Pad & Quill iPhone and iPad cases: Labor Day giveaway!

Pad & Quill make some of the finest hand-crafted cases ever to grace the iPhone and iPad and just to put the perfect topped on the Labor Day weekend, they want to give some away to our fantastic iMore readers.

If you love the moleskin look, if you like nothing better than to swathe your metal and glass in wood and leather, if you absolute love it when the most advanced computing platforms on the planet are beautifully balanced with the very best of out-world binding, then you'll love Pad & Quill

Here's how to enter:

  1. Go to Pad & Quill's iPhone page or Pad & Quill's iPad page.
  2. Look at the list of cases for your device.
  3. Copy the URL (link) for the specific case you like best.
  4. Paste the URL (link) in the comments below.
  5. Tell us what made you pick it!

And that's it! We'll pick four (4) winners and Pad & Quill will send the winners the case they picked!

Giveaway starts now. Winners will be announced Monday, September 10, 2012. Good luck and get entering!

Courtesy: Pad & Quill

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Reader comments

Pad & Quill iPhone and iPad cases: Labor Day giveaway!



I'm nowhere near as important as Ron Burgundy, but I'd like my brand new iPad to look as distinguished as the few leather bound books I have in my library. When I first got my iPad for some insane reason I thought I needed a case with a bluetooth keyboard, but I spend very little time using the keyboard. So, although I can't afford your beautiful and luxurious Octavo case (right now), if I won I'd talk this case up to all my friends with considerably more disposable income than I have :-)

I love the little luxury book. It looks very sleek and business professional. I work at a Verizon Premium Retail store, and get asked about book cases for iphones and always have some sort of different style of case on my iphone depending on what I'd like to sell more of. I'd love to have a black and brown little luxury book to show customers and be able to direct them towards to best book case for their new iphone :)
Love the case! They are stylish, exquisitely
Designed and put together. The manufacturer
Took great care and thought into the structure and concept of this case. This tells me that they care about the quality of work that their customers are receiving and they make products not only for people to talk about confidently, but that will be around to go up against the competitors and come out on top. (with green interior)
These cases appear to be well crafted and use natural materials. Nothing turns me off to a case like the small of synthetics and oil. I like the multiple angles this case offers, the elastic band to secure the case from "flying" open if it falls, and the solid wood frame to protect the device. The best part about the cases MADE IN THE USA! Supporting American businesses.

The Little Luxury Book for iPhone® 4/4S
Color:Mahogany Brown Interior Cloth Color:Forest Green
Great color combo and look of a real book

Where do I begin????
My son has been an avid customer of Pen and Quill and currently uses the Little Luxury Book for his IPhone and the Octavo IPad2 case. Whenever he takes out his phone or his IPad2, he makes a point of fondling each leather cover, smelling the amazing quality leather and rubbing it in my face! Let me just tell you that you had me at the first whiff of that leather! It is a thing of Beauty!!!
I am currently using the "Twelve South Book Book" and your "Luxury Book" puts it to shame. A little fact that my son reminds me of at least 5 times a day! It is absolutely beautiful! The leather surpasses anything I have seen. With the pocket for holding cards etc., there is no need to carry anything else. I am so impressed with the little details like the elastic around it and the beautiful stitching and the intricate cut out for the camera lens, the use of wood with the leather....
On to the next amazing thing about this case....the craftsmanship involved in the wooden phone cradle/frame...astounding! The way it is layered and hand carved make it strong and one of a kind. My husband, a carpentry supervisor at a local college is amazed that there is someone who cares about attention to detail in this way. Why hasn't someone thought of this before??? It keeps the phone so safe and secure while showing the pride of a true craftsman! The quality and construction surpass anything on the market. May I just say that this case is truly a thing of beauty! (One that a son shouldn't have before his mother) Whether I win this case or not, I commend you on an amazing product! I would be so proud to have one! This case will stand the test of time while making its owner shine as someone of impeccable taste and class! Another thing to be proud of…..Made in the USA!!!
I would be thrilled to win this and be proud to show it off to everyone! You really have come up with an outstanding product! Kudos to you Pen & Quill!

(Was this supposed to be breif?)
I always carry my iPhone 4S "nude" as it was meant to be held, that way I can see and feel its beauty. But I've always loved to read books and write long stories in my leather Moleskine Notebook.
For my first Smartphone, and first Apple Product having a case this creative and innovative combines both by views in an elegant solution. I absolutely love this case and now want it even more. It's elegance and beauty are simply stunning!

These are the most beautiful cases I have ever seen, I have been in love with them since i first saw them here on imore. I love the sound channel and imagine the wood can only make the sound more rich. I chose this case because I love the feel of soft genuine leather, and I never really stand my ipad up so I dont really need the version with the fancy cover. My new iPad is my favorite gadget ever, and I would love to show it off to all my friends at work in a beautiful pad and quill case.

Why this case? Well I have to imagine if Gandalf carried an iPhone 4S this is the case it would be in. I am sure if he did they would have gotten to the Black Gates much sooner, and been able to become Foursquare mayors of Mordor.
Yes, the Little Black Book Case is $5 cheaper than the Little Luxury Book case, but this is an Apple product. You can't pay the premium for the bite out of a granny smith logo and then cheap out on an accessory. It's hand made in America Damnit and though he would have no idea what America was, if the Grey Pilgrim was getting a case for his iPhone, he would want the genuine leather to match his pointy hat.
I've said it again just recently. In this day and age, there really is no excuse for poor design. It appears to me that Pad and Quill hold the same belief. While many case makers seem bent on altering the iPad experience, P&Q seem to appreciate the elegance and sharpness of the device, while using different craft materials with equal design ideals in mind.
Through the descriptions of all cases, you can see that they strive to maintain & possibly enhance functionality. Protecting an investment shouldn't take away any of the owner's enjoyment of it.