Purported iPhone 5 part leaks assemble again, pose for video

Purported iPhone 5 part leaks assemble again, pose for video

Apparently, pictures of supposed new iPhone parts assembled together weren't enough, because now a similar constructicon-style merge-to-form has been done on video and we get a look at what the leaks look like being held and spun around. This time it's Macotakara who're providing the purported preview.

This flexible power cable has several connectors for sound volume button, silent switch, sleep button and newer one more thing, which are placed left-top area where is opposite side of sound volume button with connecting a unknown parts or antenna. I don't have idea if this new power supplied parts should be NFC or not.

It'll be interesting to see if Apple goes NFC or not for the next iPhone. Even if the words NFC never leave Apple's lips on anything other than a radio spec page, they need a big demo moment and something for the Santa commercial this year, and going into Starbucks or Target and paying with a wave of an iPhone would certainly fill that bill.

As to the phone parts, like we said with the photos, they match one of the rumored 4-inch, 16:9 iPhone prototypes that we and others heard Apple was considering for the iPhone 5. Last year there was a lot of confusion over parts for an iPhone 5 that never made it into production (we got the conservatively designed iPhone 4S instead), but this year the leaks are more consistent with other information.

Hopefully we'll find out for sure in about 6 weeks. Meanwhile, here's the video:

Source: Macotakara

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Purported iPhone 5 part leaks assemble again, pose for video


If this is indeed actual next gen iPhone parts, the Apple gestapo should be knocking on this guy's door very soon.

Being a big Android fan I must admit the 4S is a very good looking phone, the height to width ratio looks better on the 4S then on the new I-Phone 5. I think they should have made it just a tad wider and a little less tall, the overall appearance would look better. Time will tell. Looks like they got rid of that very breakable glass back and replaced it with metal. Just hope it doesn't screw up the radio signal. That is why most phone companies go with hi tech plastic like materials.

That looks obviously fake. The parts look cheap and lightweight and the glass especially looks like cheap glossy plastic.

Not a fan of the two tone back, with the glossy area at the top and bottom. Wonder what's that for. The colour actually looks pretty nice.