Expanded tweets, per-user notifications, and more now available in Twitter for iPhone


Twitter's mobile team has been hard at work turning the functionality dial to maximum for their latest update, Twitter for iPhone 4.3. You can now enjoy the same expanded tweet's in the iPhone app that you get on the Twitter.com website. Here's what the Twitter bog had to say:

Since we introduced expanded Tweets on twitter.com, we’ve added several new partners like MLB and C-SPAN to a diverse and growing list of media sources. Starting today, you can also expand Tweets on Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for Android. When you tap a Tweet linking to a Kickstarter project, for example, you can play its video directly from the Tweet details view in your app. You can also read article summaries when you tap Tweets linking to sources like The Atlantic or play videos or view images when you expand Tweets linking to websites like Etsy and Vimeo. This new experience will roll out gradually to web, iPhone and Android users.

You can also set up per-account notifications so you can make sure you never miss a tweet from specific users -- like breaking news, daily deals, or... the boss. There's a variety of other updates in the Twitter 4.3 as well.

Again, the official Twitter client is intended for the new generation of Twitter users who don't have many followers, seldom if ever DM, and follow tons and tons of celebrities. It's not meant for power Twitter users who've been brought up on a steady diet of Twitterrific, Tweetie (the previous Twitter for iPhone), and Tweetbot.

However, the concern lately is that, rather than let those alternative 3rd party clients serve the original base, Twitter might force them out of the game entirely. And that would be tragedy. (See Matthew Panzarino's post on TNW from last weekend on what it's like to be paranoid when they are out to get you.)

For now Twitter for iPhone remains an excellent Twitter app for new users, or for people who want quick access to metrics like who followed, retweeted, and favorited them, and what's trending on the platform in general.

And for them, Twitter 4.3 is a big update.

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Reader comments

Expanded tweets, per-user notifications, and more now available in Twitter for iPhone


Tweetmarker would be enough for me since I use Pocket. One thing I think Twitter did wonderfully, and much better than the "power user" Tweetbot, is in-app notifications. Tweetbots are huge, obtrusive and highly annoying if you're getting a steady flow of notifications while the app is open -- especially so in the compose window where a good chunk of the compose window is blocked out. IMO, the status bar notifications are a great feature that one-ups many of the current 3rd party clients.

Agreed on the Tweetbot notification issue, it can be cumbersome. My only complaint with this recent update, and one that deserves some merit, is that with Twitter being a part of the native OS, it just seems that something such as Tweetmarker support would be expected from this app to sync among iOS devices.

To me and the way I use Twitter, this is a big hole in this specific app, especially when many of the alternatives provide it.