How to set up email on your iPhone or iPad

How to set up email on your iPhone or iPad

Microsoft has released, what they consider to be the next-generation of email. And much to their credit, Microsoft have gone above and beyond to make sure you can access it not only on the web, but from any and all of your devices, including the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Here's how.

How to access (or Hotmail or Live Mail) on your iPhone or iPad via Mail

Better than the website, you can set up the built-in iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad Mail app to get your email.

  1. Launch the Settings app from your Home screen.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.
  3. Tap on Add Account.
  4. Tap on Hotmail.
  5. Enter your email address and password.
  6. Select what you want to Sync.

And you're done! You will miss out on any web-specific features, which are what Microsoft is working to make all shiny and revolutionary, but you will get all your mail in the unified inbox, right beside iCloud and Gmail if you use those services as well.

Note: You can also set up as Exchange ActiveSync. Just follow the same steps above but choose the Exchange button and use as your server.

How to access on your iPhone or iPad via the web

You can login to on your iPhone or iPad, the same as you can login to it on your Windows or Mac PC.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your email address and password.
  3. And you're in!
  4. If you'd rather use the full site than the stripped down mobile site, scroll down and tap on PC Site (why "PC Site" and not "Full Version"? Ask Microsoft!).

If you're on your iPhone, you'll get a warning saying you need to upgrade your browser to a newer version of Safari. Ignore than and tap on Continue. That's just poor interception (since you can't update iPhone Safari the way they imply.)

If you need any extra help, jump into the setup thread in our iOS 5 Forum.

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There are 17 comments. Add yours.

dloveprod says:

I added mine by clicking on micrsoft exchange, what's the difference?

SmartFah says:

I was going to ask the same thing. Anybody know what's the difference between setting it up as an Exchange vs a Hotmail account?...

Jeremy Caron says:

Active sync is much more reliable. Especially when it comes to syncing calendar and contacts..

Solublepeter says:

Can't confirm this with yet, but I know (from working on support for our MailShot Pro group email app) that how you connect to Gmail makes a difference to how many contacts you can send a group email to- its 100 per email when you connect using a POP connection (the "Gmail" choice) and 500 a day when you connect to Gmail with "Exchange" instead.

Soluble apps

Osumailguy says:

why "PC Site" and not "Full Version"? They are still living in the PC-vs-Mac world!

Carioca32 says:

The Mac is a PC, even Steve Jobs knew that when he mentioned a post PC world. He did not mention a post PC and Mac world, eh?

On a world full of mobile devices, I think that "PC Site" is much clearer than "Full version", which is basically meaningless to the average user, that expect all versions to do everything. Its up to Apple fans to be upset and feel defensive by all mentions to PCs.

Dark_Blu says:

I'm trying to think of a reason why I might need another e-mail address other than Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AIM and iCloud and I really can't think of any reason to start up an e-mail account. Why doesn't Microsoft just migrate all hotmail and MSN users to That makes more sense to me than adding another e-mail address to keep up with. It's overkill for me.

icewing#IM says:

Because you're not getting enough spam via hotmail.

j.nilsson says:

I get more spam on my gmail than my two hotmail-accounts.

j.nilsson says:

They are migrating! You dont need to get an to use the new site, just sign in with your hotmail or live-account at

Henry Avellar says:

I agree. It seems that it would be easier to integrate Hotmail and other accounts to Why not Microsoft?

KCMike says:

I didn't have to set anything up since I've used for some time now. I've never been on the Gmail train (can't stand Google for the most part).

wormeyman says:

Thanks for this article i just did this!

Kevin Carson says:

When I go to Settings/Email - Add Account, I have the choice of Microsoft Exchange, mobile me, Google Mail, Yahoo, Aol and other. I do not have the choice of Hotmail. I have an Apple iPhone 3G (yes, I know I am behind the times). Is this why Hotmail is not available, or do I need to do something to make it an option?

Yaelush says:

Right now, all the contacts on my IPHONE are connected to my GMAIL exchange account.
What if i set an outlook account? will all these contacts copy themseves to my outlook mailbox?

Bonnie Mikulla says:

How to I set my Ipad to open up my outlook email rather than mac mail?