Quick App: TV.com Streams CBS, CW, Showtime, and CNet to the iPhone

While Big Media wants you to stay off their lawn (i.e. not stream their content to your TV's), it looks like they're increasingly okay-ish with their streaming it to your PC and... iPhone. Macworld brings word of the latest content streamer to hit the App Store, TV.com (iTunes link):

Most of the content consists of clips, interviews, and promos, but you'll also find full episodes of some TV shows, such as "CSI: Miami" and the aforementioned [MacGyver] mixed in (well, to be honest, there weren't many other shows I could find full episodes of at first glance). Full episodes are presented as multiple clips instead of as a single video. You can search for shows using the Search box at the top, or tap on the Shows and Channels buttons to browse in other ways.

Of course, a few more things need to happen to flesh out this category. Getting other networks on board via apps for Hulu and other services is one. Also, realizing it's the 21st fraken century and NOT restricting streaming apps from international users would be grand. (TV.com is US App Store only).

Anyone tried it yet? If so, how was the quality? Would you use this over your laptop for TV to go? Over your TV for viewing in general?

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Quick App: TV.com Streams CBS, CW, Showtime, and CNet to the iPhone


I tried it a couple of days ago. I tried Joost awhile back, too. They're all the same; worthless.
Only a TV can handle TV.

Quality wasn't great, would be convenient if away from a computer. Quality on the computer is much better. Then again nothing can beat plain old TV.

HD TV is awesome. However, my local cable company still shows some SD stuff on the HD channels, and compresses some networks down so badly they look worse than YouTube.
Discovery is gorgeous. Battlestar on Space is a joke. :(

I agree. This is a joke. I tried it, and the quality was horrible. Plus, the only full-length episode I could find was a CSI Miami which I believe was from last season. Plus, as Rene pointed out, it comes in the form of 5 or 6 separate clips.
By the way, Rene, are there any satellite TV providers up there north of the border? Our local cable provider also blows chunks, but we have DirecTV and it is awesome.

This is a great idea if you can watch full episodes. Otherwise, it's pretty useless. Who wants to watch excerpts from Showtime shows or tidbits from CBS? For me, it's all or nothing. One thing I'll say is that it's easier to find content on TV.com than on Joost.