Vaja Matelasse Lucy Clutch for iPhone

Oh yeah. This is totally decadent. Totally. But that's how Vaja does things,right? And the Matelasse Lucy Clutch for iPhone is the opposite of an exception. A combination iPhone case, wallet, and carry bag, it's hand crafted like all of Vaja's creations, but is it practical?

The Vaja Matelasse Lucy Clutch is small, easy to hold, easy to zip and unzip, and yet still has plenty of space for all of your cards, your money, and any other small item you may want to cary for example, lip gloss. There's a dedicated iPhone pocket, 2 general purpose pocket, and card holder good for 3 cards. None of the pockets zip or otherwise close, however, so loose change and other small items can tumble around as you go.

Taking your iPhone in and out is also easy. It slips into the dedicated inside pocket so you can keep it safe and secure, and slips right back out again when you want to use it. If you're the type of person who uses your iPhone constantly to game, text, etc., it might be inconvenient compared to a pocket case, but if you use your phone mostly as a phone -- or you just want to enjoy a night out in style -- it's perfect.

Now If you're worried that you might not hear your iPhone rings when it's inside the Vaja Matelasse Lucy Clutch, don't. There's a special mesh on both sides designed to make Marimba -- or whatever ringtone you so wish -- come through loud and clear. And because it's on both sides, it doesn't matter which way you insert your iPhone.

The Vaja Matelasse Lucy Clutch is made of premium Caterina leather with a distinctive quilted finish. It's well padded, so your precious iPhone and any other valuables are safe and secure. It's also available in a wide variety of colors so you can customize it pretty much anyway you like.

A sturdy strap lets you carry the Vaja Matelasse Lucy Clutch easily, either in your hand or around your wrist. Unfortunately, it's not quite long enough to comfortably cary around your shoulder and keep your hands free, which I prefer. The zipper is also heavy duty, and works without a hitch. It does, however, open along the bottom of the clutch, which is a little worrisome -- if I leave it partially unzipped, I may not notice, and things may fall out.

The hand crafting results in spectacular quality as well, with every stitch contributing to a functional, long lasting design. The leather comes in azalea (pink), rosso (red), birch (off white), nautical blue, and black. The padded interior comes in over 20 different colors -- several shades of the entire rainbow. That means you can get the Vaja Matelasse Lucy Clutch in just the right colors for you (or for your someone special.)

The good

  • Classic design
  • Incredible quality
  • Excellent protection
  • Easy to open and close
  • Multitude of color options

The bad

  • iPhone not as accessible as regular case
  • No shoulder strap option
  • No inside zippers/closures

The bottom line

The Vaja Matelasse Lucy Clutch is positively luxurious. It's soft, protective, easy to use, and offers space beyond what it's small size would suggest. If you're looking for a high-end, premium carrying bag for yourself or for someone you love, I highly recommend the The Vaja Matelasse Lucy Clutch. Fashion may change but the Vaja Matelasse Lucy Clutch is beautiful and built to last.

$240 - Buy now

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Reader comments

Vaja Matelasse Lucy Clutch for iPhone


Looks nice, but seems like a bit of a bad choice to have the opening on the bottom. Everything relies on that zipper staying closed.

Exactly. And I have to wonder at the design philosophy that requires not only two hands to answer your phone but several juggling moves to rotate and unzip the bag so you don't dump the entire contents on the ground when you're desperately trying to answer said phone.

OMGosh! I wish you had a giveaway for this! I fell in LOVE, but then my excitement was crushed when I saw the price. :( I will never be able to afford it. Waaaaa. I will have to put this on my "If I win the lottery" list! Lol

(Minor nitpick: the musical cue sounds like "Crickets Gone Wild" or something. Just a little too much upper-midrange glare.)