Apple's former head of Mac OS X now working on stealth Cloud startup, Upthere

Former head of OS X working on stealth Cloud startup, Upthere

Betrand Serlet, father of Mac OS X and former SVP of Mac Software at Apple, purportedly retired to go back to academia and science, yet now rumor is spreading that he might just have a secret new startup in the works.

Business Insider's Seth Fiegerman reports:

Business Insider has learned that Serlet has spent much of the time since his departure from Apple working with at least two other former Apple employees to launch a cloud computing startup in downtown Palo Alto called Upthere.

We have since learned that this is a reference to Serlet (the brains behind Mac OS X) and Roger Bodamer, a former VP of product operations and development at Apple who previously worked at Oracle.

It sounds like they're hooking up with some serious design and engineering talent, and are looking to do something insanely great when it comes to cloud.

What remains to be seen is how UpThere will relate to or be different from existing services like Apple's iCloud, Google's Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive and independent services like DropBox, and whether any of those old Apple ties still bind...

Interesting, to say the least.

Source: Business Insider

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Apple's former head of Mac OS X now working on stealth Cloud startup, Upthere


So another SVP is bailing on Cook. Not good. The innovators are leaving. No one in the legal Department is leaving, and that's where Apple could surely lose the fat. With the innovators at Apple bailing left and right, that render of the iPhone 5 is looking more and more like the kind of lame incremental upgrade that Cook is becoming well known for.

Sad to see all apple geniuses leave, hope they will return someday to the best tech company the world has ever seen....

There is a reason why they are all leaving. Apparently Tim Cook isn't a very inspiring leader. Let is pray. If the next iPhone isn't a WOW moment and people aren't standing in line to buy it, that will give competitors an opportunity they have never had.