Welcome to iMore 2.0

Welcome to iMore 2.0

Leave a comment below telling us what new features you want to see in iMore 2.0, and be entered to win a $600 Apple Store gift certificate for the iOS 6 device of your dreams!

At the beginning of the year we changed the name of our community to iMore.com. Since then we have been working incredibly hard to improve the quality and experience of iMore as well. We've invested heavily in having not only great content, but compellingly beautiful content with the best photography and videography we can produce.

We've continuously expanded and improved our podcasting, bringing you the best and brightest hosts and guests on the internet, for shows like iMore, Iterate, ZEN and TECH, and Mobile Nations. We've given the iMore forums a major makeover as well, so they're cleaner and easier to use than ever before. We've released a free iMore for iPhone app that's been downloaded tens of thousands of times.

And there's much more of all of that to come. For even longer now, however, we've been working on something else, something far more important -- a new, more powerful, more flexible platform to drive it all.

And today we made the jump.

Everything has been moved over. Every bit of legacy code from Phone different (Movable Type), the iPhone blog and TiPb (Wordpress) has been end of lined, and everything we've learned from CrackBerry.com and Android Central has been put to use. I'm calling it VISOR (it's Drupal-based, but VISOR better fits our roots and our spirit.)

Our singular goal is to give the iMore community the absolute best experience imaginable on the web and in mobile. Moving to VISOR will let us do that, and in ways that were impossible on our old platform.

This is the new iMore architecture, and the new architecture for a cleaner, better Mobile Nations.

Like any new architecture, we've started with the foundation. Some of the new features are already in place -- you can now toggle between blog view and headline view, and you browse the latest forum discussions right from the home page. More features will be coming soon.

In other words, this is our Snow Leopard.

With any substantial change, there will be a tiny little bit of pain – you'll need to create an iMore account to comment on the posts. The good news:

  • It will greatly reduce the amount of spam we've all been putting up with

And best of all:

  • If you already have an iMore forums account, you're good to go. Just use that.
  • If you already have an account at Android Central, CrackBerry, webOSNation, or WPCentral, you can use the same username, email address, and password to create your iMore account.

The reason for the latter is one of the features we have coming your way -- a unified login across all Mobile Nations community. One account to rule them all.

We recognize creating an account can be a hassle, and while it will give you a ton of great benefits now and in the future, we want to make up for it immediately as well.

You know that iOS 6 dream device contest -- that $600 Apple gift certificate we're giving away to celebrate the iMore show #300?

Well, we're giving away two of them now.

Simply sign in an leave a single comment below telling us what features you'd love to see in the all new iMore, and you're entered to win.

We'll announce both winners next Wednesday, July 11, live on the iMore Show #302.

I want to thank our community and our millions of readers, listeners, and viewers. I want to thank our tech team, including our founder, Marcus Adolfsson, our dear leader, Kevin Michaluk, Tom for the bits and David and Jose for the grids and the pixels, and all of our editors, writers, and network and community staff for everything they've done to get us here.

Like I said last time, we're still only just beginning.

Welcome to iMore 2.0.

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Reader comments

Welcome to iMore 2.0



This is awesome! Thank you for all your hard work and improving an already great place.
I think the way iMore is now, it's at its best , maybe add more contests and also more video content.
Thanks again,
Looklin forward to your Lets talk iphone coverage!

Can you guys make a mobile friendly site like Crackberry.com? I hate having to zoom in on my iphone every page i go to. But other than that, the site is great.

Nvm I spoke too soon but would love it if it were zoomed in a bit more and also the text box where you type in your comment is a nightmare to type on using the iPhone. Hopefully this gets fixed soon. 

Love the new site. 1 thing I would ask for is for the apps, reviews, and how to sections to appear at the top or somewhere for the mobile version. It appears that all you get are the ipad iphone and forums links.

I'd love to be able to search by a mix of catagories: combine hashtags and authors, date ranges, etc.

I would love to see a font size setting, so that I don't have to zoom up a lot to make the site readable. Also, a fluid-width version of the site theme would be great so that text reflow actually works properly...

I think what I would like to see the most is a cleaner look.  There are so many links all over the home page that they are starting to croud each other out.

Those links all over the place are whats paying for this free site.  I rather put up with some ads all over the price and get all this info FREE :) ;)

iMore is really at its peak now! I'd love to see more video content, particularly podcasts. I just enjoy watching the conversations much more than listening. It adds a new dynamic. Lookin forward to what else is in store!

Been visiting this site for so long. Hated the Word Press comment garbage. Happy to register today finally as a member.
This is by far the best iOS site out there for news and I love Rene's editorials. Now I'll finally start posting in the forums and comments.
Can't wait to see what's next!

iMore 2.0 is looking good!! One thing I would like to see more of that isn't a changis me in the look of the site is more reviews and looks at jailbreak themes and tweaks.  
Keep up the great work!!!

Honestly, I like it the way it is right now, but the "cleaner" look is definitely welcome.  I'd also like an Imore app for my Ipad.

iMore already has so much content, but I would love to see more interviews with app developers when they make major changes to their apps. In addition, it might be nice to have live Q/A sessions with the developers so that iMore readers could "pick their brains" about their creations and the major updates to them. That said, I come to this site FIRST when I want anything iOS-related, so keep up the great work! 

Great work on the site - it's come a long way over the last year or so.  Keep it up!  The new comments are MUCH better.  I'll second a few suggestions above that I would also like to see more of:  jailbreak tweaks (Seth tweeted one today that's awesome) and an iMore Ipad app, which I'm sure is underway. 

Congratulations on the upgrade to the site. I know a lot of hard work has gone into making it happen. I look forward to a time when just one account is needed across all of the Mobile Nations sites. The less logins I need to have, the better.
Keep up the great work!

I really love how you and the rest of the iMore staff have taken the site to a whole new level.  Since I have been a member and have read numerous articles from highly technical replacing hardware to how this app works, these have been great.  I am technician, so I love the detail and effort that goes into the demonstrations you guys do daily.  I can't wait to get the iPhone 5, that will be my next iOS device.  Fabulous job to you and your team.  I truly appreciate all that you do.

The more and more I come to this site, the more I fall in love with it. I think the only thing that I would absolutely kill to see would be a section where you guys give us a "backstage pass" to what your iPhones look like. Like, what kind of wallpapers you use, or case you might be rockin at the moment or even how you organize your apps! Just to kinda give us some ideas to use for our own devices! 

I'd like to see more account editing options, as well as the ability to delete and old account that is still present with an old email. Perhaps I'm not seeing how to do it, but after making a new account under the impression it was necessary, I've realized I can't figure out how to delete my old one!

Well this comment box certainly looks better. But I was kind of hoping for an iMore iPad app. Maybe giving away codes to top apps once a month or good apps that need exposure.

Excellent job ladies and gents. Keep it up!!!

Comments are soooo much better. As far as any new suggestions, maybe just keeping the search features updated and fresh. A good search tool is invaluable on this site

All this praise - not one negative feedback. Are the admins deleting critisism or am I the only person who hates this change?
I personally have an iPhone, not a WebOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry device. Why would I even want a membership to their sites, ever? Sure, if I buy one of the above devices, and sell my iPhone (not bloody likely) I'll sign up on their website. But to automatically register you for their sites? Where was the question asking me if I, the end-user who pays your bills with impression based ads, popup/unders and ad sponsored streaming feeds? What if I don't want to be a member of Crackberry?
What is the opt-out process of all these auto-registers, and if there isn't one, where is the delete account option. A chance so massive such as this without asking approval from me is something that is just not wanted, ever. I personally hate RIM and all they stand for; they're a dying company making decisions more poor than their last, therefor I don't wish to support Blackberry, and any of the off-shoot news related sites, regardless of partnership or affiliation (That's Crackberry or any other site that reports RIM/BB news).

No worries - under Passport your account on the other sites won't be created until you attempt to login for the first time.

You won't be forced to read or subscribe to anything you don't want to. I know a lot of phone fanatics and enthusiasts jump between platforms quite often. Part of the great thing about the change is that you don't have to bounce between accounts and site credentials. Choose whatever MN site you want and you're good to go.

I'm sorry to say this, but i don't like the videos this site produces. They have bad angle views, bad audio, and they are extremly cheesy. Other than that, Great website!! 

Congrats on the new site!

I for one would love the ability to 'Thumbs Up' comments so that the top comments will always show up on top.

I'm really looking forward to the iMore iPad app....I use the iPhone app a lot but definitely prefer to do all of my blog/news reading on the iPad.
Keep up the great work.

I love the new comments system, much more cleaner and streamlined. I'd like to see that unified login across the MN sites as well, it should be an awesome experience for those of us who love to jump from site to site discovering interesting things about the other platforms.
I'd like the site to have an "Add to Pocket" button so I can read the article later, maybe next to the SM sharing buttons. Also, I'd like to see a more tailored and clean post design, I think there's too much white space being wasted in some areas. And finally, I'd love to have a Mobile Nations app for all the platforms, unifying news and forums maybe, pump some HTML5 to the mix and you'll have an easy way to distribute it to most of the platforms, if not all of them.
Keep up the AMAZING work iMore/MN Team!! You guys absolutely rock!!

i would love to see a dedicated section for iOS tweaks and hacks.
Thanks for the hard work.

What if we already had an iMore forums account and it is the same as our Android Central account?  But that same account name was already taken on WPC?

Great work as always!  As I've said before, the imore team is top notch. And the new mobile layou rocks! 

I'd love to see a dedicated iPad app that can both view articles and search forums efficiently. (and I dont know if it would be possible, but having UStream integrated would also be nice to allow for podcast participation! ) :)

I love the refreshed look of the site as is. One thing I think that would be beneficial would be a weekly or bi-weekly podcast where you answered questions submitted during the week or two before the show or possibly live from the chat room. Perhaps both? Would be kick ass!! This is still the best damn site for ios news!!!

Great update to the site!! Very clean! But I guess you know this, but the iMore app no longer loads any stories!

This is awesome! I have always loved imore (tipb) and think this update is great. I have been a long member of the forums and being able to link my commenting to the forums is a great feature. I would like to see more in-depth reviews and how-tos of iOS features. I would also like to see more user ability to help shape content. Some user contests to have us as guest writers and contributors would also be awesome.

I read imore everyday.  Love the new look and format.  If there's something I would change, I guess it would be more accessory reviews.....I guess.  Keep up the good work!!

sorry, messed up the image..rookie
It was " LOAD ERROR...An Error Occurred While Loading the Feed"

I figured it would break the app but I'm sure they're on fixing that. Articles probably pull in different. Not sure if it will require an update to the app or just a back-end fix. Hopefully that'll be fixed soon :)

You should seperate the iMore selling portions from the forum and post sections. Can't wait either way for whatever is pushed out.

Looks decent. Just hope y'all don't take away tapatalk access. Otherwise, looking good. Maybe an update to the imore app to be more cohesive to the site would be appreciated. 

So much change has come to the site since its inception. The revamp of comments and synchronization between the Mobile Nations community was a nice touch. I'd personally like to see more video podcasts; audio is fine, but video is great and a much better platform for getting the message out. 
Anyhow, thanks for putting up two $600 giveaways! and as always, keep up the great work. You guys really are the number one resource for everything iOS!!!

2.0 looks great guys, very clean, organized, you guys should do a section on AOTD or app of the week on the top so you can have a daily or weekly traffic of people looking for a new cool app. otoh, new is always better! keep up the good work, oh, Georgia is my secret crush @iPhoneHoy :)

Content is generally great, but maybe a few more features with devs & people in the industry.
Would also LOVE some consistency on the main page with headlines & pics. Find it very annoying that some headlines are above pics, while others are below (just a personal irritation).
Keep up the great work!

Great job on constantly updating things. I would love to know more about the reasoning behind moving from WordPress to Drupal. Maybe a iMore 2.0 behind the scenes of sorts?

I like where the new look is going. I would love to see some highlighted reviews/headlines on the home page like on androidcentral.com. and maybe a Jailbreak section on the home page also! Enlighten people to all that great jailbroken iPhone potential that can be unlocked!
Keep up the great work iMORE!

I realize it's asking a bit much, but having a login harmonized with twitter or facebook would help with all these passwords I have to remember. The features and format are great.

I'd like to see more coverage of app sales.
Steve-O's suggestions is spot on: on the main page, it's difficult to tell where one article ends and the next begins and which article a picture belongs with. 

I would really like to see an internship program, or another function that allows for aspiring Apple blogger like myself to write, and possibly have an article published on the iMore site. Please reply to this comment with any further information.

Apples are red,
violets are blue.
iMore is awesome,
and informative too.
You bring me to iPhone,
and iPad, and more.
Without you,
my techy life
would be 
oh such a bore.
But could it be 
that with 2.0
iMore could be
even better?
Oh, Oh, Ohhhhhh! 

I love this site, always keeping up with the new things going on with Apple.
to improve: a cleaner site, less navigation and more ways to discover Apple products.

Like the new updates! I'd like to see a better profile system where you can have your posts be 'liked' and can become different ranks within the community and become more 'trusted' of a member.

I realize the site is geared more towards iOS devices but if possible I'd like to see more Mac app reviews and tips. 

Hey guys, I love the new look- SUPER sleek and smooth.
I reccomend just More content overall, less "ad-like" posts and more software and app coverage especially for iPad. 
Good job!

The site looks great now and you guys do a  nice job with balanced coverage between Apps, accessories, news and reviews. It would be nice to see more from the forums discussions brought to the main page when it's appropriate. The podcast is great except for there only being one now.

I just want to see cleaner mobile transitions.  In other words, there shouldn't be anything I get with the desktop experience that I don't get with my mobile experience; whether I'm using my iPad, iPhone or desktop.
You guys ROCK!  Thanks for the great updates!

Hey Guys, I'm new to the community although I have been reading these Web sites since  Palm was around. Anyway, My family have learned so much from your website on the "How to's " etc. I am certainly a Layman in tech terms but this website is so user friendly.  Thanks and Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the updates. If you had to make changes, I'd like to see more in depth videos for the more technical people.

Loving iMore 2.0!
I know you already do some jailbreak posts, but I'd love to see more jailbreak tips and tweaks.
Otherwise, keep up the good work guys. I can't wait to see what we get in this new chapter of iMore.

Looks like a nice upgrade to me! Will dig in later to get a better feel. 
Congrats on the launch!

The new latest headlines and disucssion tabs on the homepage are awsome! Great addition. Also, I would love it if you bought back the 'App for That' section, where you would find and a specific app for someone. Or maybe you could do a new section on daily free apps... Otherwise, geat work. 

I would like to be more interactive with the crew of imore, I know we can follow you guys on twitter and talk to you/ask questions, but I like to see maybe once a week where you guys have a imore ask your questions day. I think it  would be awesome if you guys have like a podcast on a certain day, but have it strickly be where the imore community can ask ceratin questions and then have you guys chose the questions you like to answer. Idk I think that pretty cool because we get interact more with imore community and get our questions answered.

I visit the forums, two to three times a day, and can't wait for news to feed through on this app.  This is the best iphone app for news..  I would like to see more interviews with developers or how to videos when a new jailbreak comes out.  I also, would like to see a tip of the day!!  Keep up the great work as always!!

I love that you guys are doing so many prizes and giveaways which are of real value unlike other sites but lets get to the nitty gritty
I would love to see
- A way to rate an article either by means of a "liking process" or more prefeabaly a thumbing up or down such as on a youtube video.
- Would love the imore app to be revamped or at least added upon so that we can comment within the app. 
- With the above mentioned rating of articles there should be a system where if an article recieves to many negative reviews or ratings it is removed. (Ex 100,000 thumbs down in comparison to 100 thumbs up)
-  A reacurring contest which allows us as your loyal readers to have a one on one chat with rene or maybe georgia or seth.
- For all videos to be shot in at least 720p Hd 
( Oh this last one is a bit tricky.... Kevin seriously needs to take a look at web os nation. Personallly i think they are dead weight and a waste of time and space they should be abosrbed into imore espcially derek and who ever does the doodles. And web os nation can hopefully be shut down.) 

Hey, I like the videos guys so gimme more - go Georgia, paint those nails 
Seriously, I don't need more but iLess would be preferable at times; when I'm in a rush I need a one-stop reliable site that gives me the nod on everything I need to know about mobile and tech news.
How about a daily briefing direct to my iDevice, BlackBerry and droid?

Sorry i forgot to add in my previous post
- The ability to edit a comment you have made. 

Love the new look of the website. It's a nice refresh!
Would love to see more app reviews, I love hearing about new, cool and useful apps.
Keep up the good work!

I'd love to see profiles (either location based or time based) that also could set a profile looking at the calerdar (i.e. If a meeting is scheduled, the profile would change, etc...)
But I haven't seen much talkd about in respects to this type of feature so not counting on it.
Great job, iMore!  Keep it up.

I think searching by # tag would be great. The app for that section is helpful in finding the perfect app without having to search through tens of thousands of apps

Does a premium-level, ads-free version of your site exist? I would love to get pure content and content only. Thanks! ~Scott

Forgive my ignorance on the subject, but if possible, I'd like to be able to search the site without typing in cryptic phrases to confirm that I am human. It makes things a little tedious when having to use multiple phrases/terms in search of something. As for the changes made so far, I like it. This site has been a big help to me since I migrated from Crackberry, especially the jailbreak info.

I like that I can find out how to do something on my iphone just by coming to this site. I'm fairly new to Apple so this has helped me. ......and of course news about the next iphone.

Great Update!
I really like the new list view under headlines! I would like to see more contests to win stuff. Even small things like a $25 iTunes gift card, or a promo code for a free app download.

Everything about the site is great. The best feature is the site's abitliy to evolve as fast as the tech it covers. Always improving one thing or another. Always striving for a better user/reader experience. Keep up the great work and we'll keep coming back for more.
Cant wait to claim my gc too ;)

An iPad app would make this place even better. Already it's one of the top sites for iOS info. I'm a Android guy but the wife is an Apple fangirl?? so she loves browsing the articles and reading up on the rumors posted here

I've been coming to iMore every single day since it called TiPB. This is no longer the site I used to come to, and I couldn't be happier. I thank everyone at iMore for putting in all the long hours and dedication to bring us the latest on anything and everything imaginable about Apple, in an elegant and easy to understand way.


I'm really loving the beautiful photography in every post (much appreciated!), and the corner-to-corner photos on the front page. The new comments editor is fantastic (spell check!), as is the forums overhaul. I also appreciate the Editors Desk articles every week, Rene always has something brilliant to say. Everything corner of the site has been meticulously thought-out and it really shows.


This being said, nothing is perfect, and there are still areas to improve upon. Here is my wish-list of changes I'd like to see, design and functionality wise:

  1. While red is a stand-out and all around awesome color, it doesn't go well with the blue color scheme seen throughout iMore (and Apple for that matter..). A nice aqua/turquoise for the links would make everything come together.
  2. The footer of the page is another page in itself! Strip some things away, and leave only the important stuff (links to similar articles, breadcrumbs would be cool, etc.)
  3. While I LOVE Myriad Pro, it's more of a "Header" font, you wanna show of it's good looks at larger sizes! A simple sans-serif font (Helvetica, Arial, Lucida-Grande, Open-Sans) for the body font would be great.
  4. I'd love an auto-refresh on the front page. New articles would slide in at the top.
  5. MOAR videos would be awesome. From reviews to coverage of events. That being said, please don't use iMovie to edit your videos. Use something a little more advanced like Final Cut or After Effects and watch as peoples minds are blown.

Keep dreaming bigger iMore.


This is an awesome contest!
I would love to see the mobile version when viewed from an iPhone.  I know that the standard website for iphone is easy to make and maintain but I am often forced to open the application or use the full website on my iphone which isn't as quick on the go.
As for the actual website I would love to see sort of the new "facebook" look where you have the option at the top to see the time that it all came up or the most popular articles.  That is a very beneficial way to flip through the blogs.  

Improve the forums and make them more vibrate. The way how the forums are will make the site better. Take a look at the forums from the verge. Also make the live show viewable on your iPad like thr verge does on their site. 

Hell yeah.
Off the top of my head, what I wanted most seems to have already materialized.  Jumps from the preview to the comments section are working, again.  Hopefully, we can report comments (, again?).
So, I guess my number one most-wanted feature is that you'll keep on keeping on.  The site has gotten sharper and smarter over time and, if it's not going too far, I'd like to say that I'm proud of you guys*.  I wish you all much success, wherever things go from here.
* - please interpret "guys" as a unisex pronoun or catch-all, in this context

Awesome! I'm glad to see the spam comments will cut down. The single login is great, but... How will you handle users (like me) who have different usernames for the other mobile nations sites? Will the iMore login be the master?  Or will both of my user names work (linked by my email)?

I like it the way it is right now, but the "cleaner" look is definitely welcome. I'd also like an Imore app for my Ipad 3!

The site has grown very well simce the tipb.com days! Keep it up just more polishing and little thing here and ther

Interesting use of a wysiwyg for comments.
I mostly want the ability to get comment emails with the ability to mute the thread once it gets outta hand or just too busy.

Congratulations on iMore 2.0! Keep up the great work and the quality articles. Remember, the crappiness of an Apple blog is judged on how many times they are featured on Angry Mac Bastards. I don't think this blog as ever shown up on that show, so you're doing something right. 
The only thing I would love to see is more iMore TV (formerly TiPB TV) I really enjoyed Rene and Georgia talking casually on a couch in front of any iMac.

I'm just looking forward to the new unified-login...barring we can be civilized on the other sites

Absolutely amazing.  I am to the point of obessive with this site.  I used to be the same with Crackberry, when I had a BB and Android Central when I had a Droid.  But since the iPhone 4 came out, my eyes have been locked on iMore.  You do an amazing job!
I am always in the forums and checking them constantly.  It would be great if there was an easier way to access them in the App, that way, it would be the only app I need!

Would love to see comparisons of Android v apple, as well as ways to optimize your mobile phone.

The new comments section is great! I'm pretty sure you guys have mentioned it in the podcast, but I'd like to see a native iMore forum application similar to Android Central's one. Keep up the great work. I shall continue to support the greatest iOS community on the Internet!

I enjoy the cleaner look and I am pleased with the site in general.  I think a searchable wallpaper/ringtone database would be nice (I know it'd take quite a bit of resources).  Just my two cents.  Thanks for all of the hard work you folks put in here to keep the rest of us informed.  Your work is very appreciated!

I love iMore. I have been on board for every podcast. if i couldn't make it to the chat room, I religiously listened when it was posted. I believe what can make iMore 2.0 great, would be to include one of you faithful listeners the chance you join you guys live on a podcast to give there input from their prospective. Maybe once per month. Mix it up a little. Keep the greatness coming you guys.

I read iMore every day more than 10 times in a day, and mostly via my iDevices. 
This changes look absolutely beautiful! Great work and congratulations!
I'd like to see a better image loading on them, compatible for example with readability.
I really love your work! Continue working this hard! :)
Good luck to everyone with the gift card contest!

I’m not critisizing because I think you guys do fine work. But the one thing I would like to see is a little bit cleaner site.
Keep up the good work.

After switching from a BlackBerry (and being a regular CrackBerry reader),I made the switch to the iPhone 4S and coming to the iMore site and forums. It was a great help transitioning to a new device.
Love what you do, and my wish for improvement/additional content would be more "how to" and "tips and tricks and shortcuts" type of instructionals. Very helpful.
And I would love to win an iPad.

Thee new website looks incredible. It's really clean and organized!  I wouldn't make any changes to the site itself but I hope more of us devote more time to the forums. An active and knowledgeable community is a joy to be a part of. 

 First off I would love the iphone 5 ;) and second i think imore should maybe make their app a little more desktop than mobile, i know its a "mobile" app but a little desktop would be good ;) and maybe some more support on the ipods ;)

I would say keep the RSS feeds - I get my news that way rather than visiting the site directly.  So not so much a suggestion of something new, but a suggestion to keep something already great!  Oh, and give me the prize too. :)

Great job!  I'd like to see an area for developers or people interested in that with maybe a link to an instructional site like Codeacademy.  Keep up the good work!

I love the site and I wish I had some kind of great recommendation for it but honestly I can't think of a single thing your lacking..  There are lots of idevice sites out there but this is the one I come back too.. Great job guys.. 
Can I still be entered for the give away??

This is actually really cool, and I'm glad you guys are making the changes because unified login was a must! Yay Mobile Nation.

I love the site!  I would really like to see some more video content such as reviews and interviews.  Also, having the pics you have on the site retina display ready.

Awesome, love the site. Very clean and professional looking. I'd like to see more app developer focus as stated by some others as well. Still though, awesome site!

It's only taken me a few months and i have finally stopped typing tipb.com and now remember imore.com It has taken forever to break this habit, and i just hope that whatever i type in in the URL box, directs me to your website! also, more canada news! 

Hi guys. My suggestion would be to have a community tips and tricks section integrated into the podcast. Keep up the great work!

Awesome new layout, very smooth and easy to use. Very easy to tranfer my account.
You guys are awesome in general, thank you for providing great content.
Obviously, more contests are awesome!
I like the reviews between apps, accessories, etc.
The howto's I have seen are awesome, haven't seen any Ninja tricks lately, would love more, but maybe there isn't much else. lol.
Dunno what else, you guys are awesome. thank you!

this is awesome! thank you for all the hard work! love you guys one feature i would like to see? different podcast times as ,where i live you guys air at 2AM

I want to see you sending undercover people into apples plants so we can get some absolute info on new apple products! Lol just kidding....maybe. Lol i love your site! Its my go to for everything! I do love the videos on products so i can get an idea if i like before i buy! And you are honest about your opinions on the products you test! Thank you all for your time and effort! You all rock!!!

I want to see you sending undercover people into apples plants so we can get some absolute info on new apple products! Lol just kidding....maybe. Lol i love your site! Its my go to for everything! I do love the videos on products so i can get an idea if i like before i buy! And you are honest about your opinions on the products you test! Thank you all for your time and effort! You all rock!!!

Thank you for the ease of use on the site.  As far as suggestions, maybe a series on basic tips and tricks of getting the most out of these fantastic devices. 
Thanks, and keep up the good work. 

Please make the forums available in the iMore iPhone app and please have an iPad app with your forums.
Good Luck

I think the site has become pretty great. 
One thing I would change is to see some more interviews with people in the Apple community. 

The two thinggs I like most from iMore 2. The concept of one login to rule them all, and the speed at which the site loads... It seems to have gotten a serious speed bump from what I see (maybe the effect of the newness). Also cool, the comments.

I really like the redesign, but I wouild like to see the banner ad at the top go away. It distracts from the content more than the sidebar.

I really like the new comments section.  I'd like to see more seasonal things.  Holisdays, sports, etc.

This is great.  I've hated the format prior to this.  Need an ipad app and more convergence of forums and frontpage.

I love the new and improved site! And I love the way you guys explain "How-to's" and review apps and games and accessories... I would really love to see more of the people behind iMore. Maybe you guys should add more videos to your articles. I would love to SEE what you guys mean and I think it would really put you guys over the top. 

One feature I would like for iMore 2.0 is on the home page to have a grid view (similar to windows phone 7/8) with all the main news categories. For example, there could be an "iPhone 5" and an "iPad Mini" grid made up of some images of the stories in it.  When you clicked it, it would easily take you to all the iMore stories tagged as those things.  The grid would be categorized by what is the most popular at the top and least popular at the bottom.  Just an idea. 

Would love to see a more unified categories option, something like under iPad unifying most used hashtags to try and create small groups that could be useful to users(like joining all app reviews, or all the times you guys recommend x type of apps and make lists), but would love to see what you come up with.
Been reading since '09 and it's a testament to how you adapt that you're one of the few blogs that still manage to be relevant and accurate.
Here's to many years of progress and if this is your Snow Leopard, I can't even start to imagine what your Lion will be.

Two years ago when I first purchased my iPad 1, I was not only sucked into the Apple Ecosystem that I have grown (very quickly) to love but I was sucked into the Mobile Nation (iMore!). Whenever a new app is released that enables you to subscribe to a podcast, my first search is iMore! Since the day my iPad arrived, my purchases have continued with an iPhone 4 then 4S and Mac Book Pro. These purchases are not only contributed to Apple's "magical" marketing stratgedy (Hi Georgia) but from all the dialogue on the iMore show. For that I thank you...my wife...not so much:) As for the improvements, keep on the same track you are on, you are doing GREAT. I would like to see more guests and maybe a segment on how apps can be implemented and used in real world work flow situations. Segments such as "How do you use _______ app", this segment could be all feedback from the chat room that we all love and adore. Thanks so much!

New look, new name, but same great content.

I'm sitting here in 95 degree heat, with our power just restored after a falling tree knocked out power lines. Still no TV or Internet (thanks Comcast), so I could use the gift card as a "pick me up."

Either way, I do find your info always informative. Keep up the good work.

The new iMore 2.0 is looking great. 
I would like to see the option for badge support or notifications for the iMore app when your coverage of major Apple events like WWDC, etc. go live-- and maybe a bit more highlights on members from the community and their favorite apps, how they use them in their daily lives, etc.
Keep up the awesome work.

I love the iMore site. I suggest 1) iPad app, and 2)  more stories from the iMore people on jailbreak tweaks for iPhone and iPad. 

Search function should be added, using Google algorithm. Please!
Thank you, Monsieur Ritchie for all of your very informing and thought provoking articles
Please keep up the awesome work, with your very spiced, intelligent and heteroclte team!

Great site. Given the increasing number of Spanish speaking people in the US, it would not hurt to offer content in Spanish as well.

I agree with some of my predicessors: an iPad app would be nice, some improvements to the iPhone app would be nice. I'm sure you are all working dilligently at the iMore app 1.1, and iPad app 1.0, and we all can't wait.
What I would really like to see is to have drop down menus at the top of the page when I hover over "iPhone" or "iPad", "Shop Online" and "Cases" or "Chargers". Maybe allowing me to choose a sub category like Skin Cases, or Protective Cases. Or allow me to choose a device for shopping. Basically reducing the number of clicks before I get to the content in which I'm interested.
Second, I think I'd like to see a more unified Forum Experience across the Desktop, Mobile, and App environments. For a while all the forums on my iPhone were still TiPB. It was difficult to post, so I relegated my posting/replying to my laptop, and God knows when I'll be on my laptop again. The phone and iPad are just too darn convenient!
Just my two cents.

I am a visually impaired reader and I love your blog. However I often find using the accessibility features in iOS and OS X are necessary for me to have a comfortable reading experience. I would love to see your new platform include features along the lines of enlarging the fonts and ideally some sort of color themes so that I can have a higher contrast white text on a dark background.  This is preferable to the accessibility modes in iOS and OSX in that I do not need to remove the reverse video in order to see the pictures correctly.
Keep up the great work!

I'd love to see an "ignore user" feature.  It seems like half the comments on a news story are some variation of "HERP DERP...IPHONE SUXX."  I'd love to be able to remove these people from my comments thread.
Of course, you may already have this...I'm just exploring the options now.

I really like the new imore iPhone app, but would love to be able to change the text size. Please allow this in settings in a future up date. Thanks. 

w00t w00t! iMore! I think a new section dedicated to mobile design and specifically iOS design choices and the evolution of the iOS design would be kinda cool. Would fit well with the Iterate podcast.

I'd like to see something like a points system installed, to benefit regular visitors. I'm a member of a PlayStation 3 blog site, ps3blog.net and they dole out points for various things pertaining to the website. For example, 10 points for the first log on every day, 5 points for every comment, certain amount of points to retweet things, points for YouTube comments and reply videos. All kinds of things earn you points, and in return, we the users get to use the points to enter contests for free stuff, giveaways, t-shirts, really whatever. And the points would be deducted from our running total. The blog owner also sets up betting for points on such events like UFC or the Super Bowl. It's a very fair system and shows how faithful and regular members are, which then limits the ultimate winner of contests to the more regular and faithful crowd, which is who we want to win things anyways, right?
Anyways, just a suggestion. I'd be happy to answer anymore questions or I could also potentially put you in touch with the owner of mentioned blog. 

I would like to see more tutorials done from a total newbies perspective and then update them or create new ones has new OS's and devices are released

I would love to see more app reviews. Maybe a weekly "deals" on some good apps thatare on sale. 
Great site guys! Keep up the good work!

I like the new format/content though the iMore name still seems funny. I'd like to see text versions of podcasts and video because I can't be listening sometimes and skip what I can't watch right away.
Thanks for all you do!

Wow!!! Was surprised when i saw the new Imore 2.0 !!! I love the new look. Theres nothing that was left out. Congrats and keep up the good work. T only thing that could be added is ???? Wow its amazing nothing comes into mind. The most complete page for anything that has to do with ios devices and macs. 

The new site is beautiful! What would I like to see? Dedicated iPad app would be fantastic. Other than that, keep up the good work. You all are my number one source, outside of my own tinkering, for any Apple news. Cheers!

I would love to see more game reviews on the new site. Also, more in depth app comparisions like google drive vs. sky drive vs. dropbox. Keep up the good work.

Search would be great. iPad app too. Keep the same great coverage and we'll keep coming back!

Congrats on Imore2.0!! I like all the latest news for apps&device and great reviews for apps. What I hope? Maybe more reviews to come and introduction of new apps. In a word, hope you get better and better. 

i love the unified logins! it is already easier to leave comments!
Only thing i would love to see more of is app and case review videos! I know that this is a daunting task, but its always great to get a "trial" without buying every new thing! Thanks!

Lovin' the new looks, it's very clean and the color works well. I'd love to see more reviews up on iMore and not just hardware reviews, but also software, services and accessory reviews. Anything and everything iProduct related, we like to see your opinions on stuff.

Ive never had an easy time leaving comments, so some major overhaul to the comment system would be great! And so would winning a big Apple gift card!

I love the new stuff. It is great especially a unified login across all mobile nations site because I'm sure most of us frequent all of the sites to stay up to date as best we can. Good job guys

love the website. love all the news articles. would love to see more reviews of your employees favorite apps, accesories and gadgets that they use with their iphones and ipads. its always great to see someone give info about things that have made their lives easier or more productive.

I would love the ability to have an easier way of communicating with the editors and staff. There have been times where I have wanted to ask some of the editors/staff questions but my e-mails have never gotten answered. I wish there was an eaier way to get in touch with some of you folks. It would make for a much tighter knit community at iMore. The only times we can really communicate with you guys is when you have your live shows and even then its hard to talk to you guys.

I'd love to see some more giveaways of the reviews videos. That would be a nice perk to all of us dedicated iMore readers.

The website is awesome now.
I would like to see more reviews and news on apps not just regular apps but also the jailbreak apps too.

Keep up the good work!  This is one of the first iDevice sites I found when I got my very first iPhone three years ago, and it is the only one that I still read regularly.  Partly because of the education I have received on this site, my total iDevices have now expanded to include an iPad (sadly still first generation) and, most recently, a giant leap from PC to a brand spanking new iMac!  

I really like how you continually take advantage of the technology we have available. iMore is a great Apple community. Almost everything I know about the iPhone I learned right here. I want you to keep doing "how-to" posts, especially with each new version of iOS because I want to know all the less known features of each release. Thanks!

Like the new comment section. 
I would like an iPhone app that allows for comments - I would actually use it then!

Great Work!!  I really enjoy all the reviews and tutorials!!  Keep them coming!  The new commenting is a great improvement!

This website was amazing before but with all these new features it's bound to be the best apple related news site around! This is the only apple news app I own and it's for a reason...it's the only one I need! 
Keep up the good work iMore!!

Love the site, new and old. Maybe some more app reviews and a little more in depth jailbreak/unlock coverage. Keep up the great work!

Love the improvements. 
I'd like to see:

  • More polls/surveys ( and results)
  • More product reviews and product giveaways
  • More contests
  • More how-to articles
  • More timely (e.g. Holiday) app and product reviews
  • More YouTube sessions

Keep up the great work! This is one of my favorite sites for information!

the more i read what's on imore the more I am curious to get to know who's behind it.
Who's Rene? who's Georgia, etc. The one sentence describing the imore staff is just too little. I wish we would know a bit more about the staff and not only what they have to say about Apple products :-)
Am always reading everyday, and coming back every few hours
keep on going the great works!

First, the name iMore 2.0 is really cool. Sounds like a gadget name. Since I visit iMore every single day, I want to have video reviews of the newest gadgets and being able to view it directly in the website. It's a pain to visit YouTube for watching. And if there's gonna be a next giveaway, please just give the newest Apple's toy rather than giving bucks and get us to choose. Thanks!

I like the look! However I was using the mobile website to read stories. I'm more than willing to give the iMore app a try though...just surprised I didn't do it sooner... Thank you for the great website iMore and Mobile Nations staff!!!

Great new editing box for commenting as well as overall commenting system.  I would hope you will fix the 'issue' or so it seems of this:  While I was not signed in and wanted to leave a comment, I clicked on "add yours" which took me to the new sign in page (looks nice btw).  Once I signed in, it did not take me back to this comment back, instead it took me to the main imore.com page which was next to this article, so I had to click to get into this commenting page.  Kind of annoying.  Also, I want to, as well as many others I am sure, just want to leave a comment from the top in some cases.  Is there anyway to add new comments at the top of the commenters?  Or does that take too much web hosting?  Not familiar with that, but if so would be cool.  Otherwise my main hope would be my first issue.  Oooh wait a minute.  Another thing I was thinking the other day.  Why do you guys put a picture before the title of an article?  I just don't like that.  Words get my attention and then a picture followed by it just puts it altogether for me.  I dunno just something that may bug just me.  Guess I am so used to Titles at the top.  It's ok to be somewhat like the rest of the web ;-)  Thanks ya'll! 

Not to beat a dead horse here but the hard work y'all have put in shows and is definitely appreciated. I love the contests you have and read just about every article that comes they my twitter feed. I think if you were to include the videos of your podcasts available if be more inclined to watch them but, hey, that's just me. Thanks again guys. 

I would like to see more videos on other apple products such as the apple tv and ipod nanos. I would also like to see a video on how nike plus basketball and nike plus training works with ios since it is exclusive to ios 

Love the new UI.  It's clean and neat like what iOS represent.  It reminds me a bit of google currents for some reason.  

I'm loving the new site so far.  I would really like a tags system, something similar enough to tumbr or livejournal.  Tags for author, subject, month, etc, would be helpful.  Being able to find every jailbreak article, or every post made by Georgia only during the month of may with a video review would be useful.  No more unrelenting searching.  :D
Great work all!

I read your content fairly often. This was one of the first iDevice resources that I found when I made the switch from a Blackberry Storm a few months ago. I have to say I'm very happy I came across TiPb, as it has been very valuable.
The only request I could come up with is maybe to have a stronger, more in depth look at the Jailbreak community and their offerings. One on ones with the developers or have a way for the regular Joe's to throw out ideas and have the JB community respond with feasibility or "hey, you can already do that with this tweak". Just some thoughts.
Thanks again.

Would love to see more indept reviews of Apps, Games, Accessories...defineltly would love some live streaming of Apple events...but most importantly would love to see the continue support from the hard working staff from Imore and the wonderful community!

could not think of something you guys have not already done but it would be great to see something like top 5 wall papers of the week for ios devices :)





Would like to see more article about how to optimize your mobile phone, like setting, life for device, battery. Also would like to see more reviews for apps. Anyway, I have already seen the improvement and you get better and better!

The site's great.  Everything's just right, the content, layout, podcasts, everything.  Only two small things:
1. Rene, you've got to retinize your avatar.  It's atrocious. Just saying.
2. I have to concur with the many requests for an iPad app, it would quickly be one of my favorite apps.
Keep up the good work guys!

Love the new digs! I'd love to see an iPad app in the works. Not that this will be news to anyone over there at iMore, but if you guys use Wordpress to do your site design, there are a good many plugins with a reasonable pricetag that include iPad formatting!

It's really a beautiful transformation that we've seen take place here and I love the tweaked layout along with the beautiful hero photos and the emphasis on certain textual elements.  It's art and I love it.  Looking forward to spending yet more time here to determine what could possibly be better.  Bravo!

I love the site and the changes are great. Perhaps a way to see the most searched articles - or a way to sort search results by popularity, date, etc.
Thank you!

It would be nice if we didn't have to scroll to the bottom in order to leave a comment! 
Love the site, recommend it regularly. I depend upon your reviews.
I would love to see more accessory reviews. Can't get enough of them!