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Used electronics reseller Gazelle recently published the result of a survey of some 1,000 smartphone-toting customers. 65% picked iPhone as something they couldn't live without, compared to the 1% that said Facebook. 15% went so far as to say that they would sooner give up sex than go a full weekend without their iPhone. Even for those that pick sex, 4% claimed to have used their iPhone while doing the deed.

That dedication spreads to more casual social situations, too. 25% said they almost always use their iPhone in social situations, and 58% ranged from "usually" to "occasionally". Only 17% "rarely" or "never" touched their phones when socializing. 40% said that they would like to see a larger screen on the next iPhone - they're probably going to get their wish. The iPhone also replaced a lot of other gadgets; 70% said they ditched a dedicated music player device since getting their iPhone, while 55% tossed their camera and 40% got rid of their GPS device.

Though 15% actually isn't that much, it's enough to make you think that of the ten people you know that own iPhones, at least one of them likes their device more than a little bit of lovin'. If you can't figure out who that is, you might want to ask yourself if it's you.

Source: PRNewswire

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There are 12 comments. Add yours.

gquaglia says:

I'm betting that 15% probably wasn't getting laid anyway.

Premium1 says:

Was thinking the same thing lol

Guest says:

not without in-app purchases, at any rate.

pete says:

Or they're married...with children...

Joe says:

15% of people who took that survey need lives/to get laid.

websyndicate says:

Yea that is the 15% I don't associate with. Thats just more for me.

Glenn#IM says:

Good thing they did not ask fishing, or loving? The number would be higher. Fishing that is. I am surprised the number was not higher for music device.

Jenna Jameson says:

Doesnt surprise me a bit.........nerd boys don't know what to do anyway!

Jenna Jameson says:

And why are the comments turned off in Ashley Esqueda's post?
What I would do to those yams.....

Simon Sage says:

I think you answered your own question there.

tuscanidream says:

I'm going to put this iPad down after this post in hopes of having sex.
If this survey is true, I'd be disappointed in those people.

joe blow says:

Yeah to be fair, I have to agree with the concensus here. Most of the 15% probably don't have a chance of sex, are female and have a massively unsatisfying partner, or are too old to give a crap. Hell after a few years with no sex, the instant gratification of an iPhone seems a lot nicer, wouldn't you think?