Atari offers 100 greatest hits for free to commemorate 40th anniversary

Atari's 40th anniversary is this week, and to celebrate they're offering their catalog of classic games on iOS for free. Normally the 100-strong collection goes for $9.99, and even then, most of the titles still required in-app purchases. The version available now offers all of 'em for free, so long as you keep the arcade app installed, but it will be reverting back to its original pricing sometime tonight, so old-school gamers will want to hop on this deal soon. The list of included games include all of the big name titles:

  • Asteroids
  • Centipede
  • Pong
  • Missile Command
  • Warlords
  • Tempest

For the next 4 days, Atari will also be giving away some sweet swag on their Facebook page. If you're looking for something a little more modern, Atari recently released a cutesy remake of Centipede for iOS.

Hey, Steve Jobs worked at Atari for a spell, y'know. Someone, for some reason, actually paid $27,500 for an original memo from Jobs in 1974 on how to fix a bug in an arcade game called World Cup.

Free (normally $9.99) - Download Now

Simon Sage

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There are 22 comments. Add yours.

bgwebbjr says:

Only Missle Command is free. Still have to purchase others via in-app purchase.

TheRealRothstein says:

that's the only one that works for me as well

ame says:

It took like 4 tries to get the app to DL at all for me, but now that I have it, I've DL pong, battlezone, asteroids and the casino games. But I have no idea if Ill be charged if I don't DL them all.

SolublePeter says:

The app store text only talks about Missile command, but a pop-up message in the app says all games will remain free until you remove or reinstall it.

Bluecanary says:

Nice! Will download immediately.

Freiteez says:

Its a perfect game for the icade... Or just for anyone that wants a little nostalgia.

flyingember says:

the app tells you that if the app is ever deleted or redownloaded the free aspect goes away

Raptor007 says:

You only get to play a level or two then you have to pay. Its not free if you have to pay to play.

ame says:

Do you have to go in and download each one after the game is on your phone to keep it free?

TheRealRothstein says:

I can't get any of them to download. It keeps saying my internet connection is blocked. Only a few work

rewNATION says:

after some research, I found out this offer was only good yesterday 6/27. Way to make the post about it a day late

Simon Sage says:

I saw the date too, but am still able to download and play the games for free today. I'll reach out to Atari to see what's up.

Simon Sage says:

The promo was indeed extended.

Earless Puppy says:

from within the app store it looks like you have to pay, but from within the app the downloads are free... Tempest on the iPhone rocks.... now just waiting on nintendo for Donkey Kong

dloveprod says:

Thanks I downloaded them all.

DaveW says:

I can't get this to work. Can someone please help? I am still seeing the regular IAP.

west3man says:

If you have already downloaded the Atari app before, as I had, update it.
It shouldn't require any more effort than that. From then on, whenever I selected a game, it would begin downloading it.
I hope that helps.

DonS50 says:

I downloaded the app earlier today and all went well. As I select a new game it is downloaded. Lots of old style games for free as long as you do not delete the game. Not bad for free gift.

CyPhErLoUs says:

Got them all downloaded. To those who can't get them, your iDevices fail.

no name says:

what case are u using ?