Samsung tries to tempt iPhone owners with iOS data transfer utility

Samsung has recently launched Easy Phone Sync for Galaxy owners that want to bring data from their old iPhone over to their shiny new Android devices. The desktop application is supposed to be able to transfer music, videos, podcasts, pictures, contacts, and text messages to any Galaxy device, inclulding the latest SGS3. iTunes music has to be DRM-free in order to get transferred. Samsung UK's Simon Stranford said: .

We’re really proud to announce the launch of this new application and can’t wait to hear what our new and existing customers think of it. We know that traditionally iPhone users have been reluctant to switch to an Android device because they couldn’t use iTunes to manage their content. Easy Phone Sync means people can now enjoy their iTunes content on a Samsung Galaxy phone. What’s more is that it’s really easy for them to do, and literally takes five minutes to set up.

To date, the primary tool to pull off iTunes syncing to Android was DoubleTwist, but there are plenty of alternatives out there, though few of them with a manufacturer's seal of approval. Samsung's solution is licensed from a company called Media Mushroom, who has previously released their sync solution for Android on their own.

Predictably, many users are commenting on lack of compatibility, but keep reaching for that rainbow, guys. I'm sure it'll get patched someday. To be fair, the tool was launched in the UK, so there are likely to be some regional locks in place.

Anyone thinking of switching to Android any time soon? Is being locked in to iTunes actually stopping you from taking the leap? Anyone that already has a Galaxy can download the desktop tool here.

Source: AndroidCentral

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Reader comments

Samsung tries to tempt iPhone owners with iOS data transfer utility


Being locked into iTunes isn't bothering me. I just want a way to sync from outlook directly to the phone or another PC based app. I am not a fan of putting my stuff up on the cloud or any other internet based solution.

Currently an iPhone 4 owner, possibly up for change to Android in November when my contract is up. Only reason I chose an iPhone originally was the poor quality of Android phones (IMO) back then. Now that the hardware is more comparable, pretty sure Android is the better OS. One of my concerns is the iTunes incompatibility, but I don't think it would really hold me back from making the switch.

I'm with you. The boring grid of icons and tiny screen have run its course with me.
Time to move on.

Tiny screen but higher resolution. Personally I prefer a small device instead of a Note-like. Even the s3 is a little too big for me.
And in my opinion it's not the icons layout that can make you switch. The widgets could. I really envy the facebook and twitter widget android has on his homescreen and many others you can add

I really can not understand why apple is not adding widgets and quick-toggle button for gps wifi stuffs. They do not think the way how people use their smartphones. Shame..
It is sure Android is much better OS than iOS nobody cannot deny this.

Why do you come to an Apple fan page to boast about Android?
You always have options, some people including myself are minimalists. We want simple, fast, and easy to use. Having widgets increases the chances of software and battery issues. If I want to check something, I open up an app, takes a couple of seconds longer. Widgets doesn't fit with Apple's philosophy.
I'm tired of hearing people complain about why Android have this and that and iOS doesn't. It's buying a condo and then complaining there's no yard to plant your flowers. Every OS have it's pros and cons. Can't satisfy everyone.

They are not boasting but stating why they could be possibly making the switch. They have stated that some of them own the device so its no surprise that they are on this site but that's not even the point as people come onto this site to get updates on everything iOS. Only ignorant people shut themselves from learning about something different.

I am so happy that you compared your iPhone to a condo and basically implied that an Android is a nice house with a yard and driveway. An OS can please everyone and Android has done it. You can even have an Android that looks and functions like iOS but still allows other features. IF YOU WANT

Have fun with that. Make sure the version you'r phone comes with is really what you want because it will be a cold day in hell before you get an update. Oh and don't forget you'r anti virus software, you're going to need it.

Android updates are coming out on a regular basis now, and Android does not need anti-virus any more than IOS. Enjoying the Kool-Aid?

some of us have been burned my manufacturers who stated that our phones were going to get upgraded to (pick version), only to have them come out later and say, oops, sorry, can't upgrade, you're stuck on Froyo, or you're stuck on ICS, etc etc. Upgrades come out sure, doesn't mean your phone will support them. having to jailbreak doesn't count.

So the music purchased via itunes won't be transferred, but the mp3 you grab somewhere will?
Anyway, I am too dependent on icloud (backup on the air, music always syncedwith my itunes library) to move from ios

Apple hasn't sold drm music for awhile. So unless your purchased all of your music more then 4 years ago it should all sync with android.

I was once locked in and it held me back for a spell but I finally made the Android switch. To be fair, I only had apps to lose and very little music (was never an itunes fan).
Now I stick to agnostic services where possible.

How has it been for you? I am a dyed in the wool apple fanboy. But recently I have used a bootcamp partition to increase my performance on Diablo 3. It's reminded me that the little touches of additional freedom can be a lot of fun for a nerd like myself. I'm toying with living in Windows for a little while. Seems that I may as well go whole hog and tinker with Android while I am at it. I figure that once my two year contract is up on the Android phone, I'll come back to Apple. Given two years, and especially where we are right on the verge of a new model, it should be all the more exciting when I come back. I'm finding that being with Apple is a lot like dating an amazing girl. Despite all of her wonderful features, sometimes you still need some time apart to remember why she is so great.

Dont wait for your upgrade, just pick up a (slightly, if at all) used Android device for a pretty reasonable amount from a site like swappa.c0m if u want to test the waters. Has all types from mid range to high end. Im an ios user, but also enjoy to tinker with android here & there, so that site has been a god-send when i get the itch for 1. (no i'm not working for/promoting the site, i just know its reliable/safe, compared to ebay/craigs list.)

That's actually a pretty good article. One of the least biased reviews on the internet.

Hahah. They can keep their crapy phones. I love the iPhone and the echo system. Samsung is not known for making products that last the test of time.

I am. Loving every moment of it. All my apps work, because the devs don't have to worry about different screen sizes, or manny different .X OSs. And they always get updated. Oh ye, I also get all they lates updates the same day they are relished.

OK. At first I was poking fun. But now, Samsung products don't stand the test of time? Where are the updates for the iPhone, iphone3G, and first Gen iPad? Even the 3GS gets watered down updates. Coding for android is not that hard to accommodate different hardware, if your a good developer. Final point, what good is running the latest software if your device can't handle it? That's why manufacturers won't update. If its that much of a problem root is your answer. Even the nexus one has ics. Your iPhone 3G can't be updated to ios5 let alone ios6.

Holy crap, people are griping about updates for iPhone 3's and 3 Gs's now? Who keeps phones that long? What are Android phones running that are near that old? Not ICS for darn sure!

Whoever thinks Android is a better than IOS and never tried Android for a extended period like a year or more you are in for a rude awakening. And don't believe the hype about the available Android handsets.
Apple makes one great handset. The others make hundreds of ok handsets. That's why year after year folks line up to get them. Check the Android forums. People are are ready to trash handsets that are a year old because they stop working and are not being supported with the latest OS.
My 5 year old original iPhone still works fine and the iPhone 3Gs is still being supported.

Apple supports older phones with limited features. The new top-tier Android phones are just as good or better than the 4S, and ICS is definitely better than IOS, as it has more functionality and options, and is super-smooth. And at least the Androids have a screen large enough to read, and text will fit the screen when zooming in, unlike IOS.

Also here is a true statement. My mom called me today, I have a galaxy nexus and she has a iPhone4, took 7 phone calls to have a 10min conversation. I have no issues with calls, but she does all the time. The apple store couldn't really help her just told her if it keeps happening bring it back and we will look at it again. After 5 calls dropped to my brother after 90 seconds she simply called back a 6th time and quickly said what needed said and hung up. Basically the iPhone is no better than any other. In the end its a phone and if that's not reliable what's the point of having it. By the way she has AT&T and had no issues with her dumb phone.

Coming from someone (myself) that uses & enjoys both OSs, so no bias towards 1 of the really shouldnt be using the GNex/samsung radios to make a point about signal/call quality....Moto/HTC, definitaly, but Samsungs arent up to snuff, which is sad bc its the only thing i would change about my gnex.

Didn't you hear? I heard that Cold Stone Creamery or Ben & Jerry are looking to buying Android, cause they thought it was an Ice Cream flavor... : )

Wow, I can't believe you people are arguing over a freaking OS. If you like Android fine, if you like iOS fine whatever works for you shouldn't matter to anyone else. These are all just phones and neither is entirely better than the other because each is based on what the manufacturer deems as important and ultimately how you as an end-user uses your device. And device specs mostly mean nothing. They're just check marks on a designers list to make a point that they did something. ...Nuf said.

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If this app is made by Samsung and is anything like Kies, then Apple has nothing to worry about. I love my GSII, but that program sucks. Glad to see Samsung trying to tempt iOS users, though. Competition breeds progress. Long live Android AND iOS.

Hello, what a fun to read all comments. I have Android phone and iPod 4th gen. I am stuck with 2.33 on Andriod for one year this month June. It's okay. Only thing I like is widgets. I can't wait for iPhone 5. Apple iOS is flawless and focus on hardware. Especially, Apple support deaf user. Where is Android support deaf user on device???? Well? God bless Tim Cook for being a humanitarian and compassion toward handicapped. It's about a time! I'm tired of being a third wheel. So much selfish people today in the world thinking of feud between Andriod & iOS.