Supposed iPhone 5 metal back hands-on video surfaces, matches previously leaked pictures

iPhone 5 Case Leak

A video has surfaced today that claims to show off the iPhone 5 metal back and casing. The casing shown off in the video does appear to exactly match last weeks leaked photographs which showed a raft of changes from the iPhone 4S design.

The video shows off the new slimmer casing design which also incorporates the rumored smaller dock connector. It also shows the revised speaker and microphone grilles. Apple also appears to be heading down the uni-body approach with the antenna and back parts of the device being made in one piece; this improves the strength of the device as well as using less parts, creating more space inside for components.

The headphone jack is again shown on the bottom of the device which is common on iPod touch devices where as previous iPhone models have always had the jack on the top of the device. The bottom position may make more sense and would avoid having a cable draped down the front of your device while your holding it. The final and probably most important change is the height of the device, again we see that it is definitely larger than the iPhone 4S so a bigger screen looks like a certainty if these leaks are correct.

As with all of these leaks, until Apple actually shows off the new iPhone, we are never exactly sure what it will look like. Having said that, these leaks do appear to be very consistent and could well be parts from the next iPhone.

Source: YouTube via 9to5 Mac

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Reader comments

Supposed iPhone 5 metal back hands-on video surfaces, matches previously leaked pictures


Looked unquestionably fake, even at first glance -- surprised would consider this newsworthy...

Totally agree. Fake! I mean the plate is real, but it's not from Apple's iPhone 5. It is some unauthorized iPhone clone.
The reason why I think so is because I don't think Apple will change the dock connector with thousands of third party accessories designed for the current 30-pin connector. In fact that connector is patented and no third party manufacturer has a write to make one. That's why this clone has just a regular micro-usb connector like most other phones.

The first iPhone's popularity paved the way for all those accessories, and no one had a 30pin connector back then, but now almost everyone does. Apple will most likely create a dock adjuster to fit on top of most accessories IMO. When you are the head of the most successful company world wide, you can pretty much release anything and be sure that people will buy it and adjust to it.

So what you're saying is that in 1000 years, if apple was still around an making phones, that they would still have the 30 pin dock connected just to save a few replaceable accessories?

If it's fake it's a pretty elaborate hoax. These rumors have a lot of consistancy to them.
I like the metal back, so much more durable than glass. Although personally I still prefer soft-touch materials.

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Re: "The headphone jack is again shown on the bottom of the device which is common on iPod touch devices..."
Also the iPod nano FWIW.
The CE logo and FCC logo are not present on the back. So the item is clearly not a production part (if it was intended for the US, anyway, and other countries no doubt require similar regulatory badging.)
If this is a fake, it's just one component in an extensive and elaborate hoax. Not worth the trouble. I'm starting to think that the overall shape is real (but maybe not the badging, coloration, and texture details.)

It's also not out of the realm of possibility that this part was produced for testing purposes prior to FCC approval. That said, it wouldn't have the FCC logo imprinted on it. Since we haven't seen any FCC info leaked at this point it's possible that the design hasn't been finalized yet so I'm not holding my breath that this is going to be identical to a production model. If it is, however, I can't wait for it.

you may be right but there needs to be a serial number the Designed by Apple in California and Assembled in China. There'd would also be a trash can with an X over it.

This doesn't sit well with me. This just looks, wrong.
For one, why would they place two small slabs of glass at the top and bottom? This hardly fits in with Apples design ethics. It already has the slits for the antenna, so why keep the glass? It looks more like a re-hashed 2011 HTC phone than an Apple product.
Second, the 'black' version has a dark grey anodization, which has never been used on any iOS device (save for the iPos nano). Why would they switch to an anodized finish, in two different colors no less, when they've been using the matte nickel finish on the iPhone, iPad, MacBooks, and iMacs? I don't think it looks very nice, TBH.
Third, the headphone jack on the bottom completely throws off the balance of the bottom of the phone. It now has one large, and one small grid of holes for the mic/speaker. It makes the bottom look disproportionate and busy, which is very un-Apple (but then again, the leaked parts for the iPhone 4 with the antenna slits looked really un-Apple at the time..) It really makes no sense to move it since it's been on the top since the iPhones introduction, other than they needed the space. But I'm pretty sure they'd find a way to do it.
Fourth, the second microphone is now between the camera and flash. Between. Why? You would think they'd put it on the right side of the flash to keep things proportionate. If Steve had any say in the design of this iPhone, I highly doubt he'd let this slide.
I don't know if it's just me thinking these things, because I am really picky person. If you were to ask me, I'd say its fake. At the most, it's probably a R&D unit to test the waters of this design.
I am, however, all for the new micro-dock. Slap some MagSafe on that and call it a day.

Anyone notice how the top of the phone didn't seem to have the little microphone the 4 & 4S have for "better voice quality"?

I noticed that too. The noise cancelling secondary mic is supposed to help voice recognition in apps like SIRI.

This looks real good. The headphone jack belongs at the bottom of the phone, no more cords in the way (taking a page from Google's Nexus). If the metal design holds, should save a lot of broken glass backs and screens for people less careful with their devices. Overall it looks like a smart and safe way to go with the phone design. The question is what new goodies can ios 6 bring to match the hardware.

The headphone jack is on the bottom for docking purposes. Just my guess. Apple being pro-consumer by adopting something more standard. Of course, that's what I would think but I'm not on Apple's PR Team....
Beautiful design, very radical. If this is true, this truly is the most beautifully designed Apple Product yet in my opinion.

Hopefully, they will sell adapter cables and connectors for legacy dock accessories.. My Kenwood car stereo for example uses a special USB cable with a dock connector on one end, and a USB and mini-stereo plug on the other.. You cant use a standard iPod USB cable to get audio to the head unit.. The dock connector plugs into the bottom of my ProClip mount. With any luck, they will make an adapter cable with a female legacy dock connector on one end and a male micro dock connector on the other.. Then I'll just have to get a new ProClip device mount when/if they become available with the micro dock pass-through.

Wow, if this is real, Steve must be rolling over in his grave. This is the worst kept redesign in Apples history.
Love the new look though.

Looks fake and if its real it looks real disappointing, honestly i feel like the iphone 5 should be a 4.5 inch screen something close to the galaxy nexus if its going to have retina display. Although i think the whole notion of hd smartphones is kind of stupid in the first place with those tiny screens, if apple wants to do the retina display they say they are bringing to the iphone any justice, they're gonna wanna make it more than a half inch bigger.

I am keenly following this website. I make an interesting observation:
Every article that is common to both this website and the most popular mac rumors blog follows this disturbing trend: It first appears in mac rumors and then here after couple of hours. I have never found a counter example, as yet. Why, I wonder?

I was very excited about this when I saw the back plate and thought it was the screen. But think about it... look at the area on the back and imagine if it was a screen. Wouldn't that be awesome? I know they probably couldn't make it go edge to edge like this but I hate that I thought this because I feel I may be let down with what they actually come up with when Apple officially announces the new iPhone.

Looks kinda thick compared to the competition...which is fine if that thickness is used for battery.

I didn't say it's thick. I said it looks thicker than the competition. If it's thinner than the 4s like you state, that may just be an optical illusion with the slab sides.

Apple lists all of the required government specs and serial numbers at the bottom of its devices. This is fake. It might be based on a real thing, but this particular part is absolutely fake.

If this is fake, someone went to a lot of trouble and for what ???? this is why it makes everyone think that it might be a real design but if it is then I would assume that is a prototype of the real deal, and if it is then its for sure that everyone that talks bad about it will still buy it like everyone (and myself) did with the iPhone 4.

I've been following this leaked design since it hit the web, and the more it gets media traction, the more I'm inclined to believe that it's real.
That being said, I initially had the same visceral reaction that I did to the iPhone 4 design - distaste. However, after getting the iPhone 4 (and subsequently the 4S), I've come to appreciate its design aesthetic. While I was watching this video, the more that I saw this design, the more I came to like it, particularly the anodized finish. If they'd just clear the glass off the back, I think it would look fantastic.
Either way, I honestly think this will prove to, once again, be Apple's best-selling iPhone to-date. I can't imagine people taking a look at it (and its rumored specs) and not wanting to take the leap.

I really hope (whatever the new iphone will look like) it will have the headphone jack at the bottom! I don't know how many times rain drops have gotten inside my 4s' headphone jack while i was filming or taking photos! Which i am sure shows up as water damaged thus voiding my warranty. :(

I've never had a problem with the placement of the headphone jack.
That two-tone backplate doesn't look like something Apple would make. I thought they would make the back of the iPhone 5 look like the back of the iPad 2/3. That'd better looking than this, and it'd standardize the range of their products, all with the anodized metal backplates (iPad, iPhone, iMac etc.)
It just doesn't look right to me...if it's what the actual thing looks like, I will have to have a think about buying it, as the design of the product is as important to me as the function.
I'm hoping this is a hoax.

It sure looks fake to me, and the fact that Apple lawyers aren't all over this really makes me think it's fake.
Still... if this is the size the iPhone 5 turns out to be, I'll be happy.

Anyone else notice the the holes on the bottom where the speaker and mic is; the right side speaker has more holes than the left side mic? Seems like a glaring design "flaw" which seems very un-Apple.