Conan pokes fun at Samsung copying Apple

Conan pokes fun at Samsung copying Apple

The Apple vs Samsung trial is apparently mainstream enough now that even Team Coco's own Conan O'Brien is lampooning it on his late night talk show -- or at least lampooning Samsung's attempts to claim they're not a copyist.

Samsung might actually be better off at this point just admitting to the copying and arguing that it's not illegal or infringing...

Here's the video:

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Reader comments

Conan pokes fun at Samsung copying Apple


Android Central won't post it. They are too busy creating posts on the X rated world of Android. Real classy.

Pretty funny. I would agree that Samsung's design is a little too spot-on, right down to the dots indicating what launcher page you're on. Still seems a bit frivolous that Apple is claiming a patent on what basically amounts to "a rectangle with rounded corners, displaying a grid of app icons". Such a design is not new, and was not new when the first iPhone launched.

I'm guessing Apple is more focused on sales then the tech (Captain Obvious, I know), as this whole lawsuit is over visual aspects only the customer would use to distingish Apple from other competitors. I just honestly don't get why Samsung would make it so blantently obvious... even if the patents Apple is going for overly generic, I don't see how people don't see Samsung following Apple closer then any of the other android phones out there.

Sooo funny and sooo true. Come just don't change a color or a corner and BOOM, new and different product! Samsung knew what they were doing and took a calculated risk. I'm sure their lawyers were in the discussion from day one. Now some of the millions made from the copy of Apple's product goes out in legal fees. I suppose Samsung will be alright. They'll change a couple more colors and come back with something else.

funny skit but just shows how uninformed the public and media are concerning these cases. i love my iphone but even im embarrassed with the amounts of illogical drones which follow rather apple says without research and retarded claims apple makes when they have done the same in other instances.