TiVO announces iOS-friendly set-top box

TiVO announces iOS-friendly set-top box

TiVO recently announced a new TV-side device that can stream shows right to your iPhone and iPad. The aptly-named TiVO Stream will be able to download or stream programs to your iOS device without messing around with what's currently playing on your TV. The TiVO Stream will still require the Premiere or Premiere Q DVR box, but that's to be expected. Of course, streaming is limited to devices that are on the same local Wi-Fi network, but that's to be expected for high-def shows; at least you'll be able to download them right to the device provdided you have the room.. The unit is being built with cable operators in mind, so you can expect them to be selling it sometime over the next couple of months.

It's been awhile since we've so much as heard TiVO and Apple mentioned in the same sentence, but until the oft-fabled iTV materializes, there's going to be a home for these kinds of smartphone-savvy accessories. Even with the small upgrade recently, Apple TV still isn't a hugely popular product, even among Apple fans. Small projects, like playGo, are extending beyond mere AirPlay support and enabling DLNA connectivity as well.

I ditched cable a long time ago, but it's easy to appreciate being able to watch your own shows around the house without having to wrestle for the remote with other family members. Being able to load up shows locally onto your iPad to watch on while on long trips. How many of you are still big TV-watchers? Anyone still using a TiVO?

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TiVO announces iOS-friendly set-top box


No disrespect but I don't see the big thrill to watch TV on any device nor the urge to unplug from cable. I have 3 flat screens (1-59" and 2-42") with one DirectTv DVR and two tuners where I can watch any show from the 3 rooms (along with my AppleTv for rentals. Unplugging from a reliable source and watching on any device is like ridding of the fridge and having ice chests all over the place. I guess TV is not "that" important to "me" and when I want to watch a show I want to be comfortable with a wow factor. Like anything to do with priorities, if I cant afford my directTv, maybe I shoud not be watching TV as TV is a luxury?
Please enlighten.

We use both small and large screens. One of the large screens is connected to a home-built windows media center rig, so cable is optional. The other is connected via an extender and a Wii, so cable is optional there as well. We've got young kids, so Netflix works out well for us (lots of children shows available). Most of our "regular" tv watching is done with channels we get HD over the air. That's the large screen coverage.
The small screen coverage comes when we need to be a little more portable. We use Netflix while on the treadmill or elliptical machines at the gym (makes the time go by quickly). We also use Netflix and recorded shows for the kids during long trips, long waits, etc. Sometimes while camping, we let the kids take in a show on the iPad.
Like you, I prefer the large screen connected to my surround sound system when I'm watching shows that take advantage of that. But there are many times when a small screen works just fine. I don't feel that I must choose one over the other for all cases.

You obviously don't have kids. To be able to download shows on a portable device during long trips turns family memories from one of pain to one of thrill.

Another great use for an iPad when you have kids is either to watch a show when they are monpolizing the TV set, or to watch something like "Dexter" while they are in the room, whcih you wouldnt want them to see.

I love this box, I would use a few of them to tivo-ize all TVs in the house. Tivo is still to watching TV what the IPhone is to mobile phones. There are a few wannabes, but they don't reach the ease of Tivo (Don't get me started on the bake-it-yourself solutions on Linux). Even though Tivo hasn't really done much for 10 years.
Right now to have Tivo access on every TV in the house, you have to buy a recorder per TV, pay the monthly fee per TV, and oddly shunt your recordings around from recorder to recorder to watch them where you sit down. Having just one big Tivo in the house and stream to all the view devices is the right way to go.

There will probably always be a market for DVR set-top or TV-side boxes. Even if/when the Apple television is released. Because there's approximately a 0.0% chance that either Apple TV or the Apple television will allow you to record any video content (other than maybe FaceTime video messages.)

And that's the sad part Apple. I know they want to keep the Video sales going fine. I want to be able to get what I want and set it up. Apple dropped the ball years ago by not having AppleTV have a cable card slot and a connection to a mini to house the recordings. Instead M$ got MCE finally right and I have a homebuilt HTPC and it's great. Would I have liked it from Apple YES! This thing from Tivo is just more weakness with not great appeal.

Sure, I still use a TiVo. I like it a lot. But I want to stream over the internet and to a Mac, not my iPhone. So I'll continue using my SlingBox.