Smart Banners in Safari for iOS 6 to offer quick shortcuts to app

A new trick in Safari for iOS 6 announced at WWDC 2012 today was Smart Banners.

These are clever little banners that slide down from the top of a screen and offer those browsing from an iOS device the ability to launch directly into an app or download it from the App Store. This is awesome news for developers that want to offer visible, smooth links from their web pages from their mobile site. Apple also announced a few new things in Safari for iOS 6, including iCloud tab syncing.

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Reader comments

Smart Banners in Safari for iOS 6 to offer quick shortcuts to app


I don't really like downloading applications for every store that I shop at and just prefer mobile websites. I hope this can be disabled in some way.

If it's used to replace the goddamn splash screens some sites use I'm all for it. (I'm looking at you, goddamn IMDB).