Line Tip Number 27: Go Light on the Beverages


I now regret drinking that half-liter serving of coke at McDonalds. Now comes the realization that i can't leave my spot in line. I knew I should have packed an adult diaper before leaving home.

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Line Tip Number 27: Go Light on the Beverages


there are dozen iWaiters in line. I am tenth.
the worst part is my macbook is down to about two hours of juice and hotspots are unreliable. I'm posting this from my treo.

I think it's ridiculous for apple to have people stand in line like cattle for this phone. They could have made this real easy for us and take pre-orders. Shame on you apple! All for the hype!

2000 $ well 460ish + 24month plan that you have to take GG.I paid less than half for n95 with 24month plan and it does everthing a iphone does and it has 3G! 5mp camera! little less hd space but damn I don't listen to 2gigs worth of music in a day..

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