better, and all will come, makes more sense.

I'm surprised Apple didn't go after Blackberry for the Blackberry 10. That is a blatant copy of the iPhone 4S!

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