Poll: What will Apple call the next iPhone?

The next iPhone is reportedly coming on September 12, so what will Apple call it? For the last two years, Apple has used iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S respectively, so does that mean iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s is next? Apple's internal model number is iPhone 5,1, and the next number after 4 (and 4S) is 5, so could Apple just keep on counting?

Maybe Apple isn't done with 4 yet. Could last year's iPhone 4S become this year's iPhone 4GS with 4G as in LTE? Or could they drop the number and go back to radios like they did with the iPhone 3G, and just call it the iPhone LTE? Are there enough LTE markets to even justify that yet?

They could decide to skip the fives entirely and go straight to 6. It will be the 6th version of the iPhone sold, after all.

Or they could just take a page from Sprint's Android handbook and call it the iPhone 4S II, Epic 4G LTE Touch. Though that probably wouldn't fit on the usual box...

How about "the new iPhone" or just "iPhone"? Sure they'll have to do iPhone (6th Generation) or iPhone (2012) for tech support and store orders, but that's exactly what they've been doing with Macs for years, and started to do with the new iPad back in March. Then they could do "the new new iPhone" next year, reduce the price of this one, and sell it as "the old new iPhone". I kid. Really. Because those names return such productive search results...

You know the drill! Answer the poll up top and then tell me why you picked the name you did in the comments below!

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