The big list of iOS 6 features

The big list of iOS 6 features

At WWDC, Apple proclaimed iOS 6 would introduce over 200 new features when released this fall, and that what we saw yesterday was just a small sampling. We've got plenty of posts going over the big features, but there are also a handful of slides that were positively riddled with features that they just didn't have time to go over.

Additionally, there were lots of smaller features that either just got a passing mention, were folded into some of the talk about OS X, or weren't referenced at all. That said, let's tear apart the keynote address (which was recently made available in HD on iTunes, by the way) and pick out every teeny tiny iOS 6 feature we can.

We're going to keep a running tally here, and update it as more information becomes available, so check back often! (New additions will be in boss-like bold.)

iCloud sync with OS X Mountain Lion

  • Messages (with iMessage, pulled from the latest beta), Reminders, Notes
  • Documents in the Cloud (Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Preview, Text Edit, plus developer SDK)
  • Mail preferences pushed to iCloud
  • iCloud Documents API improvements


  • Sports scores (baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer)
    • Italian Serie A
    • English Premier League
    • MLS
    • French Ligue 1
    • Spanish la Liga
    • Dutch Eredivisie
    • German Bundesliga
    • MLB
    • NCAA Football
    • NFL
    • NBA
    • NCAA Basketball
    • WNBA
    • NHL
  • Sport player stats
  • Sport team rosters
  • Sports league standings
  • Sports game schedule
  • Updated restaurant searches (type, price, Yelp reviews, distance, map, hours, phone number)
  • OpenTable reservations for restaurants
  • Movie listings per theatre
  • Rotten Tomato moview reviews
  • Movie facts
  • Movie trailers
  • Search by actor/actress
  • Launch apps
  • Send Tweet
  • Update Facebook status
  • Listen to notifications
  • Eyes Free car integration (in the next year)
  • International languages (Canada, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Korean, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China) and local search (all of the above plus countries with existing Siri functionality)
  • Siri for iPad (new iPad only)


  • Single sign-on
  • Share from Photos, Safari, Maps, App Store, iTunes, Game Center
  • Public API for developers
  • Contact and Calendar integration


  • Reply to incoming calls with message (preset or custom) or save reminder (timed or geofenced)
  • New dialer layout


  • Do not disturb toggle with fine-grain phone call exceptions, schedules, or allowing repeat calls
  • Facebook and Twitter compose buttons


  • Available over cellular
  • Apple ID unified with phone number, enabling FaceTime or iMessage answering on iPad or Mac


Photo Streams

  • Shared Photo Streams with designated friends, includes comments
  • Photo Stream pictures in Mac screensaver
  • Photo Stream now a separate tab, not another album



  • Barcode collection for boarding passes, store cards, coupon, movie tickets
  • Pops up on lock screen when you arrive
  • Includes up-to-date-balance
  • Boarding passes update with gate changes
  • Synced to iCloud
  • Cute deletion animation

Guided Access

  • Disable certain app interactions with a circle
  • Limit hardware buttons, touch, and motion control access
  • Single-app mode


  • Local search with 100 million business listings with Yelp reviews and pictures
  • Crowd-sourced traffic data with incident reports
  • Free turn-by-turn navigation with alternative route offers based on faster ETA
  • Navigation viewable from lock screen
  • Siri integration, finds spots along your route
  • Flyover (3D buildings)
  • Multitouch rotation, angle change, and zoom
  • Powered by TomTom
  • Pinch-out in maps goes to globe view
  • Report bugs

Game Center

  • Game Center sync with OS X
  • Cross-platform turn-based and realtime gaming between iOS and Mac
  • Issue challenges to friends
  • Find Facebook friends

Developer SDK

  • Audio and video sampling during playback
  • Pass Kit
  • Rich text on labels, fields, and text views
  • VoiceOver gestures
  • Control camera focus and exposure
  • Remote Web Inspector
  • CSS filters
  • Action Sheer
  • Web Audio API
  • Crossfade with CSS animation
  • Game Center in-app experience
  • Reminders
  • Video stabilization
  • Game groups
  • Bluetooth MAP support
  • Transit apps (Apple's Maps doesn't have its own, but opening doors to local devs)
  • In-app Bluetooth pairing
  • Face detection API
  • Inter-app audio
  • Frame drop data
  • Map Kit
  • Auto layout
  • State preservation
  • Pull to refresh on Table views
  • In-app purchase hosted content
  • Read and write image metadata
  • Collection views
  • In-app content purchases
  • Multi-route audio


Anyone see anything new in the iOS 6 beta that's really rocking your world? What are you favorite new features?

Thanks to jwr_ for his finds.

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Reader comments

The big list of iOS 6 features


The maps is a cool new feature. Everything elsr is ok. I would like the native msgn app to be changed. There should be a quick reply pop up option like bitesms.

I hope you realize that Apple's new Maps app is actually LESS functional than the new version of Google's app that was demonstrated on an iPad last week!
You can say goodbye to public transportation routes, bike routes, pedestrian routes, OFFLINE MAPS, street view, and GLOBAL COVERAGE!
You just better pray that Apple approves Google's new Maps app, or you're screwed...

be nice if it was in the store but honestly, i've never had occasion to use any of the things you mention. so not a loss really.

Do you know how many people actually use all of those features? Most people use maps to get driving directions. Usually only cities like New York have large amounts of people that use bike/walking directions. The new app actually dows have pedestrian dorections. Street view is cool but not necessary. And global coverage will affect a lot of people (outside the US) but from my understanding, the only thing they don't get would be turn by turn (voice) directions.
Apple's app is definitely missing features, but all (at least most) of the really important ones are there. And they will definitely be adding back certain features over time.
My point is that we're not 'screwed'

Actually people in every major city in the world rely on public transit, biking directions. That's...I don't know...maybe a lot of people? I can say in Chicago, Google Maps public transit directions are invaluable, and I used them every day. Not everyone drives a car, which doesn't make sense in the city. Again...I'd say that's a LOT of people who are screwed.
And Street view has more practical value than "Flyover 3D Mode" or whatever it's called.

I agree. I'm in Milwaukee and to go downtown you really don't want to drive. Plus people with disabilitys don't drive so public transpertation is very valuable. People are doing more walking today, it's healthier and a lot better for our envirorment.

More importantly, Google maps is not going away. It will not be the stock map service on ios but is will remain available as an app and as a web service.

Not sure if you live in a major city but I used this feature all the time in Charlotte as well as manhattan

I can answer your question: John lives in a parallel universe (Earth-2?) where cities have been deserted and everybody lives out in the boonies. This is all happened after the zombie apocalypse.

Actually apple is in trouble because if these new maps are not as accurate as google maps a lot of people will switch to other platform. And unfortunately they are not accurate at this moment. I mean other countries as there are many others besides The USA

I can’t believe it but I’ve found myself looking at android phones since this announcement… I am a big apple fan and have always defended iOS against the haters, always agreed with the gradual update policy rather than complete re-design and have accepted some of the short comings because it all ‘just works’. But I think Android with ICS is getting pretty good now as are some of the top end handsets. I wasn’t overly impressed with the iphone 4s (it’s the first iphone I decided not to get), the new ipad also didn’t wow me enough to upgrade my older ipad and now with this iOS release, are apple slipping or am I just too picky?? Maybe I need to take a punt at Android, if its bad then I’ll be back and I’ll appreciate my i-devices again so much more!

I guess I just don't need to upgrade OS and hardware every year. I upgraded from the 2010 MBA to the 2011 MBA mainly for the lighted keyboard and it was worth it. I upgraded from the iPad 1 to the iPad 2 for the speed increase and again it was worth it. But really, software updates have not been enough to upgrade for yet. I'd need to see videos included in Photo Stream before moving up the software.

This is basically a list of things that Android has had for months/ years. Make sure to check out a top of the range droid on the latest OS and you will see its years ahead of Apple.

You'll be back. I also own a HTC One X (probably the best Android phone...except the s3 that will be available this year). I went back to my iPhone like that. "Android did it" gets really old because yes, they did it. However getting a high end "droid" doesn't feel like I'm light years feels like I'm beta testing. The only difference now between iOS and Android is this: Google pushes out features as soon as they can. You deal with the bugs and whine to google to fix them. Apple polishes and polishes until it's shiny.
You can try the switch. You'll find yourself coming back though...especially if you own more than one Apple product.

I just came back from trying to switch to android. The thing that bugged me most was the storage space for apps, even switching apps to my SD card i kept finding i'd run out or get that annoying message saying it was low, Android still has a way to go before it's as smooth as the iPhone.

Mike ihad the same problem...
The problem was fixed in 2 way s. new headsets have large internal storage. But you and. I were using Android wrong.
The move2sd protocol keeps most files still on internal drive.!
That rs why you still ran out of room. on froyo you should have used link2sd instead. it moves all files to sd, but spoofs it on internal. drive with hotlinks ...
On gingerbread the protocol was updated to move2sd+ which works in a similar way...
If you just switched its a shame both options have been around for a year, even if you have a very old phone ...
..( the original move2sd did suck! and Google should have anticipate this problem and come out in front of it rather than having users like yourself. Get lost when there was s simple effective fix... Or maybe you should have gone to a developer forum ( like xda )or just Google and did a search.....
With all the hackers on an open platform ;didn't it occur to you that it was solved ? Mike ihad the same problem...
The problem was fixed in 2 way s. new headsets have large internal storage. But you and. I were using Android wrong.
The move2sd protocol keeps most files still on internal drive.!
That rs why you still ran out of room. on froyo you should have used link2sd instead. it moves all files to sd but spoons it on internal. drive with hotlinks

"However getting a high end "droid" doesn't feel like I'm light years feels like I'm beta testing.
That's actually pretty well-phrased. I'm a long-term Android user and vastly prefer it to iOS, but Android does have kind of an experimental, "hey, let's see if this works" feel to it. That might actually be part of the draw for me, actually.

I'm definitely an Apple fan for the simple reason that the IPhone, IPad and IPod Touch are blind accessible right out of the box since they include the VoiceOver screen reader. There are similar options for Android devices admittedly, but while a few of them are even free none of them are included out of the box and quite frankly I wasn't impressed with them when I tried them. One in particular kept telling me I had new voicemail and text messages every five seconds when I quite clearly had none. So far I've never had those or indeed any issues with either of my IDevices. I own an IPod Touch and an IPhone, which some might consider overkill since it means that in a way I have two IPods. But I got the Touch before the IPhone since I figured it would be a good way to ease myself into learning the IOS interface without having to worry about the possibility of accidentally rejecting calls or something in the first few weeks. Of course looking back now i realize that might have been an absurd worry considering the way the IOS interface works with Voice Over.

Ya know, I agree. I started with android and I had 3 different droids eventually leading to my iPhone when it was released on verizon. I've been very happy with my phone but I cant help oogling over how much fun it is to play with an android and how much they have improved since I had it a year and a half ago! When iOS 6 was released, I was let down because almost everything released, I had on my crappy droid eris over 2 years ago. As a tech junkie, I need development and I feel like apple is really slowing down on that process.
The things that keep me from switching:
1. My mom, sister, 2 best friends and gf all have iPhones (plus a few more close friends)
2. The iPhone just works. Androids tend to slow down or get a little buggy. iPhone just keeps on ticking (personal opinion)
3. iTunes backs EVERYTHING up. Android backs up some things. If you do a master reset, youll have lots of fun trying to get it all back the way you had it.
4. With iOS, I dont have to worry about having too many apps open and slowing down the memory.
5. Androids make me phone hungry and i tend to upgrade between 2 and 4 times a year (I have 5 lines on my account)

Wait, the good days arent over, 4S was an incremental upgrade and wait until the end of the year for 5. iOS will get better. There are major UI changes in iOS 6 that Apple didn't show off.

If iPhone 5 is like the leaks. 4" screen by going 16:9 and not wider. Box shaped case. It will not impress, just 4" to say 4" not really larger. Almost the same shape except taller.
I would have gone for the Rumored iPhone 5 from last year, it was much better looking and shaped. This years rumored device is not exciting.
Hope to see something better, I'm due for an update and skipped 4S.

it will be LTE and that alone will make it sell. And most people are like imore readers that need the new look at me toy and want change because they are bored.

Yeah I thought like that to last year. And went through two months of hell. Had three different phones that were horrible. Both hardware and most of all software. and support from google was... o wait they had little to no support what so ever. But hey to each his own.

Believe-me even with ICS and nice phone Android just don't work as well as iOS. I tried and with exception of maps, customization and multitasking experience everything else is better on iOS. I think that you will be back. Wait iPhone 5 if you can. They may surprise with nice hardware enhancements.

But, Aldo, what does that tell you about the Apple devices that you have now: the iPhone and iPad? After a year or more of use, they are still doing the job you need and you saw no need to replace them. That speaks volumes about the quality of what you have. As for other platforms, I've found that "cool" on the surface (no pun intended) doesn't necessarily mean useful and reliable on the inside. In any case, all the best to you!

Am I the only one overjoyed with iTunes Match now streaming rather than just downloading!!! This is a massive improvement.

I wish they would have announced that they were upping the 25,000 song limit for iTunes Match. Can't sign up. 48K+ songs in my library.

25k song limit for a paid service whose only advantage is that you do not have to upload songs if they already exist on the server? And you can only use via ios or iTunes? I'll take google music or amazon cloud.

i agree. already uploaded 18k songs, still barely use it but it's free. not monthly charges and considering how little i use it that's a big plus.

The reason why this doesn't look like much is that Apple wasted tons of time and staff recreating google maps. As soon as the map rumors started swirling, it was cleat that if they were true, the resources Apple would need to put into it would be overwhelming, which means less for everything else. The new maps has pretty eyecandy to mask that it is missing usuability features of the current maps app. Everything else is little incremental things: siri searches for more things, tweaks to the maps app, etc. Ho hum.

don't need to buy them all off itunes. I've got maybe half that amount but my large collection is mostly my collection combined with my father's huge collection all ripped before iphones existed. I actually started ripping my stuff like many people before anyone was selling hard drive players. i was playing them off my computer in my apartment. Then an ipod was just a hope.

I just want you to be aware that it's a 25,000 uploaded song limit.  Matched songs don't count. I'm sure you'll be fine.

A few questions came to me while reading...if you could please gives more details on them...
Custom vibrations for alerts - what do you call "alerts" exactly? Clock alarms, countdown, reminders, etc?
International language and local search (Canada, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Korean, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China) - Does the local search mean that services like map & directions, businesses, restaurante, etc is now available in all these countries? This Siri features were not accesible with iOS 5.
And an estra question. I haven't read this one in your article at all, but elsewhere, maybe someone could clarify this. Is there a way in iOS 6 to set custom ringtones to specific apps? (OS- based, and no like Whatsapp, which lets you choose between their app's sounds).
Thank you to evyone for any help.

I appreciate this update more probably because I left my 4S and went Windows Phone 7 but came right back to ios. Don't get me wrong, WP7 is a great OS but it is not for me. Their deep integration, live tiles and navigation are fantastic. But it is still a new OS , thus making it vunarable to bugs and annoyances over time.
Same went for iOS pre 3.2 hence always jail breaking. iOS has now matured into a Solid mobile platform where these additional features are just a fine refinement of the existing platform and a beatiful harmony of hardware and software, something Android has failed to achieve to this date. Don't get me wrong, the HTC One X is by far the best Android device to date, yes still better than the Galaxy III, but that's for another day.

I feel shafted with no lube over the fact the turn by turn won't be available on the iPhone 4. Also a few other features won't be available either. To say I'm p#ssed off is an understatement. Though I'm not forced to update my phone it won't being long. I have no job and can't afford a £37 pound a month contract. Nor can I afford to pay over £400 for a new phone. Apple is starting to p#ss me off.

Apple are a business. Why would they not want to sell new products? Times are hard, sure, but if you don't have a job and therefore can't afford a new iPhone then that's that. No point moaning about Apple wanting to make money. You haven't got turn-by-turn at the moment and you haven't got the other features you say won't be supported on the iPhone 4 so it's not like you got the phone for those features. I'd quite like the newer bigger, more powerful, more feature-loaded car that my current car manufacturer has just brought out. But I can't afford it. I'm not going to start being p#ssed at that manufacturer for doing that though.

Typical conservative response. There iPhone 4 can definitely handle the upgrade but Apple chose to not include it out of greed. There are other reasons to upgrade to an iPhone 5 other trying to cripple the iPhone 4 to do it. Not everything a business does solely for profit is a good idea. One of these days you guys will see that.

He's saying that the guy got what he paid for and shouldn't expect a lifetime of free features just because he wants them. The purpose of a business is to make money not give handouts. If they put all the new features on all of the old devices everyone would buy cheaper older devices or not upgrade at all. Which equals them losing money.

"Typical conservative response"? Such a rediculous attitude toward a simply logical statement. Don't by what you can't afford and eventually those that sale it will make it affordable, in order to bring it back into demand. Wow, there's and interesting concept!!!

As a fellow iPhone 4 user, I get where you are coming from. But I always go back to "It didn't have it when I bought it"
Not to mention the biggest factor -- The iPhone 4 will be the "free" phone come iOS launch.

If you want Maps with free turn-by-turn directions, you could always just pick up any 4-year old Android phone; since, you know, they've had it all along.... :P

One of the most important reason why people are pissed because iPhone 4 didn't get the turn-by-turn is that it's not much of a difference between iPhone 4 and 4s. It's the same phone with siri and better camera. Not a reason to upgrade for most people.

The performance of the CPU & GPU of the A5 processor in the iPhone 4S compared to the A4 in the iPhone is quite significant. Nevermind the fact that the antenna system on the iP4S is improved upon compared to the iP4. So no, the iPhone 4S is not just an iPhone 4 with Siri and a better camera.

...and if you genuinely believe that the "VAST PERFORMANCE DIFFERENCE" between the 4s and the 4 is what is required to support something as resource hungry as "turn by turn navigation", well, you're an idiot.

A very simple improvement would be allowing us to add custom words to the dictionary. I'm sick of writing friends names and auto-correct kicking in and I have to type it three times etc.

If I not mistaking your comment, you can add custom words in the keyboard section under settings. I have a ton of them that I use not only for names but shortcuts too.

I'm thrilled with the 'Do Not Disturb' feature! It's actually a suggestion I (among, I'm sure, many, many others) had sent to Apple. Since we no longer have a home phone, I hate turning my phone off at night, or if I take a nap during the day. Now I won't have to!

The problem with the Off button is that it also stops emergency phone parents are in their 70's, I can't afford to miss a call from them or my off button for me, ever.

I may never read this forum again, but I have to say... Epic egg on face moment for Anthony, there

Cant agree more with @Aldo. With great success with iDevices, Apple is one.. no, 3 steps behind competitors and just watching and start copying them. They dont want revolution now. What a shame!
Hardware-software optimization? Yes, it worked before but these days competitors like Samsung getting knows how to optimize their better hardware (than apple) with Android. And as long as I know, Samsung and Google are making their own operating system and device like Apple, Apple will gradually lose their position. In my opinion in 5 years, Samsung and Google will take the popularity which now Apple have.
Come on Apple, I really loved you guys. Please dont be settled down.

What are talking about? Please be specific. What hardware optimization are you talking about? In what way are they "3 steps behind"?

Apple always late to add very BASIC and ESSENTIAL features to iOS which their competitors have them long time ago. Such as folder system, multitasking (even it is not true multitasking), notification center and so on. They sit back and watch what Android do first and if it looks great they implement to iOS. They are sayng it is because they want to make it perfect and stable but that cant be an excuse. I am for sure sometime later Apple will add "widget" and "quick-access button" (for the WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and etc) on the notification center which Android had from long time ago and they will say "wow it just works", oh also they will escape from SMALL 3.7 inch screen to follow competitors. Apple lost how to innovate, they are so afraid to do revolutionary thngs. I bought all generations of iPhones, iPads, Macbook Pros bucause Apple was so creative and revolutionary which make me to feel pleasant when using them. It is time to think again how they approach when they make iOS or iDevices.

of all the other things he mentioned, you selectively picked the screen-size.
Attach a photo to an email, every mobile device can do it except for iOS5, iOS6 will have it and they think it is the best in the world.
having signature for each email account, WP7 has this, it's like they polished it and it is so shiny that you will be blinded just by looking at it.
that's what the guy is saying.

love the ios 6 but only thing is no maps loves for iphone4 this just absurd for me but ı wait for publıc release but ı am realy upset for maps for iphone4 because ı am ok with no siri for but maps we waith for this...

the hell do consumer gotta pay for an app when the iphone4 handle the processing? are you that retarded? there's an app for everything that iOS6 do, if that's the case, apple doesn't need to lift a finger.
the 4s isnt light speed ahead of the 4.

No, I'm not intellectually challenged at all. I'd question your thinking abilities after reading your reply... there are free turn by turn nav apps out there. If you'd bothered to look, you might find one you like. But that would preclude you from incessant whining that you're not getting something you could have had all along had you bothered to take the time to find it. smh.

I'll admit that I wasn't overly impressed with everything shown. It would be a great 5.X release but not sure it's enough to be a full X.0 release. That's really all they were able to come up with in a whole year???
What actually does make me upset is the features that were selectively made unavailable on the older hardware. For example, no FaceTime over cellular for iPhone 4... really? I plan on getting the new iPhone in the fall anyway, but there is no technical reason why that wouldn't work on a 4. It's stuff like that that makes me shake my head. Not everyone can afford to upgrade.

I can understand being disappointed that some cool features in iOS 6 won't be functional for iPhone 4, iPad 1 and older devices. I can't understand being angry or upset or p#ssed, as one poster above put it. In some cases, there are definitely technical reasons why a particular feature doesn't work (e.g., the iPad 1 only having 256mb available to the OS is a big limitation now.) In other cases, the features give a competitive advantage for newer Apple devices over the latest Android devices and even over older Apple devices. The iPhone 4 will soon be 2 generations behind. The iPad 1 already is. The iPhone 3GS is 3 generations behind. It isn't reasonable to expect every feature of iOS 6 to be made available on older hardware, especially when Apple wants customers to have reasons to upgrade. At least iPhone 4 users CAN upgrade to most of iOS 6. Most of the Android phones that are less than a year old STILL don't have ICS, and many of those never will. How's that for fair?

Perhpas this is all a clever scheme in order to wow us with the "New iPhone" in October. I can't help but think that we will see major updates then.

Hopefully it will. And hopefully we'll get a bigger screen as well but, we'll just have to wait until fall to see for sure. Because you know apple...always changing things last second haha

i think verizon and At&T said that no more smartphones will be released without LTE and with sprint paying to expand to LTE i don't see how it can't.

Downloading from App Store doesn't kick you out anymore and you also don't have to keep entering your password for app updates... This is really nice!

You didn't have to keep entering your password for app updates before, there's an option in settings where you can choose how often you have to enter your password :)

I just wish they hadn't screwed the pooch so bad on the maps.... the only way I'm upgrading and not migrating to Android as soon as my contract is up, is if Google releases a GOOD (not web wrapper) app of Maps and it's actually approved, which I can't see Apple allowing.
I am a non-Japanese person living in Japan and I live and DIE by those maps being comprehensive and in English, and the data sources disclosed so far are horrid and lacking in a single English version of the Japanese names.

So much this! I'm the same, here in Japan. The iPhone 3G was my first phone ever and I got it for exactly 2 reasons: browsing the net and google maps. I will either not bother updating to iOS 6 or I may be forced to jump ship. I also love street view and use it all the time to find businesses since the streets here are so chaotic. I can't imagine not having google maps on my phone. 3D flyovers or 3D views entirely are of no interest. Love the satellite views and public transportation routes. I guess I'll have to wait and see. I was really looking forward to upgrading from my current iPhone4 too this fall but now...

Looks like Apple needs to step up their game. I have just moved to iPhone 4S from Android, and although IOS "just works", it lacks a lot of basic features that are native to Android. The new ICS on Android puts to rest any past complaints about lag and instability on Android devices, and people must be buying into it, as the new Samsung Galaxy SIII will be the best selling phone at launch of all time. I would really like to stay with iPhone, and believe me I am not bashing, but IOS6 is just a minor update, and seems to put Apple further behind. I have read the forums on this site for a long time, and since IOS was announced it seems as though a LOT of people are considering a switch to Android. If they go with one of the new ICS phones, this may not be a bad idea.

To say this is a SMALL update is a bit of an exaggeration. this update was obviously to more closely integrate Mac OSX with iOS. A feat that has yet to be done by any other cell phone maker. All part of the close nit system that Apple has in place. If you have a windows computer and no other apple devices, yes this is a SMALL update. If your rockin a mac and other apple tech, this is a HUGE update. I am looking forward to many of these smaller features to more closely integrate my Mac with my iPhone with my iPad with My apple TV.

I noticed Bluetooth settings now quicker to get to... If only I could ask Siri to turn Bluetooth on and off, that would be cool...

I am not liking this at all. Someone said it right this should be an improvement to ios5. I believe the reason for not allowing the iPhone 4 to not get these is Verizon and the amount of unlimited data packages out there with a 4 on them. Myself included. I also cannot believe that I will still be interrupted while I am on a phone call by a text or some other meaningless notification. I shouldnt have to put everything on silent or no vibrate to not be bothered. It should "just work" that way. That was a basic function of a "dumb" phone! I am seriously considering goin back to android. Apple has let me down for sure.

Oh come on now. You cant make a list and put every minor part of each upgrade as an upgrade in itself just for the sake of total new items. As an example, listing each league in sports as an extra enhancement is BS.Its all under one upgrade : Siri & Sport.
Why not just list any and all new commands from Siri and make the iOS the one with over 50,000 new features? :lol: :twisted:

Sigh.. All I really wanted is a voice unlock for my phone so Siri is useful. I hate that I have to unlock my phone by looking at it and putting in my code when I get a new message etc.. Kind of defeats the purpose when using Siri for texting while driving. Seems like it should already be there..

After reading all the comments I think I'm the only one that likes it. Oh well simple mind simple pleasures LOL

You're not the only one. I like it. It's what I was expecting. Still wanting that simultaneous display of 2 apps. There isn't that much left to do but refine. Smartphone functionality has reached the point where they are serving their customers very well, and not only that, there aren't any low hanging fruit left after 5 years of intense evolution and refinement. So improvements today and in the future will have less and less bang for the buck. (When transactional memory comes, maybe that'll spark a new evolution of apps and performance, but software development is slow slow slow compared to hardware).
As for the posts, you have to remember that at least half of them, if not the majority, are troll posts. This is a tradition for Apple updates of any kind. When ever and iOS or iPhone update comes, there will be backlash and troll posts touting how Apple has failed and they are going to move over to competitor phones. It happened for iOS 5, iOS 4, and iOS 3, iOS 2 and even iOS 1.

Under safari, "Full Screen video in landscape" is incorrect and is rather "Full Screen browsing in landscape".

At first I was a little disappointed but after using it on my iPad for half a day I'm starting to like it. It's not everything I wanted, widgets would have blown my mind. But it's still nice.

The iPhone copied every single one of these features from Android 1.0, right down the phone dialer, complete with numbers and letters on the keys.

and so android has copied any phone that has ever had numbers and letters on the keys.........makes sense?

No man, Android had everything FIRST. Everyone else just copied Android. Hell, even people who made maps back colonial American times copied Google Maps.

Dude. Check out Pre-iPhone Android (Looked clearly like a Blackberry clone) and Post-iPhone Android (Looks like and iPhone clone). And it went into "development", change of plans (copying iPhone OS), AFTER the iPhone. Plus, it lacked things like Core Animation.

I have to say I was very pleased with all of the updates and upgrades. Also, there are some new Emoji icons.

I think some of you are missing the point. A lot of the new features are hidden as APIs. Devs will be able to bring us so much more than what we've seen here from Apple. They take pride in the fact their devs have more power here.
Apple is more than just a phone. With an iPhone you get the Apple ecosystem. Anything on my phone I can play on my TV or stereo. With this update I can be looking at a website on my Mac and grab my phone and continue reading on the go. I can play games with Mac users.
The amount of effort they're putting into tying everything together is astounding. Windows isn't even doing this outside of the Xbox. Android can't come close. Sure, I can mess with apps that do somewhat what I'm looking for if I install this and that, click here, oops - restart the phone, set these settings if that case exists, etc. With Apple, I turn on HomeSharing. That's it.
I'm an IT guy by day, I make a lot of money off the consistency at which Microsoft throws errors. When I'm at home I don't want to tweak anything. I don't want to root anything. I don't want to mess with my router's settings. I'm sick of playing with that stuff, I just want it to work. I just want to play music on my stereo, to play a game with my brother in Illinois, to show my girlfriend a YouTube video on the TV or share a webpage with her on her iPad. With Apple I can just do that.
Go get Android's latest. Play with your ICS. It better be worth it, cause you're not getting the next update. Have fun being disconnected.

No Siri NASCAR, Formula 1 or Rolex Sports cars series integration? BOOO!!! Did they at least upgrade her voice to sound more female? Doubt it. How bout a method to turn off all that extra Facebook sharing crap I don't want? Wasn't mentioned. :-)

With the new iOS 6 update, you will have the ability to chose what Facebook syncing is allowed. I'm sure most of us don't want our 300+ friends birthdays and phone numbers and other info saved into our iPhones.

Does iOS6 have any better Parental Controls?
At least be able to password protect Setting or many be Wi-Fi.
I would like to be able to change the DNS servers on the Network Adapters for OpenDNS, instead of each Wi-Fi network.
Is there a way to change DNS on Cellular Data?

Don't know about DNS, but for parental controls, there's Guided Access, which basically locks down usage so kids can only use a single app.

So the original iPad and iPod touch generations prior to 4th cannot be upgraded to iOS 6? They become obsolete??

ummm where have you been lately? iPad 1 was obsolete in the beginning of 2011. iPod touch 1, and 2nd generation were obsolete in 2010. the third generation touch was obsolete beginning of this year.

In calendars, you can now share your entire calendar with others right from the app. No more going to to do do.

You did not list one of the best new features in Safari. Search right from the address bar, with results showing up as you type with best match and results from Google, History and other areas. You can skip the Google screen completely by passing all the ads and select the result you want right from the drop down choices in the address line(search box).

Apple has this all planned out. They're not going to waste ground breaking updates on software (all though maps is pretty sick) when they release a new re-designed phone because they know people will buy. In 2013 when they release the an Iphone 5S with the same form factor they will focus more on software to sell. This year, they will make the new iphone so sexy that no one will care that the OS looks basically the same because the new design will sell. Next year they will probably update the UI a bit more to make it more atteactive on that end when the phone design remains the same. Thats what I think anyway.

only feature I like is the different signature for different email addresses! i have 5 email accounts on my ipad 3 and having one sig. suck total ass.
It would be nice if replied/fowarded emails would sync with Exchange ... meaning that when I reply to an email on the ipad, Exchange/outlook will know that I have replied to it. Right now, ipad shows I replied but Exchange/Outlook think I haven't.

I think the idea is that the iphone / ipad battery lasts long enough for you to keep wifi and bluetooth on continuously. I do that, have about 5 hours of usage a day and still have over 40% battery at the end of the day. The wifi/bluetooth/everything toggles of Android phones are necessary because the code is inefficient enough to burn through giant batteries in hours. Apple's idea is to make the manual fumbling of phone settings unnecessary.

Will we ever see MAP for Bluetooth? I'm convinced it will never happen. At least not until Apple builds an iCar.

Android phones from 2008 all have FREE turn-by-turn Nav, but Apple claims the iPhone 4 can't handle it, so only the iPhone 4S and 5 will receive that feature? LAWL!! :D
That new Maps app code must be a real hog...

They just redesigned the color scheme of the app and voulume control bar as far as I can tell

Nice feature list. Too bad those features won't be available for all iOS devices.
I love how Apple poked fun at Android for being so fragmented with different OS versions on different devices, then said "Oh, by the way, many new features won't work on anything but the 4S or the new iPad."

Reminds me of the line from the old cartoon Dr Katz:
"Look how much it takes to bore me"
That's a long list, signifying very little of any interest.

Another minor update I don't see listed here is the ability to "Message" a web address from Safari. I realize it's minor and has been available on other OSs forever, but nonetheless, the lack of it prior to iOS 6 drove me nuts.

Nice list, I do like all the Siri & Map improvements. I still would like to see a live clock and weather app, showing the real time and real temp outside. Maybe even make the weather app light and dark for day and night. Kind of like the jailbreak options.
Looking forward to the update.

Man I can just here the fandroids now. " Big deal we have had this for years". We've had that for years". lol "iOS is just getting that now". It's funny as hell.

Coming from android ( HTC Sensation ) I feel cheated because all the IOS updates are old comparing them to a old top android. Apple is ok but I feel it's just missing something and idk what that is. I think anyone that's had a android, meaning 1ghz and up ( not that 600mhz crap ) maybe feel the same way. I will be going back ASAP!!! iPhone is cool just not for me.

Unfortunately I don't see a feature I've been wanting ever since my first iPhone, which is the ability to view metadata on photos. I've got well over 1,000 photos on my iPhone, and it would be nice to know at least the dates of when those photos were taken. You'd think it would be relatively simple for Apple to incorporate this feature into the Photos app--just provide a little "i" icon in the corner of each photo; tap it and the photo flips over to reveal the metadata. I know I can view the metadata after downloading the photos to my Mac, but I want to be able to view it on my iPhone!!!

You can view all photo metadata in Apple's iPhoto app (there is an 'i' button to press when viewing any photo).

I agree. While not in the OS there's an app called "ExifWizard" that does this nicely.

I agree with a lot of statements being made on here about some features that some are so excited about have already been released on WIN7 and Android. My main concern is 4G every carriers network is be bogged down with all these 3G iPhones. I want speed. I would also like the ability to change my fonts like I used to with my Blackberry, even Android had the ability to change fonts or even download apps that would allow you to change fonts. I know it may seem petty but we all have little things we miss if we switched from one smartphone operating system to another.

Noticed inside the App Store, that it no longer sends you to a new page when you want to view the changes to new updates, instead, tapping "View More" will expand the field and show the changes. Super convenient!

Out of their expansive list of over 200 "new" features... the only ones that stand out for me are sharing calenders (finally) and getting notes and reminders in iCloud. The latter is way overdue, it actually should have been there from the get-go. I should be able to just jump on my computer and update notes and see them sync right back to the phone.

Let's not forget folks in all the criticisms that there are people on this planet that living in refuge camps not knowing how they will survive another day. Think about this when you complain about not having a certain feature work a certain way on a PHONE!

i'm really exicted that siri is finally fully functional in the UK at last no more "sorry i can only look for buisness in the united states and when using US english"

All this rubbish anouit my iphone 4 wont get turn by turn me ...just get TOMTOM from app store its far better than ios6 turn by turn...
cheers TC01

It's actually the same thing... Tomtom made Apple's turn-by-turn. The only difference is that Apple's maps are prettier and include some additional features. Knowing Apple, it will probably run a lot smoother than any other turn-by-turn app in the App Store also, upon its final release this fall.
Also, enough with the debate. Android provides a lot more features, but they don't work as well. Apple provides fewer features that all run smoothly and reliably and integrate with their other products seemlessly. Make your choice.

I don't think this was mentioned but in the App store now you don't get kicked out after you click install. It keeps you in the App store to do more shopping. Also if you already have an app installed you don't need to put your password in to do an update for that app.

iOS 5 still will not allow AT&T customers to turn off 3G. In remote areas, on the fringe of 3G coverage, this means NO coverage because the hand off to Edge doesn't work properly. I'm sure hoping they put that 3G on/off switch back in for AT&T customers with this upgrade.

Not what you mean by this, Is it an Iphone 4 or 4s, I have a Iphone 3GS (yes Still using it)Running on AT&T (oh man Do I Hate them) running the latest version of IOS 5.1.1, and I am able to disable 3G Service and run off the slower edge services even in the "Remote" Rural Lands around Oregon......

Do the iMessage unifications mean that if somebody sends a message to my phone number (not my email address, or my Apple ID, but my phone number), it will show up on my Wifi iPad or on my MBP? The fact that it doesn't currently has always struck me as somewhere between hackish and stupid, given that this problem has been solved for years by Google Voice or even by XMPP.

Is the bluetooth control a top menu now...i saw it on the keynote, but wondering if its in the beta?

meh, the vast majority of additions do not interest me. the crippling of mapping as we now know it is a very very very dumb move. It's all political but obviously, Apple doesn't think people need all the basic features we now know and expect from Google maps. But, hey, let's add 3D maps (a red herring) to deflect from the lack of features.
i am long overdue for a hardware upgrade. several things nixed me getting the iPhone. the biggest and most important component is the screen size. this puny 4 inch screen is not really an upgrade. apple will be marketing a larger screen when in fact it's only taller. a 4 inch screen from 3.5 inconsequential. I have an iPad 3, iPod touch 3 gen, and the Samsung Galaxy I. I cant stand the GI, if I see the engineers and software developers, I would have to exhibit a great deal of self control not to throw my phone Samsung at them. There is no dang support from Google whatsoever, the OS is heavily fragmented, apps run in the background robbing your device of system resources, battery, and performance even after you kill them. They keep coming back like a zombie. Yet, I have solidified that I MUST have a larger screen on my mobile device. It must be at leat 4.5 inches, even 5. This was the primary reason to eliminate the iPhone 5. Everything else is incidental. I hope come October, HTC creates a smartphone that has an external SD card not internal because that's we preventing me from getting it. An external SD card is a must with Android because you will need to frequntely wipe out your device because it'll cause you issues if you dont.

Are they ever going to make an iOS were you will be able to send attachments straight from the mail app (not having to download a third party app)? Just wondering. I would really like that!

Just because you love oranges doesn't mean apples are gross. Basically get the phone that works for you. With that said I love iPhone for the simple and easy user friendly layout. I also love Android for the cool features. iPhone is just my preference but that doesn't make me loathe an Android. We are talking about a phone. TROLLS GET A LIFE!!

When Steve Jobs described the iPhone as "your life in your pocket" he wasn't kidding. The smartphone and technology is taking over.

Just finished reading this exhaustive thread. You are all so spoiled. I'm old enough to remember rotary dial phones. The iPhone still leaves me in awe even with its "failures". Be glad you have this technology. I find it hard to be snobbish.

Has apple opened up the Bluetooth stack yet to allow pairing with Bluetooth GPS? This is my biggest issue now that email signatures have been dealt with. This is also why Android is looking better to me everyday. I want one device that will do it all and I spend a lot of time in remote areas. Assisted GPS is brutal. It' not GPS.

Why can't Apple just do the simple things well like they used to...
These things should be simple to do:
i) Addresses in iCal should link directly with the new maps app so you don't have to type in the address into another sat nav app each time.
ii) Designate airplane mode to save battery life... ie from 12am - 6am
iii) A simple way to turn off Bluetooth

Thanks for posting this! I'm even more excited about iOS 6 now. I had no idea about some of the small things that were changed that I'm excited about.

Wow, nice comprehensive post! Quick question, anys chance they added the ability to delete apps from the spotlight search (with a swipe) or added the ability to sort apps by name (instead of the standard 'by size') under settings ->general->usage to make it easier to find the apps you want to delete?

Wait so we aren't gonna be able to go under settings -> general -> software update and upload iOS 6... We are going to have to buy on the app store? I mean I was just wondering but a couple of posts said "it would be nice if it wasn't in the store.
From what it sounds like it is a big update jump like from 4 to 5 but that was all under settings -> general -> software update-> But this jump sounds like we are gonna have to pay. Is that right?
I mean I can afford something like that because so far I don't think I could wait until fall. Oh well.:)

The most basic of features that is still absent, but available on Windows phones is the ability to attach a document - other than a photo, to an email thread. Simple, but powerful item that's been neglected.