Pad & Quill iPhone and iPad cases: Labor Day giveaway!

Pad & Quill make some of the finest hand-crafted cases ever to grace the iPhone and iPad and just to put the perfect topped on the Labor Day weekend, they want to give some away to our fantastic iMore readers.

If you love the moleskin look, if you like nothing better than to swathe your metal and glass in wood and leather, if you absolute love it when the most advanced computing platforms on the planet are beautifully balanced with the very best of out-world binding, then you'll love Pad & Quill

Here's how to enter:

  1. Go to Pad & Quill's iPhone page or Pad & Quill's iPad page.
  2. Look at the list of cases for your device.
  3. Copy the URL (link) for the specific case you like best.
  4. Paste the URL (link) in the comments below.
  5. Tell us what made you pick it!

And that's it! We'll pick four (4) winners and Pad & Quill will send the winners the case they picked!

Giveaway starts now. Winners will be announced Monday, September 10, 2012. Good luck and get entering!

Courtesy: Pad & Quill


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There are 295 comments. Add yours.

breadmanjp says: - I like the look of leather and the way this case protects your iPhone if dropped. I want one for myself!

CarrierUnlock says:

It's sleek and professional. Definitely look and feel great when I take it to work to fill out notes and teach my wireless workshops.

emozdashietxp says:

it's very elegant in its own unique way. gives protection to not only phone but essentially replaces your wallets (because i only keep a few credit cards with me) it's simple, but gives it a touch of fashion

emjayess says:

Just bought iPads for my wife and college-bound kid and they need cases. This one is a must due to the fact it's "self-propping:"

Thanks for the opportunity! (And shipping would be really easy as we're in the Twin Cities!)

iDonev says:

That Volume 4 iPad case is something and a half!

It takes stylish to a whole new level. I would love to have it.

jerelchacko says:

Design is similar to the DodoCase, which my girlfriend has and loves. Functionality is boosted by inner grooves to allow different angles. It's beautiful and a work of art. Why wouldn't I want it?

AuthorOfThings says:
I like look of (and reading) books and want to take care of my investment while keeping a slim profile to fit in my bag.

Ryuz4ki says:

It looks perfect for long sessions of studying and it's really easy on the eyes.

thatguykc says:

I really like the Contega case because of the different angles you can prop the device up. Sweet giveaway.

kritter217 says: - I picked this one because it is so hard to find a really nice case anymore for the original iPad. Usually all I can find are the leftovers. This one is lovely.

dhpdesigns says:

How awesome is this case?! The ability to consolidate all of my necessary carry items in to a sleek, stylish package makes this the case of my dreams.

Who says form and function can never meet a happy medium? :)

GenaroQuispe says:

Love the classy look of the case and the materials used is what makes me want this case!

gazalem23 says:

I'm nowhere near as important as Ron Burgundy, but I'd like my brand new iPad to look as distinguished as the few leather bound books I have in my library. When I first got my iPad for some insane reason I thought I needed a case with a bluetooth keyboard, but I spend very little time using the keyboard. So, although I can't afford your beautiful and luxurious Octavo case (right now), if I won I'd talk this case up to all my friends with considerably more disposable income than I have :-)

SmoothWitIt22 says: -- A beautiful gift for my wife. With this case she can stop misplacing her debt card cause she always has her phone.

USN Jet Mech says:

I love the way that is looks and it looks as though it will protect my iPad while at sea on deployment better than the case I currently have. The first iPad/case combo fell out of my rack(bed) and shattered the iPad and cracked the internals.

Robbie78 says: I picked this case because it's gorgeous and I work in the medical field and I could use the case and look professional

KaibilGT says:

I really like the look it's so elegant and nice. Great to go out just with my credit card, ID and my iPhone I'll not need a wallet !!!
I'm ready to have some fun.

Big Dookie says:

Love the Contega Case for the new iPad. The Spanish Leather, the Baltic Birch, it all comes together to make an amazing case that any gadget lover would be proud of!

Milton says:

I think this case looks very much like an old fashioned book and I like the fact that it protects the iPad so well.

swingracex#IM says:
self propping...beautiful wood and leather elegance...would make my ipad look classic and it would be something i would love to hold

phreddyl says: looks like a cool case- just bought my hubby an iPad- think he would really like this case-

DanNationSF says:

I am a Dodocase fan but have been disappointed with its lack of functionality as an actual iPad stand. This case has the sophisticated look with that functionality. Wow - that sounds like a quote from a Project Runway judge!

voldak says:

This would be my pick:

I like that case because it actually reminds me a lot of my moleskin notebooks that I love to write in. It also seems to "class up" the iPad (if that was needed in any way).

bloomsday says:

I love the functionality, and green color (on all your cases) is wonderful and rich. I also love the hidden pocket!

westongallagher says: because I like the the leather and I love the way it looks plus the styling on this case seems awesome to me.

tttc24 says:
I love the fact that I can have my iPhone and the few cards I need in a nice compact case.

SincereBP says:

I love my Moleskine books, mostly for their function, but also because they are the ultimate in simple coolness. This version of the iPhone case is perfect for those same reasons.

todus24 says:

I love the Moleskine motif, and I hope to lord this lovely number over all the one-percenters at work. Thanks!

matthewmulkey says:

I love the little luxury book. It looks very sleek and business professional. I work at a Verizon Premium Retail store, and get asked about book cases for iphones and always have some sort of different style of case on my iphone depending on what I'd like to sell more of. I'd love to have a black and brown little luxury book to show customers and be able to direct them towards to best book case for their new iphone :)

april_n_paris says:
The perfect fashion accessory for my iPhone with the inside surprise of a POP of color (so chic). I like how the notebook design of the case keeps the phone discreet enough for me to appear as though I'm note-taking at a boring business meeting when I'm really playing a round of Angry Birds!!!!!

Momaui06 says:

I LOVE the leather smell and the soft feel, when I am carrying the iPad to work. This case would be the perfect companion.

hoonaynay says:

You would think I would ask for the more expensive leather bound case, but the graduate edition iPad case is simple and beautifully designed. I definitely want this one.

Iwantmore42 says:
Love the case! They are stylish, exquisitely
Designed and put together. The manufacturer
Took great care and thought into the structure and concept of this case. This tells me that they care about the quality of work that their customers are receiving and they make products not only for people to talk about confidently, but that will be around to go up against the competitors and come out on top.

Ultra50#WP says:

I like the look of the case and the leather. It will make my iPad look like a book and maybe it will be less likely to be taken by some evil person.

snrubs says: I've always loved the look of a moleskine, but my iPad renders it irrelevant. I love this case especially because it has the Different levels for stand use.

IamHahn says:

Awesome looking iPad case! I'd love to read ebooks in such a cool case!

Mariam936 says:
Why would I want a cool looking case?! This case is professional enough for work or when I am suppose to do homework it looks like i am reading a book. This is a case is a win-win for me.

Susan0727 says:

I would love to have this case for the gift that my kids gave to my husband and myself....we have purchased one of your items for our son's laptop and know what quality you share with the you are in our backyard and we LOVE to support our locals! Kudos to the craftsmanship that your company takes such pride in!!!!! Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!

Wynncy says:
I like to have this back cover for my Iphone 4s not just to protect but to make my Iphone 4s look beautiful and feel nice.

rrumpf says: (with green interior)
These cases appear to be well crafted and use natural materials. Nothing turns me off to a case like the small of synthetics and oil. I like the multiple angles this case offers, the elastic band to secure the case from "flying" open if it falls, and the solid wood frame to protect the device. The best part about the cases MADE IN THE USA! Supporting American businesses.

lialuver527 says:

I would love this case. I'm in college and the internal pocket in the case is what I've been looking for. And also I love purple cases.

samchkgo says: It look very nice and is very easy to take it with you everywhere, I always forget something but since IDs and cards are together, i guess it wont happen again!!

kd7yar says:

Classic looks and styling with full functionality still intact. Very nice.

mckinzie.rose says:

Classy, stylish, and very useful. Looks like a book and props itself up. What more could you ask for?

BewitchedWitch21#AC says:

This looks so classy! I especially like that I have a pocket to slide in cards so I wouldn't have to lug my wallet and purse around.

NinjamusPrime says:

I like this case cause it looks liek a plain old book, the kinds of books that I used to write notes in before i got the iPad 2.

James8934 says:

I love the book aesthetic the symbolic blending of old and new. Plus, Mpls/St. Paul are just cool. I miss Minnesota. Be nice to have a little reminder wrapped around my constant companion, the iPad.

Mbarnhill says:

A very classic look with the ability to prop up the iPad to share a presentation with clients (or to free up hands for Angry Birds Space).


Seabassthegreat says:

Because Im a college student now and started taking my iPad to school to take notes... I currently have no case on my iPad and now have a fear of getting more scratches on it.... And I like that it would blend in with my binder and look like a textbook as I carry it around campus. Pretty groovy case.

oliverlock says:

It's sleek, thin and professional and can use it for my postgraduate law school!

pdkres says:
The thought of my beautiful iPhone 4S wrapped in luxurious green fabric and classic black leather is exciting!

Suefnp says:

The Little Luxury Book for iPhone® 4/4S
Color:Mahogany Brown Interior Cloth Color:Forest Green
Great color combo and look of a real book

swarlos says:

Contega Case for iPad 3
Cloth Color Camden Blue just looks sexy!!
I love the self propping and the look of the case is really sophisticated.

makaed says:

Another school year starts now and I would love to take my iPad to lectures with me. It's nice, practical and you can have some paper notes there as well. Great product for me.

eric6052 says: I picked this case because I really like book look of the case. It gives a classy look to the iPad.

RevJar says:

Contega Case for iPad 2

Very classy, well-designed case. A nice and secure case while also being very functional. I have The Little Black Book for my iPhone and it's nice. Now they would be a matching set.

Hogosha says:

Very simple, elegant, and minimal. It'll be a great addition to an already great phone.

trickedoutdavid says:
I just love the blue color option because it makes the iPhone stand out.... it seems very beautiful with the rounded edges and blue color while the card slots give it another useful feature as well... love the way it looks

DRN27 says:
Love the book look & all the interior cloth colors make them stand out.

bassoprofundo says: love the "french roast" color and the real leather feel. Would pick up a "nest" to go with it...

amirahsm37 says:
This particular got my interest because of the durable design. I may be a little clumsy at times and with this case scuffs wouldn't be on my mind. ALSO who could look pass that awesome pocket option!

SirVancelot says:

Always been a man who enjoys luxurious things (much the reason why I own an iPhone 4s) and this is no different. Would love to have this to replace my ailing Speck Candyshell.

SMELTN says:

As SirVancelot says, I would also love to replace my Speck Candyshell with this wonderful high quality luxurious looking case!!! WINNING!

boxer says:
I really like the Contega case. Looks very professional and I like the fact that you can prop this one up. My favorite feature is that it looks so much like a book rather than a tablet case. Sophisticated and sleek and sneaky!

chipva says:

I like the idea of a book case and since this one has a camera cutout, it's perfect for when I'm out with the kids.

jgabler5025 says:

It's smaller than the luxury book, and you have more options in terms of color. While the luxury book may be nicer, large cases don't go well with pockets. There is only about a tenth of an inch difference, but the smaller the case, the better.

nvseshu says:

This case is perfectly matches for my Kid's iPad. Really Awesome design.

Michtarm says:

Such an elegant look! As a minister who uses my iPad on a daily basis, it would add a look of reverence and class to weddings, sermons, funerals, and other ceremonies.

Dana_K says:
1) it's beautiful, functional, and most importantly; made in the USA, 2) I wish I would've bought one before I damaged my iPad! Saving the unit, and my fingers from the micro-slices I got after the initial damage to the screen! :-(

songbird says:
Model: for the iPhone 4s
Color: Black
Interior cloth color: Mahogany Red

I'd like a Pad & Quill case to keep my iPhone protected in a lovely made case. Thank you iMore and Pad & Quill!

310mike says:

I've been looking for a case/wallet like this since I first got an iphone. This is beautiful and simple, the same as the iPhone....I just can't afford it. :)

God Bless.

jfcrane247 says: I really like the slick look of this case. It is functional and protective but also classy.

Behshad says:

Ten year ago when I got married , I had to get rid of my "black book".
This is the only black book is the only one my wife would let me keep !

blackthirteen says:

It's a good way to conceal my iphone when I'm on the subway. It's a lot less conspicuous than any other case. And it would go really nicely with the Moleskin notebook I carry around to take notes.

Macboy74 says:

I love the leather wrap on it as well as the Black onyx which matches my cars leather interior perfectly. Plus its got cool little pockets for business cards and such. I have a case for my 3rd gen ipad but not as luxurious as this one.

c23rainman says:

This case is the perfect protector/presenter for the iPad due to its elegant, Minnesota-made craftsmanship!

asciotto says:
I am always looking for the perfect case for my 4s. I think my look is over!

harrysmithnotts says:

Because the moleskine is so sophisticated, like the whole case, that is professional yet practical!

aarontng says:
It looks like a very classy case that will look very elegant and solid in a boardroom.

orangewire says:

This would be a good looking case for my phone and it functions as a wallet too!

Reis1426 says:

Where do I begin????
My son has been an avid customer of Pen and Quill and currently uses the Little Luxury Book for his IPhone and the Octavo IPad2 case. Whenever he takes out his phone or his IPad2, he makes a point of fondling each leather cover, smelling the amazing quality leather and rubbing it in my face! Let me just tell you that you had me at the first whiff of that leather! It is a thing of Beauty!!!
I am currently using the "Twelve South Book Book" and your "Luxury Book" puts it to shame. A little fact that my son reminds me of at least 5 times a day! It is absolutely beautiful! The leather surpasses anything I have seen. With the pocket for holding cards etc., there is no need to carry anything else. I am so impressed with the little details like the elastic around it and the beautiful stitching and the intricate cut out for the camera lens, the use of wood with the leather....
On to the next amazing thing about this case....the craftsmanship involved in the wooden phone cradle/frame...astounding! The way it is layered and hand carved make it strong and one of a kind. My husband, a carpentry supervisor at a local college is amazed that there is someone who cares about attention to detail in this way. Why hasn't someone thought of this before??? It keeps the phone so safe and secure while showing the pride of a true craftsman! The quality and construction surpass anything on the market. May I just say that this case is truly a thing of beauty! (One that a son shouldn't have before his mother) Whether I win this case or not, I commend you on an amazing product! I would be so proud to have one! This case will stand the test of time while making its owner shine as someone of impeccable taste and class! Another thing to be proud of…..Made in the USA!!!
I would be thrilled to win this and be proud to show it off to everyone! You really have come up with an outstanding product! Kudos to you Pen & Quill!

(Was this supposed to be breif?)

Judsonpaine says:

Because when I roll this out in the meeting room with my peers, I see the scene unfolding like American Psycho except instead of a "bone" toned business card I'll have a French Roast Pad & Quill for my own personal Bateman-like nemesis to digest!

marktesch says:

I chose this one because it's the only case that lets you use the case as a stand as well:)

MooPenguin32 says:

I like the way it looks. It also makes sense to try and win the most expensive case. Just sayin'.

yorgo says:

My choice of color. Looks like a very useful case. If I don't win one in this give away I'm buying one.

Mazon says:

Been wanting one of these since you first reviewed them, Brown / Blue is cool
But if its free, I would not complain about any color.
Thanks for the contest

gammills08 says:

A really nice case and provides good protection for my iPad. The professional look is the real reason I chose it.

KCMike says:

I like the Leather iPhone Skin because it's leather & it's only $9.99.

jestnut says:
1. Protection
2. Looks elegant like the iPhone
3. Functional because it can hold cards and cash

SheikShaka says:

This iPhone case protects your phone while really making it stand out. Its stylish and a perfect addition to my cell.

ifan1983 says: a graduate student, this case reminds me of the nostalgic days of the academy; hard-bound books and hours in the library. This case will be a great way to keep me from playing angry birds on my iPad when I should be studying.

ShadowB7 says:

I like this specific brown leather case because it combines new technology and an old book style. I believe this is how new products should be: a look to the future with a nod to the past.

Patio003 says:
This is a great looking case that offers superior protection without screaming "look at my expensive electronic device!" What's not to love.

Jrchula says:

Are you kidding me? I had no clue such sophisticated, eclectic cases existed for my new iPad. I absolutely have to have this case! Very sleek, I'm sure it would leave other iPad owners envious.

kilo720 says:
In blue or black please
1. Good protection
2. The design it sexy and book look make hard to recognize and prevent theft which is good for a new York commuter like my self

mfm77 says:

I would love this case for a couple of reasons. First, I definitely want a case that props up at multiple angles for viewing and typing capabilities. In addition, it offers unmatched protection while, at the same time, appearing professional and suitable for any working environment.

END says:

Black with Red Interior peas.

Very stylish case. Will go nicely with the others we have, and seems like it would be a pleasure to carry around.


BrockS. says:
I like the over all look of this case Very professional yet simple simple in design.

tinysalmon says:
The design is very nice, and offers a very good protection for the iphone.
Plus it can holds some cards (ID, license, etc) and cash so there's no need for a wallet anymore.
And did I mention "leather"?

goodevening says:
I love that it adjusts to different viewing angles and that the interior color can be purple and you can store papers in the back.

joewavy says:

The case is very nice, i can disguise my phone so my profesor wont see because i sit in the front of the room, the leather is beautiful, i can alo use it as my wallet on a day out, have everything in one thing instead of bunch of things in my bag ! Thanks Imore!

Omen87 says:

An onyx black Little Luxury Book with mahogany red interior would be perfect for my bride-to-be. My fiancee and I are getting married in a little over a month and she's been lusting for one of these for quite a while. However, she didn't want to spend the money so it could be put towards the wedding. The combo of wallet and the protection it would afford the phone would be perfect for her.

nikbert says:
I hope I win this case for my iPad. I picked it because I need A case to protect my iPad while im using it for school, and plus this case looks B-E-A-Utiful. I like the material with the Spanish bond leather and it has a secret pocket inside which is always a plus for a student. I love how It looks like a book n its so unique and sophisticated and elegant! Hope i win! Fingers crossed.

dpolletta says:
This is an elegant case yet it allows you to carry your iPad discreetly. This case looks like a fine leather bound book. Very nice!

uhongia says:
I've been using the P&Q Contega case for iPad for a few months now and love it. I would like to house my iPhone 4 in a onyx black exterior, mahogany red interior to complement my two iOS devices. The classic moleskin look is amazing and beautiful.

Drewcopp says:

I was looking at the different iPad cases and instantly noticed the Octavo Luxury case. I couldn't help but just want to touch the leather, well I wished I could. There's nothing like the look and feel of nice leather. I want this case because of it's luxurious, stylish and unique look. In a work place of iPads it's always nice to stand out, for these reasons!

bcbbanga4l says:

I would have to say since I finally just graduated from college this case would look awesome on my desk next to my diploma. It will also help me look more of a professional when I bring to my office once I find my new job.

T-ulk says:
I have always struggled to carry iPhone and wallet entire day with my scrubs on. This case can definitely solve that problem and it looks amazing!

Ginbill says:

This case is super sleek and sexy. I'd be happy with this case And it comes in purple which is my favorite color. ;)

daneesee says:
Because of its Moleskin look of course, but also because it props up to different angles making it ideal to pair with a bt keyboard.

clickr says:

This would be really sharp to have in the Onyx Black leather with the French Toast interior. I have the nano case and I love it.

nsquared says:

Love the classic look of a Moleskin notebook. This is a very elegant solution to carrying an iPad safely and in style.

hillb says:

I love the brown mahogany and french roast, it is just beautiful! What better case to protect my wife's new ipad with.

jguzman89 says:

Love this cover for both the protection and elegance it provides to an already great device!!

Danielschulte says: I like this case it's leathery and makes me feel important. Thanks for the chance to win. Daniel

jeffojeda says:

I have an iPad 2. It took me all year to save up for it. I use it to teach students all over the state i live in as i work for the state ofkfice of education. Id like to care for my ipad 2 with this classy case. It would make me look more official and more professional and help me care for a product that helps me help so many teachers and educators theoughout the state.

Jrres says:

Living in NYC I take the train a lot and never leave home without my ipad, this case makes the ipad look like a book which would deter criminals from stealing my presious device.

josephk71 says:

I like this one cause it looks better than my Bookbook and I would to win one so I can compare the two of them side by side and give a real review. This iPhone case very elegant, nd I like how the black rubber band goes around the case and I like the camera hole. I also like to have everything in one place, this replace my wallet. Hope to win.

yocubed says:
In Camden Blue.
I love the color and the look is amazing. You can't beat a birch and leather cover for the ipad!

abdnach says:

This case in black would be the perfect companion for my iPad!! Functional and professional. Should help me in using my iPad for work! This contest came just in time as my old plastic case just broke today so here's to hoping that I win! :)

rockerchick says:
One of my students had a case similar to this and I thought it was ingenious. I'd love to be able to run out of the house with just my phone. This would do the trick and it's so stylish and unsuspecting. It's actually my dream case.

carizzabt says:

I'm in love with the quality! From the genuine leather binding to the hidden pocket on the inside cover. Durable, practical and classically aesthetic- the perfect case.

alokeprasad says:

It will help me fit in at my country club. I have a buy one month, get one month free coupon from Groupon :-)

skinut says:

Skinut says:
Love the cover, it looks very rich and expensive, and will make my white I pad look great.

matb.num37 says:

I have been jealously admiring people with The Little Luxury Book for iPhone since it came out. Through beautiful, traditional materials, this case creates a balance between new technology and timeless craftsmanship that I simply adore. Please let me win!!!

Ubrmnch says:

Because it looks so much better than the cheap ebay casing i use today.

Dhenz says:
This is so nice! I love the idea and the implementation is awesome.
I'm thinking if I got this, maybe I won't need my wallet. Fantastic.

njcoutinho says:
Well the front of the iPhone is really strong so no scratch marks here ,But my iPhone back cover tends to get those scratch marks .Plus i do not like carrying those bumper cases that make the phone difficult to hold onto. So i love this one simple ,elegant and practical

se7en__ says:

This notebook case looks is probably second to none. Anyone carrying it around will feel that it isn't an iPad inside, but just a common and in your face notebook. Open it up and you get a lot more than just paper sheets!

phul9112 says: The Reason i picked this is i love the leather look, and the luxury is the way i roll!

Makkahh says: I picked this because I have been looking for a case like this for ages and I love the feel of leather and luxury.

ddsmyers says:

I need a case for my ipad 3 and was thinking of purchasing a P&Q. I need the multiple viewing angles for work so this seems to be the only one that will work for me.

sarojm says:

Love the cutout for the camera...tried doing this to another company's product on my own (well, had a shoe cobbler do it)...the results don't look nearly as good as this effort!! Great job and great attention to detail.

lombardmar says:

I like the look of this case since it mimics a text book more than the others. It would be perfect fit in any back to school backpack.

mdlissner says:

Love the look and quality leather and lining of The little luxury book for iPhone.

delor says:
I love the case for the iPad (have it) and like the fact that in contrast to BookBook this case has a proper camera solution (BookBook, are you listening??!)!

weztimonial says:

Been a fan of theirs since few years back. Loving my Kindle Keyboard Case, Nook Case. All form Pad & Quill. The quality of their cases are unbeatable. The fresh smell of the wood, and the precise crafting, it makes it worth what it costs.

danielfrancoeur says:

Hi iMore,
I love your website. My iPad 1 is in a desperate need for a new classy cover. I think this one would look fantastic.

Thank you very much for the offer.

mtva says:

Glad they're still making cases for the iPad 1. Love the Moleskin-inspired strap.

Paul says:

I've have my current case since day one (Christmas 2012) and it's starting to wear.

The case that I've linked to above from Pad & Quill is a functional and beautiful case and a conversation piece. I'd love to have this case. It has such attention to detail!

KeithBriosos says:
I always carry my iPhone 4S "nude" as it was meant to be held, that way I can see and feel its beauty. But I've always loved to read books and write long stories in my leather Moleskine Notebook.
For my first Smartphone, and first Apple Product having a case this creative and innovative combines both by views in an elegant solution. I absolutely love this case and now want it even more. It's elegance and beauty are simply stunning!

Philip Luke says:

These are the most beautiful cases I have ever seen, I have been in love with them since i first saw them here on imore. I love the sound channel and imagine the wood can only make the sound more rich. I chose this case because I love the feel of soft genuine leather, and I never really stand my ipad up so I dont really need the version with the fancy cover. My new iPad is my favorite gadget ever, and I would love to show it off to all my friends at work in a beautiful pad and quill case.

MayhemMaybe says:

Why this case? Well I have to imagine if Gandalf carried an iPhone 4S this is the case it would be in. I am sure if he did they would have gotten to the Black Gates much sooner, and been able to become Foursquare mayors of Mordor.
Yes, the Little Black Book Case is $5 cheaper than the Little Luxury Book case, but this is an Apple product. You can't pay the premium for the bite out of a granny smith logo and then cheap out on an accessory. It's hand made in America Damnit and though he would have no idea what America was, if the Grey Pilgrim was getting a case for his iPhone, he would want the genuine leather to match his pointy hat.

mattoaks says:
Why wouldn't you want one of these. Great design, sleek look, and nice "stand" to use for video.

shack1108 says:

It offers good protection, a very sleek look, and is very useful to combine your phone and your wallet. Plus it looks great! It's an all-around good case for many different lifestyles.

baloghjz says:

This looks great!! I love the looks of this thing. I'd be able to carry this around the office and take it into meetings and not be outed for getting a little iPad time in. :-)

Tommy says: I like the versatility of being able to use the case as a stand. It also has the appearance of a very high quality case.

MacBipes says:

I like the leather book cases, and the ability to stand this case up to view emails, web pages, videos, and pictures.

rkbrown81 says:
I like the look and the ability for this case to prop the iPad up in different ways.

Fafou says:

This is described as a Rolls Royce of iPad cases and after trying the rest I have to say the PQ case is definitely the best! I'd love to have this one.

TheHated1 says:

Would love to win this for my wife!!!! Finding her the perfect case for her 4s has been a chore because no matter what she does, it gets filthy whether in her purse or having the kids get their hands on it. This little black book would be the perfect fit for her perfect phone!

tham says:
This leather case looks great. We keep our iPad on the book case when not in use, and you'd never even know it was there!

Addicted631 says:
Love the security feature. It looks like a book. No one would even know its an iPad.

alexfisher says: Out of the available cases, I like the tilt options as well as the look.

Patkennedyjr says:

I am using my iPad (3) more and more for business. I would love to have a business like case that is functional as well as professional looking. This case does both!

Appleluver23 says:

I love how sophisticated this case looks and I have never had a leather case.

RSVnoP says:

This way my iPad 2 will finally look as good as the suits that my wife buys for me to produce live games in.

balticsea123 says:

Octavo Luxury Case For iPad® (3) and iPad 2


Leather - ahhh! Nice! I'm just sayin...

cth11 says:

Would like to win an accompanying Iphone case to match my contega......

candrikanich says:

Finally I can give my iPad that collegiate look it has been longing for...

brianfriedman says:

Bottom line, it is a georgous case but I can't afford it. I'd love to have one. Real classy!

Vegas513 says:
I chose this one because it has the propping feature and the beautiful leather surrounding the ipad. I wouldn't be able to afford this on my own, but I can certainly appreciate the product that you've produced. It has an elegant look to it and I'm sure it feels the same. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to possibly own one. :)

flyerphan10 says:

Octavo Luxury Case For iPad® (3) and iPad 2
Why? My staff will be soooooooo jealous :)

kphin94 says:
I chose this case because these are great quality cases handmade by people who love what they do. This specific case is one of the highest quality cases I've seen. It's beautiful!

bigmike600 says:

The best cases made by people who actually care about the product they are making. They wrote the book on customer service. If being a cool was a job, this company would be the CEO.

xtucann says:
It looks great and honestly my wife will love it. We have a very heavy/bulky case on it now and it is ugly and hard for her to use. This would make her very happy!

wayoutosphere says:
I've said it again just recently. In this day and age, there really is no excuse for poor design. It appears to me that Pad and Quill hold the same belief. While many case makers seem bent on altering the iPad experience, P&Q seem to appreciate the elegance and sharpness of the device, while using different craft materials with equal design ideals in mind.
Through the descriptions of all cases, you can see that they strive to maintain & possibly enhance functionality. Protecting an investment shouldn't take away any of the owner's enjoyment of it.

Middento says:

I currently have a DodoCase and am looking to upgrade to something sturdier, as I both have a kid who could drop it ans *am* a kid who could drop it. I thought about the Octavo for the leather, bu I'm drawn to the simplicity and the very bookishness of the cloth one. I don't think of myself as really flashy and NEED THE LEATHER, so I'll vote for the cloth one? :)

exdeejay says: - I love this one with bonded leather feel outside for my dad, i just bought one ipad case college edition from Pad & Quill for myself due to budget constraint and it looks so great although without bumper lock, it surely hold my ipad2 very well and charging port fit tightly and firmly too!

DustinHenry says:
I just would like to try something new out on my iPhone, this is perfect cause I have always loved moleskine notebooks.

Etonreve says: - I love this case especially the section inside the front sleeve for papers. I usually carry my iPad 1 in a compendium so that I can throw handouts etc from meetings in with the iPad. This is far more professional looking and functional. I love it.

Littlefishchan says:
I particularly love this case because of how it strongly resembles a book. This will be very helpful in school.

AppleEliminator says:
This combination of wood and leather is a must-have for my iPad 2, so it has more comfort, and protection, and is disguised from the outside. Nice Greetings from Germany

houseyhouse says:

I'd love this because my iPhone case JUST broke, and I love how sleek this looks! I also love how it would disguise my phone like a James Bond Moleskin. Very sneaky. I'd pretend I was sipping my shaken-not-stirred martini (hot cocoa) while overlooking the wintry St Moritz ski resort outside (the parking lot outside my apt in Iowa).

Mrjr says:

Picked an iPhone version of the Little Black Book because I could use a discreet and not-so-overt case for using my iPhone in certain social settings. Thanks for the giveaway chance.

Dr00b says:

I would love this case for my iPad 3. I picked it for the awesome old school styling. I love the fact that it looks like a notebook. I actually have a notebook that looks the same too.

ROSES5682 says:

I like that it is not a typical ipad case so most people may not even know its a ipad which would deter theft. I also like that it has a inside pocket to hold essential papers and its light weight. Oh and I LOVE that i comes in purple.

DjDarkRider says:
This one looks fantastic. It's so stylish and modern. I think I'm in love with it)