Poll: What will Apple call the next iPhone?

The next iPhone is reportedly coming on September 12, so what will Apple call it? For the last two years, Apple has used iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S respectively, so does that mean iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s is next? Apple's internal model number is iPhone 5,1, and the next number after 4 (and 4S) is 5, so could Apple just keep on counting?

Maybe Apple isn't done with 4 yet. Could last year's iPhone 4S become this year's iPhone 4GS with 4G as in LTE? Or could they drop the number and go back to radios like they did with the iPhone 3G, and just call it the iPhone LTE? Are there enough LTE markets to even justify that yet?

They could decide to skip the fives entirely and go straight to 6. It will be the 6th version of the iPhone sold, after all.

Or they could just take a page from Sprint's Android handbook and call it the iPhone 4S II, Epic 4G LTE Touch. Though that probably wouldn't fit on the usual box...

How about "the new iPhone" or just "iPhone"? Sure they'll have to do iPhone (6th Generation) or iPhone (2012) for tech support and store orders, but that's exactly what they've been doing with Macs for years, and started to do with the new iPad back in March. Then they could do "the new new iPhone" next year, reduce the price of this one, and sell it as "the old new iPhone". I kid. Really. Because those names return such productive search results...

You know the drill! Answer the poll up top and then tell me why you picked the name you did in the comments below!

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Poll: What will Apple call the next iPhone?


During the Keynote, and on Apple's front page for a for months, it will be addressed as "the new iPhone" but it's actual name will just be "iPhone". This is how they handled the third generation iPad.

Ah someone with common sense! It's so rare with these idiots thinking it will be called the iPhone 5. Thank you.

I think "the new iPhone" and "iPhone" are the same thing. In other words I think Apples goal with both the iPad and iPhone is to restore the household name and just deal with generation references with "Generation X," as in: "Only compatible with the iPad (3rd Generation)"

Official marketing name: "The new iPhone."

Official internal revision name: "The iPhone (6th gen) - Hey Samsung. Copy this, f*cksticks."

Definitely New iPhone, I really don't see why they would only call the iPad that and leave out the iPohone, and they've always been doing it for the iPod Touch family.

Why are you people making it so damn difficult there was the iPhone, then the iPhone 3G then the 3GS which was the better version than the 3G and then iPhone 4 which was ment to be 4G but that what was obviously a lie lol then came the iPhone 4S was was the better iPhone 4. Even if they call the 6th iPhone 4G or LTE, countries such as the UK don't even properly support it so they would have to call it something else and calling a phone 4G when the 4 is already gone is stupid. We all know apple had to call the iPad the The new iPad because of copyright reason why the flip would they call the iPhone 'The new iPhone' that's just incomptetent. Or have I got this all wrong /:)

I think you got it all wrong ;) My theory is that they have to stop sometime with the numbers, iPhone 8, iPhone 12 it just doesn't look professional and they have always done it for their iMacs, MacBooks, iPod Touches, and now for iPad, so why not for iPhone.

What do you mean that they called it New iPad for copyright reasons? It's actual name isn't "New iPad" it's just called "iPad" the new is just to indicate it's the most recent model. The iPad 4 will also be called "New iPad" and the iPad 3 will then just go back to being "iPad".

I agree the numbers are confusing but with phones, numbers are paramount to differentiate with phone models.

I remember earlier in the year apple were told not to market the iPad as the iPad 3 because a chinese company/person already had the trademark iPad 3, that is why they didn't call it a iPad 3.

It will be called the iPhone 4G. In 2013, it will be the iPhone 4GS. It will have the same iPhone 4 design that Cook is obsessed with but have a quad core chip and the same 3.7" screen it will have this year.

They will never call it the 4G, that would lead to so much confusion, half the people already think it's called the 4G and their phone supports 4G technology haha (actually true I remember seeing a poll where a lot of people thought the iPhone supported 4G!)

But, really..just not gonna happen. Also, they have to increase the screen size otherwise they'll continue losing customers to Samsung and the rest of the Android gang. And quad-core, possibly, the I think they'd rather go with a powerful dual-core because Apple (unlike Android) actually values battery life and iOS is very efficient so it doesn't an as powerful processor as Android devices to perform smoothly.

I don't understand how so many tech analysts, pundits, and knowledgeable fans can keep fixing their mouths to say (and hands to type) that the new device will be called "iPhone 5." Even ignoring the fact that Apple has abandoned numbering for at least one other product, the upcoming iPhone will not be the 5th so, without some type of suffix anchoring that number (i.e. the "s" in "4s") why in the world would they make it a "5?"

Andy Ihnatko point doesn't fly with me either, claiming that it's an imaginary device anyway, so it doesn't matter what we call it. C'mon, we're going to obsess over every other doggone detail about the phone but we're going to refer to it by one of the least likely names of all? This poll, alone, suggests that people care about every detail of this device - including what it will be called.

iPhone 4SS... Unifying the new cellular world.

Seriously, Apple needs to quit these rediculous naming schemes and just name them numerically. It's confusing. Especially with the new iPad. What will te next one be called? The new iPadS? The newer iPad? iPad XP?

Why the flip would it be called iPhone 5? There is nothing 5 about it. It's not the 5th iteration of the iPhone, it's the 6th. IPhone 5 is the stupidest answer.

1st iPhone: 2007 "iPhone"
2nd iPhone: 2008 "iPhone 3G"
3rd iPhone: 2009 "iPhone 3GS"
4th iPhone: 2010 "iPhone 4"
5th iPhone: 2011 "iPhone 4S"
6th iPhone: 2012 "Colossus: The Forbin Project (1970, Joseph Sargent dir.)"

The facts are: The first iPhone was unveiled by Steve Jobs, then CEO of Apple, on January 9, 2007,[1] and released on June 29, 2007. The most recent iPhone, the 5th generation iPhone 4S, was announced on October 4, 2011, and released 10 days later.

If history is anything to go by, and Apple has shown us that it isn't, anyway, we could expect the new iphone anytime from 10 days to around 5 months from its official announcement from Apple. Its got to be more like 10 days though hasn't it.

Don't make us 5 months after its existence is make public.


I hope they will say something like "Meet the new iPhone, the iPhone 5" ...

The "New iPad" instead of "iPad 3" was just confusing for lot of people ... "Hey, I bought a new iPad!"; "Really, a new iPad, or the New iPad?"; "Well, I paid full price for it at the Apple Store!"; "That's not what I mean."; "What do you mean?"; "You know, is it an iPad 2, or an iPad 3?"; "Oh, an iPad 2."

In addition, Apple's references to its products on its web pages are getting messy, with all the "New", and "generation this and generation that", with the word 'Generation' always spelled-out... why not "fits iPhone-4s/-4/-3GS/-3/-1."?

If they are trying to improve the user experience, they could try applying this consistently to their products names...

Only confusing until next year:
2013 iPad (4th gen): "The new iPad."
2012 iPad (3rd gen): "The old iPad."
2011 iPad 2 (2nd gen): "The oldest iPad we sell."
2010 iPad (1st gen): "The super-old iPad we don't sell any more."