Meet tShirtOS, the first iPhone-controlled t-shirt with integrated washable display

tShirtOS is the first iPhone controlled t-shirt with integrated washable displaytShirtOS lets you display anything and everything you want right on your t-shirt, and control it all with your iPhone and an iOS app. Wearable electronics could be a huge part of the future, both for fashion and functionality. Google is already jumping out of planes, and bringing us along for the ride, wearing their Glass technology. tShirtOS has a different goal, though. To make us the display. This system consists of a washable t-shirt with an integrated display panel and camera. It can then display Twitter updates, Facebook content, Instagram photographs and much more.

The display currently only supports a resolution of 32 x 32 which matches that of the tiny built in camera. It is made up of 1,024 tiny RGC LEDs which all connect back to a small PCB which has Bluetooth, USB, an accelerometer and a pair of headphone sockets. The processor for the project is still being decided upon with two prototypes currently in testing. One is an 8-bit processor and the other a 32-bit ARM Cortex processor. The t-shirt will be controlled via an iPhone 4S running at least iOS 5.0 or greater.

The bad news is that the technology is still in its infancy and costs a huge amount to make each t-shirt. CuteCircuit will be monitoring the interest in the product and will make a decision about making a cheaper consumer version in the future.

Could you see yourself wearing a t-shirt that can display tweets and other information from the internet?

Source: tShirtOS via SlashGear

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Reader comments

Meet tShirtOS, the first iPhone-controlled t-shirt with integrated washable display


This would be great for business like the apple store employees especially product release dates and such. I'm curious just how far people would push this. You know there are going to be idiots out there displaying the wrong thing on their shirt. I can see me and my 4 yr old walking down the street and someone have some kind of adult content or photo displayed.

The idea that you'd want to wear your twitter stream is stupid, but the idea that you could change the message on your t-shirt as soon as it was out of date or as soon as your mood changes is quite radical and subversive. You could have a few these replace a drawer full of t-shirts, and instead of impulse buying a new shirt, you just change what your shirt says. If this becomes reasonably priced, and screen technology becomes higher res, this would sell like crazy.

LOL, the potential for unimaginable embarrassment, incredible awkwardness, and total epic fail would be increased exponentially!!!

I'm excited for this and all the hacked shirts that someone else controls. This could make for some great headlines and discussion topics.

Count me in. I need one.

Cynical comment: forget company logos. Now we'll have walking commercials as well!

My thoughts: looks awkward. I would much rather have a small strip of LED display in a descreet place (inside of a sleeve?) displaying notifications for the device(s) on me.