LynkTec TruGlide Stylus for iPad review

The LynkTec TruGlide Stylus takes a different approach to any other stylus pen we've looked at. Instead of having a silicone tip like the Pogo Sketch Plus, Kuel H12, or Wacom Bamboo, or a plastic disc like the Jot Pro, the TruGlide has a tip made of strong, woven, capacitive fibers. LynkTec claims these fibers are more durable and last longer than either the silicone tips or plastic discs of their competitors, and also provide a smoother, more friction-free experience on the iPhone or iPad. Does it work out that way?

LynkTec TruGlide Stylus for iPad review

During my tests, I found this to be true. The LynkTec TruGlide Stylus tip holds up well and moves nicely across the screen. I also found the quality of the capacitive material to be very good, though not as good as the Pogo Sketch Pro. the woven tip is smaller and less squishy than silicone tipped styluses, which means you get better precision and faster physical feedback.

The stylus barrel is 4.7 inches, not too short to be uncomfortable and not too long to get in your way. The LynkTec TruGlide Stylus also has a clip like a standard pen. There are also some nice, decorative touches which shows they put thought and consideration into the way it looks.

The good

  • Durable woven tip
  • Good capacitance
  • Nice design
  • Very well priced

The bad

  • Not as precise as some other pro styluses

The bottom line

If you're looking for a stylus with as durable a tip as possible that's stylish and offers very good performance, you'll be happy with the TruGlide Stylus. LynkTec markets it as great for gaming, and that's absolutely true. It's also good for note taking and drawing, and comes at great price.

$15.95 - Buy now

Special offer!

The fine folks at LynkTec have provided iMore readers with a special promo code! Just enter "IMORE712" and will discount any TruGlide Clip Stylus to $10.95 (MSRP $21.95). The promotion ends on 7/8. Offer will only work on

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Reader comments

LynkTec TruGlide Stylus for iPad review


This is the best stylus I've used. I picked it up as soon as I read Georgia say that it glides smoothly across the glass. All my other styli would grab or stutter across the glass depending on the angle I dragged them across the screen. It's fantastic. I wish it was a little heavier but it doesn't really bother me. It super responsive on my 3rd gen iPad, much better than any other I've used. Thanks for the great recommendation!

Ditto. After I read this review, I ordered the TrueGlide. Got it today. It's better than several basic styluses I've tried for writing and it's pretty good for drawing, too.
When I compared my Jot Pro, it was more or less a tie.
In "Paper," "Sketchbook Pro," and "Procreate," they pretty much tied. In Notability, they tied in blank documents, but the TruGlide was slightly better in .pdf files for some reason.
The feel of the TruGlide was preferable for writing at times, so a very slight advantage over the Jot Pro there. For very precise drawing, the Jot Pro has a slight advantage simply because it's easier to see where the tip is/where it's going.
Anyway, now looking forward to the Jot Touch which is supposed to be out soon.

I saw this stylus reviewed and ended up getting the tether version which I use with my Motorola Droid and this stylus really has made a difference! It is so much better than using my finger and I can text waaay faster! Also works great with swype on my phone! Haven't tried the clip version but will now after reading your review...

Also check for a fabric stylus... He has many styles to choose from... Not just a one size fits all approach... He even customizes if you want something different/special. I use the RXII and LOVE it!

i have mine and its truly amazing! Lynktec products are amazing and so durable. You will most likely never have to replace it! Its awesome!