AluPen Pro stylus for iPad review

I love hybrid stylus pens like the AlluPen Pro from Just Mobile. I use traditional ink pens all the time, and it's so much more convenient to have capacitive stylus tip available at the same time. I sometimes find them to be heavier than single-purpose pens or styluses, but the simple utility makes them worth it. The AlluPen Pro is also extremely well balanced, which helps enormously.

AluPen Pro stylus for iPad review

What I really like about the AlluPen Pro is that it has a beautiful, retractable, ballpoint writing tip. The ink flows smoothly and the overall feel is just fabulous. You can replace the Pelikan ink cartridge easily with as well, which is usually a concern of mine. If you have a case or workbook that includes a stylus/pen holder, the AlluPen Pro is really all you need to take with you.

The capacitive nib is also pretty good. It is rubber and squishy, but in my tests the AlluPen Pro registered a very high percentage of taps and swipes, among the best of tried so far. For note taking it produced consistently high quality writing. For gaming, it performed well even under fast-paced action. For art, it allowed for good, consistent drawing with precise lines and low friction movement. Like the ink, the capacitive tip can also be replaced, which adds to the longevity of the pen in general.

The AlluPen Pro is made out of high quality aluminum and is available in silver, black, or red. Unfortunately, the hexagonal shape isn't as comfortable as other, rounder stylus pens I've tried. That's really the only major downside, and mostly because the AlluPen Pro is so good I really want to use it more.

The good

  • Terrific ink pen for everyday writing
  • Sensation stylus for note-taking, gaming, and drawing
  • Can't beat the convenience of a combo

The bad

  • Hexagonal shape isn't as comfortable

The bottom line

I love hybrid stylus/ink pens, and the AlluPen Pro is one of the best I've come across. The combination of smooth, steady ink and consistent, high-quality capacitance make it an ideal choice for anyone who needs to get a lot of writing done on paper, and general purpose note-taking, gaming, and drawing on the iPad. Highly recommended.

$36.95 - Buy now

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AluPen Pro stylus for iPad review


My experience with rubber top styluses has not been good. They work well for a couple weeks and then the top softens and the stylus looses precision. After reading David Pogue's article on styluses I decided to see how hard was to change the top for conductive foam.... Check this link to see how can be done...