Poll: Do you want an LED notification light on the next iPhone?

The iMore forums are hopping over a post from sparro who wants nothing more than an LED notification light on the iPhone 5.

Sparro wasn't satisfied with the LED camera flash accessibility feature added in iOS 5 and is hoping for a full on, front-facing, blinking, bugging notification light in the next iPhone.

BlackBerry lovers consider it part of what puts the crack in CrackBerry and some obviously feel lost when they switch to iPhone and lose it. Even Android seem content when their phones blink and beep at them like R2D2 with something stuck in his holo emitter.

So does the iPhone need it? Is it not enough that the whole display lights up when a new alert hits the lock screen? Do we need a blinking light as well? Or is getting away from the LED the whole reason you switched to iPhone to begin with?

Vote up top, and then head on over to the iMore forums and let sparro know how you feel about the notification LED!

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Poll: Do you want an LED notification light on the next iPhone?


Had one on my HTC Hero while I waited for Sprint to get the iPhone. Thought for sure I'd miss the notification LED. Ever since, I will never miss that annoying LED. I hope it never shows up on the iPhone

You could just turn it off. That way, you get what you want and those of us that want it get what we want.

hey genius you know you can turn LED notification off right??? But only on android....not iPhone cuz it doesn't have it!!! LMAO!!!

Something cool about it??? It's a NOTIFICATION light, you're not gonna have raves in your basement with it to replace a strobe light or something....come on, you're better than that

No way. People already have a problem putting down their phone and I have too many apps with notifications to begin with.

The BEST design for this would be a glowing apple logo...it's sooo apple and it would be amazing if there were different colors for different notifications ESP battery draining ;););) PLEASE write a post about this so maybe apple will read! Lol

OK, this would be my Plan B answer. If something is going to light up, and it's not on the screen, it should be the Apple logo. (And maybe the square on the home button too, come to think of it...)

They already have that feature. In accessibility options you can make your flash blink for any alert, SMS or call. It's great. So no. I am not for adding more clutter to the external design. If you want simple great designed products stick with apple. If you want unnecessary add-ons get an htc android phone. I'll stick with Apple.

Have you tried that "feature"? It's a retina-burning, blinding strobe light that just about knocks you on your ass when it fires. And it only fires when the sounds play. No repeating past the max number of rings or message tones.

This. The lack of long-term repetition is my concern about it.

Just need something with low battery consumption.

I can't believe anyone would have dumped their old phone because it had a notification light. That was a silly comment.

+1 for SolidRock's idea of the home button. I use the flash feature on my iP4, but it's useless if my phone is on the desk face up, having it built into the home button eliminates clutter, but effectively provides the solution. Also, I would imagine lighting up an led light would use less energy than lighting up an entire screen.

Exactly. The light isn't any good if it's blocked. There would have to be two lights, on front and back. The built-in gyro could tell iOS which way is "up" and only illuminate the LED facing up, to save battery power. (And if the iPhone is more or less standing on its edge, it could illuminate both.)

I've always said that apple should use the inside square of the home button and have it light up on notifications, that way its not a dedicated LED that does nothing if you turn it off, the home button would integrate flawlessly.

LED notification light isn't necessary. I pretty much ignored it when I had my BlackBerries. What we need is the ability to customize email alerts for individual contacts and each email account plus the choice to silence any email account or contact. Separate icons/folders on the homescreen for each email account (instead of just the one all-inclusive "Messages" icon) are needed. I miss the separate email folders and the red asterisks on my BB! Separate signatures for each email account would be great too as well as being able to choose the "reply to" field. Then the iPhone would be perfect. :-)

Want one very much so.
Ideas of how to do it would be-
LED light notification
Make the ring around the home button glow
Logo glow

Also would like different colours for different events (e-mail, text msg etc)


I too have been saying that the ring on the home button should be illuminated for notifications. Or, even a ring around the home button itself.

Think about it, the space between the front & the home button could emit a small amount of light that could be elegant & tasteful, without intrusive flashlight style camera LED lights flashing. Perhaps it could even be colour coded to determine which type of notification it is... or perhaps it blinks once for SMS/MMS & twice for an email.

The possibilities are endless, Apple only needs to implement them!

When I took the leap from Blackberry Bold to iPhone 4s this was the one feature I missed SOOOOOO much!!! This would be amazing to have on the next iPhone!!! I miss it so much!!

A notification light offers too little information!

I recommend jail breaking, removing the carrier name and replacing it with OpenNotifier icons.

It would be nice if the home button white square bit glowed on and off to signify a notification (like the HP Touchpad). You could set it to that only certain apps can use the notification light as well so you only get a light on email, sms etc not whenever someone sends you a draw something or facebook

There is nothing worse than getting all amped up to respond to an LED triggered notification only to find out it's for and ad or something else unimportant. The best thing about Apple's approach is that you don't turn into one of Pavlov's dogs and become a slave to the technology because the technology is slave to you.

Yea, all those companies putting notification lights on their devices are really trying to hypnotize/brainwash people with those flashing lights.

I don't want a light, I want a little screen.

I'd like little mini icons as notifications.

And then tie it into VIPs, notification settings, overnight notification turnoffs and such.

Like I may want an icon for VIPs that send me email and nothing more.

Didnt samsung make an android phone like that, with a little "ticker"/2nd screen for stuff like that?? Think it was on VZW & didnt sell too well at all. (this is legit question/comment, not troll bait, so please chill with the apple/android love/hate in responses) <~~~sucks that I feel the need to type that

Yeah, it was part of their original Galaxy S line. It was one of those ideas that sounded really cool and even looked good in demonstrations, but became *really* obnoxious and cumbersome after I'd had it in my hand for a few minutes.

I don't need no stinking blinking light! What I do need is a iPod nano that is a watch has blue tooth and notifications. It could vibrate on my wrist ( different vibrate tones for different notifications ). I could get my stuff done and decide wich notification I will look at and Anwer. Simple solution.

The only phones I ever used that had notification LEDs were Palm Tréos. The first thing I did whenever setting one up was to install software that allowed me to disable it for anything but a battery charge indicator. I do so many different minds of messaging on my phone that such a simple indicator is completely useless, other than to waste battery since it will /always/ be on or blinking. A simple indicator like this might work for some, but if you have time to stare at it, why not just tap the freakin' home button and get a brief lock screen display from notification center showing you what's actually waiting?

I too want an LED notification light, but to put it on the home button would not make sense. If you have an OtterBox like me (or any similar case) you would miss out on the feature because the case covers up the home button.

If it doesn't drain too much battery, I think the Apple logo on the back would be a cool and sufficient alternative.

i want one. make the home button circle (the white part) a light that blinks. But i want it customizable. i don't want it going off for facebook, or twitter. I only want it for voicemail and text. i don't want to have it blinking all day for stuff that's not important. i get too much email, and facebook and twitter isn't important though i do have them. That's why it should be customizable. So that each user can have it flash for what suits them.

i had it on my crappy palm pre, well after hacking it, but i do miss it. tried the flash but i never see it cause i don't lay my phone face down.

I would like to see it as an option with a switch where I can turn it off, and when in use restrict it to certain callers or types of notifications. I personnally check my phone often enough to know what is going on, so it's not that important to me, but there are times when I'm expecting a call or message, and having a good visual indicator that I've received it would be helpful. It's not on my top 10 "want" list, but I would use it on occasion if it was available. Someone above mentioned using the white space in the home button for a notification light, and I agree that would be a great place for it - not a separate (ugly) LED, and invisible when you are not using it.

I would love a notification indicator that would be visible for a longer period of time than the current "notification". The current one is great if you are in close proximity to your phone...but if you are away for more than a minute, black screen and you need to activate the screen.

I have been a long time BlackBerry user and love the iPhone 4s that I have switched to,,.but it needs a better notification. Whether it be a blinking LED light or the home button "glowing" I need a better notification indicator.

One of the many reasons why I bought the iPhone was because it didn't have all those flashy useless lights. It was simple yet sophisticated.